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Things to Shoot

Taking a picture
Without the cost and time-consuming hassle of film processing, digital cameras free you to shoot lots of pictures. Here are some subjects (and uses) worth your time.

For Sellers

  • Competitive homes to help sellers set a realistic price point.
  • Close ups of the listing’s areas that need fixing so you can discuss them with the seller.
  • Best sales features of a new listing that you can e-mail to potential buyers and send with listing data to the MLS that day.
  • Room-by-room photos of your client’s valuable possessions to give them a permanent CD record and create a lasting impression that could lead to referrals.
  • To help close listing agreements, shoot the house at listing presentations and pick the best photos with the sellers or make fliers on the spot.
  • The condo’s amenities such as lobby, entrances, drive-up, parking, landscaping, activity room, pool and beach access.
  • Best features of the neighborhood and surrounding area to put on your Web site, fliers or a PowerPoint show that runs during open house.

For Buyers

  • On showings, let the buyers take pictures (or you take them with the buyer’s direction) with your camera to help them remember what they like and don’t like.
  • Photograph the buyer’s points of interest—such as the backyard view or the kitchen appliances—at properties you scout in advance to help narrow the list of showings on a house-hunting trip.
  • Shoot the home during inspection to make a virtual tour that your buyers can share with friends and family and that may bring referral business.
  • On relocation showings with only one spouse, photograph the homes for the other spouse to go see on a special page at your Web site or to e-mail to him/her one house at a time.

For Landlords

  • Rental room-by-room and inside/outside pictures during tenant move-in and move-out to document conditions and to help the property owner keep up with the property.

For You

  • When you stage a listing, shoot before and after photos to show in your listing presentations.
  • Pictures of you making a personal connection—anything from giving a simple thumbs up to working at a local charity event—to use on your blog or your office wall.
  • Shoot fliers, postcards, yard signs and other promotions to show in your listing presentations.
  • Photograph the real estate office and staff to make a virtual tour (for your Web site or a business-card-size CD) about the company working behind the scene for clients and customers.
  • Photograph people you meet at business meetings, training classes or conventions to send out a “Nice to meet you” message and make a gentle referral request.
  • Consider shooting FSBO properties, with the owner’s permission, to make a virtual tour for your Web site and make free CDs for the owner to hand out.
  • Always include photos of happy customers and clients—during inspection, holding a “Sold” rider or getting a settlement check or house keys—as testimonials for your Web site and listing presentations.
  • Photograph area lifestyle scenes—beach, shopping, theater, marina, schools, parks, etc.—to make virtual tours for Web sites (yours and others, like or the local newspaper’s).