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Take Off the Rose-colored Glasses
Rose-colored glasses?I enjoy your publication. It includes a lot ofvaluable information, which we could all use to better our businesses. I do, however, have one problem: The fact that property taxes are killing our business doesn’t seem to be an issue to you.

According to a statement from the University of Florida in your May issue, the state’s population grew 15 percent in the last six years. Has anyonefigured out how many people have left due to high property taxes, insurance and increased millage rates?

We need support from organizations such as yours to keep the pressure on our elected officials to limit spending and reduce taxes.

Dennis Deal    
Watson Realty Corp.
New Smyrna Beach

Editor’s Note: The Florida Association of Realtors®’s (FAR) Public Policy Office has met with Gov. Crist and legislative leaders, and coordinated numerous town hall meetings across the state in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of property tax reform efforts needed in Tallahassee. For the latest updates, visit FAR’s Legislative Center online at

Save Our Homes Has Failed
The Save Our Homes (SOH) amendment has created huge inequities in Florida’s tax structure. Helping long-term residents keep their taxes artificially low means that others will carry a disproportionate burden. These unfair taxes prevent second-home owners and new residents from even considering a move to Florida. We need a tax structure that’s fair to all homeowners.

Government spending is always something that needs to be controlled, but if we had equitable taxes for all Florida homeowners we’d undoubtedly see a different real estate market with more buyers. Portability just further embeds the current inequities and panders to the voters.

If we continue to put barriers in front of the baby boomers and potential new residents, we’ll rewrite the future of our state and, in turn, hurt all Florida voters by keeping property values depressed due to lack of demand. Portability may sound appealing to long-term residents and enable some to move without being penalized, but it won’t address the issues facing newer residents and businesses. Unless we create an environment that’s appealing to potential new residents we won’t be able to absorb the current levels of existing homes and new construction any time soon.

Steve Koffman
Century 21 Sunbelt Realty Inc.
Cape Coral

Insurance Increases Are Unjust
My insurance premium increased 106 percent this year. Did my risk go up above 100 percent?

Lee Viverette
Century 21 City R.E. Corp.
Coral Springs

Kudos to Crist
Thanks go to the governor for taking a hard look at the unfair “tangible personal property tax.” Businesses pay tax on equipment they purchased with after tax money and are taxed on it for several years. If it applied to residential, there would be a tax on furniture, electronics and appliances. Homeowners would have a rebellion.

The elimination of all the sales tax exemptions would probably solve a great number of our other unfair revenue problems.

Guy Moore
Broker Group Realty, Inc.

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