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Boost Your Capture Rate

Online lead generators are working for some sales associates. So, we spoke to those using the services successfully to find out what they’re doing to boost capture rates. Here’s what they said:

  • Review your overall marketing plan and decide how much emphasis you want to put on online leads.
  • Develop a response system to handle a flow of online leads.
  • Start small and build up. Consider a program where you pay for individual leads without a long-term subscription or contract.
  • If a contract is required, ask for a trial period of three to six months to see if the program works for you.
  • Consider buying exclusive leads. After all, you don’t want to contact a consumer who’s already been called by half a dozen other associates.
  • Ask how the company obtains its online leads, which Web sites it uses, what it offers consumers and how much it advertises to attract traffic.
  • Find out how the company filters its leads to remove fictitious names and e-mail addresses.
  • Ask about customer service and support. Will you be able to talk with someone at the company if you have an issue?
  • See if the company offers supportive marketing, training or coaching programs.
  • Talk with your broker and other sales associates about their experiences with online lead generators.