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Time-Saving Tricks

handy handhelds
Some tips are so simple that they don't seem like a big deal - but they're precisely the ones that help you save time. Here are a few:

BlackBerry Time-Savers
  • If you press the Space key twice, your BlackBerry will automatically insert a period and capitalize the next letter you type.
  • To capitalize a second letter without holding down the Shift key, press and hold that letter for two seconds.
  • While looking at an options list or menu, type the first letter of the item you want; your cursor will jump directly to it.
  • While reading an e-mail, press Enter to scroll down a page at a time, or Alt-Enter to scroll up a page at a time.

Treo Time-Savers
  • You can improve battery life—and spend less time recharging your Treo—by lowering the screen’s backlight. Press Option-P (Option is the little blue button), and then drag the on-screen slider to the left.
  • Press Option-Phone to launch the Web browser, Option-Calendar to load the memo pad and Option-Mail to run the VersaMail program.
  • Want the Option button to quick-launch other applications instead? Tap the Prefs icon and then tap Buttons. You can assign any installed programs to these Option-based shortcuts.
  • To save time creating new memos, tasks, address book entries and so on, don’t bother fishing out your stylus and tapping the New button. Instead, just start typing on the Treo’s keyboard. A new entry will be created automatically.