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Tips for Better Pics
Take better pics

1. Keep your back to the window. When shooting the inside of a property, always try to keep windows out of the picture, as the light from outside can totally overwhelm the image. Stand with your back to the window and then pivot so you can shoot in multiple directions.

2. Zoom with your feet.  The more you zoom with your camera lens, the blurrier your photos are likely to be.  Unless you’re using a tripod (always a good idea), your hands are likely to shake slightly when you capture a photo—and the zoom just augments it. If you need to get close to your subject, use your feet—and move closer to it!

3. Take tons of shots. The beauty of the digital camera is that there’s no such thing as wasted film. The last thing you want is to get back to your office and discover you didn’t get a good shot of, say, the master bedroom. The more you shoot, the more likely you are to end up with a good selection. So, abandon that ingrained notion about being frugal with your shutter finger.

4. Resize your photos in a flash. If you plan to upload your photos to a Web site, you’ll no doubt want to shrink them to a more practical size. There are countless tools that can do this, but your best bet is one that can resize a batch of photos at a time. The aptly named Picture Resizer ( does exactly that: Just drag your photos to its icon, and it’ll create smaller versions of your original photos (while leaving the originals intact).

5. Make prints on the spot. Chances are good that your customers will bring their own cameras. Add value to their walk-throughs by offering to print their photos on the spot. Just bring along a portable snapshot printer like the Epson PictureMate Snap and HP Photosmart A616 Compact Photo Printer.