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Workforce housing in Florida
Teachers. Firefighters. Military personnel. Nurses. Police officers. The list goes on and on: Many people who provide vital services that strengthen our communities can't afford to own a home or live where they work.

It’s a problem that harms everyone. Community leaders across Florida recognize the link between workforce housing and the positive economic and social health of their communities. Affordable housing shortages close to work lead to longer commutes, traffic congestion, urban sprawl and limited services that degrade all residents’ quality of life. On the frontlines of the state’s housing market, Realtors understand this lack of housing opportunities threatens the vitality and future of Florida’s communities.

Workforce housing is a critical need in Florida. These radio spots offer a great way to spread the word.

How you can help
  • Share this information with your sphere of influence. We’ve produced two series of radio ads or audio files – a series of 15-second spots and a series of 27-second spots that you can customize with your board/association name at the end. Not planning a media buy? Then attach the MP3 files, as is, to e-mails to customers and clients. Play the audio to kick off a board meeting. Think of all the possibilities to share the message.

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