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Dream Big!

10 Tips for Serving Today's Buyers

1 Think lifestyle. Because
lifestyles vary from buyer to buyer, find the house that provides the best match.

2 Pricing is critical. From starter homes to multimillion-dollar properties, buyers are looking at price. Be sure the desired home offers a good value.

3 Think like a buyer. Ask what magazines or newspapers customers read, or find out what Web sites they visit. Then, do the read the same things and visit the same Web sites to better understand your target markets.

4 Look for convenience and security. A suitable house or condo should offer a convenient, secure lifestyle; in most cases, forget about “fixer-upper” properties.

5 Bigger is not always better. Some singles prefer smaller homes.

6 Know the community. Access to local recreational programs, medical care and academic offerings are important considerations for older buyers.

7 Study migration patterns. If your area attracts retirees from certain states or cities, seek out referral relationships from those originating markets.

Young Adults
8 Educate renters about the advantages of home-ownership. Host an educational seminar in a nearby rental community or on a college campus.

9 Ask buyers about the “parent factor.” In many cases, parents may be able to provide financial support to help a young adult buyer.

The New Wealthy
10 Don’t be deceived by appearances. A buyer wearing flip-flops and shorts may be ready to make an offer on a $5 million home.