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8 Way to Get Your Listings Sold

To sales associates looking at their surplus inventory and wondering when their next commission check is going to hit their bank account, real estate coach Mike Ferry offers this simplified, step-by-step guide to getting those listings sold regardless of market conditions:

1. Make sure the property is priced right. If that means you have to be below fair market value, then that’s where the price needs to be in order to attract potential buyers.

2. Unless it’s completely impossible (because of the owner’s wishes or restrictive neighborhood covenants) always use a yard sign and a lockbox.

3. Include a toll-free telephone information service or other type of consumer-friendly informational access on all your listings, and include that number on all signs and marketing collateral.

4. Implement a continuous campaign to the top sales associates in the marketplace as a way to gain maximum exposure for the listing.

5. In the same vein, create and use a continuous campaign that provides information about your listings to all past customers, centers of influence and prospects.

6. Make sure that all of your prospecting activities refer to your active listings.

7. If you do any type of direct mail or marketing of your listings, be sure to include a toll-free number response mechanism as a way to get instant feedback from prospective buyers.

8. If and when price reductions have to be done, be sure to immediately notify all those top sales associates—plus your own database—of the activity.