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I’m honored to be featured [in the “Ears to Ya” segment of the “Riches to Niches” article] on page 43 of your July/August issue. Many in our office have seen it and congratulated me. I’m attending a deaf wedding, so [with your permission] I’m making copies to give [out] and hoping to spread the word even more!
Nancy C. Smith
Keller Williams Realty of the Palm Beaches
Palm Beach Gardens

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Markets Ebb and Flow
First, let me say how pleased I am with the consistent quality of Florida Realtor. I’m told the magazine is considered the premier publication in its field—for good reason. I’ve been a past contributor and have always been pleasantly surprised by its ability to consistently present articles and news items relevant to this challenging, ever-changing profession.

All markets ebb and flow with the economic times. Sales associates should look at this pause as a learning and enlightening experience. [It’s a great time to] spend some time honing their skills so that they’re better able to take a more dominant position in the next market. There are courses to take, articles to read, properties to preview, past relationships to renew, networking opportunities to mine, new markets to explore and the time to re-evaluate business plans and professional images.

When sales are strong, we have a tendency to focus on the transaction at hand and not concern ourselves with the direction our individual practices are taking. This “breather” in the market allows us time—a precious commodity these days—to work on being better, more successful sales associates tomorrow.

William Meyersohn
Coldwell Banker
Coral Gables

Brokers Don’t Control Bankers
New mortgage regulations put the burden on the mortgage licensee to provide notice of changes even if the banks make changes at the last minute.

I’ve had customers notice at the closing table that the bank has changed their terms. What do we do, and what can they do? They want the house, and we’d like to get paid. How is this our responsibility (or the buyers’) if banks ignore the rules?
At that point you could say (getting up from the closing table), “Well, we have to wait three days to close this house because the bank just changed your interest rate from 6.5 percent to 6.675 percent.” Right, like the customer wouldn’t be angry about not closing? And what if the contract expires and the seller backs out? How do we as licensees control what the banks and underwriters do? I have both a real estate broker’s license and a mortgage broker’s license, and I’ve never been able to judge, much less control, what bankers do.

Is there someone to send a wake-up call? It’s neither the little guy’s responsibility nor within their control to dictate what a bank or underwriter will do.

Ray Rose
RAI, Realty Associates Inc.
Ridge Manor

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