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Laugh-Out-Loud Tales

Ready for a chuckle? Showings can be unpredictable and entertaining, as these tales from Florida sales associates reveal.

Coming Unhinged
Pete McGlade’s sellers left town for the week, and friends were living aboard a boat tied at their Key Largo home’s dock. When McGlade, with RE/MAX Tropical Realty in Key Largo, arrived with buyers, he left them at the front door and went around back. “As I rounded the house, I saw a woman lounging on a folding beach chair,” he says. “I called out to her. She didn’t respond, [but] as I got closer, I could see she was wearing MP2 player headphones.” After spotting McGlade, the startled woman tried to jump up. “I could see she was wearing only a bikini bottom,” says McGlade.

The folding chair partially collapsed, tangling her long blond hair in the hinges and causing her to fall back into a position where she was unable to untangle her hair, pull her body up out of the chair or rip off the headphones. She covered her torso with her hands, slumped back into the half-folded chair, laughing, and asked for help. “It took us a minute or so to get her hair out of the hinges and unfold the chair so she could roll out of it,” laughs McGlade.

Her husband, who was on the boat, missed the entire incident. “As I finished showing the property, her husband came off the boat and asked if I had seen his wife,” says McGlade. “I answered, ‘Yes, as a matter of fact I have.’”

Screaming Linens
Ana Trinque, a broker-associate with RE/MAX Showcase in Brooksville, showed her buyer a house while the owners were home. The wife let them in while the husband worked on a project in the garage. She dutifully went room to room exploring all doors.

When she opened what she thought was a linen closet at the end of the hallway, they saw the owners’ college-age son sitting stark naked on a toilet reading a magazine. “Everyone yelled at one time, including the young man,” says Trinque. “You never saw anyone close a door so fast!”

Breathtaking Showing
Jamie DiSalvatore, a sales associate with Realty Executives in Orlando, always arrives prepared for anything, but one recent showing gave her the shock of her life.

While touring listings with an investor, DiSalvatore stopped at a downtown property that looked promising. DiSalvatore looked around the lower level while the buyer checked upstairs. Suddenly, the buyer yelled that there was a dead man in a room!

Stunned and breathless from vaulting up the stairs, DiSalvatore peeked in the room, walked over to the man and put her hand on his chest. He was breathing!

“He never woke up,” says DiSalvatore. “We tiptoed out of the room and left the house in a hurry!”

A Broken Tale
It’s a floor-time daydream—a couple walked in, Joan Crothers (now a sales associate with Wilson Realty in North Redington Beach) took them to her listing (in Pennsylvania, where she lived and worked at the time), and they wrote a contract on site.

As though still dreaming, she “proceeded down an inclined driveway, turned to shake hands with the buyers and fell flat on my posterior,” says Crothers, who deduced that fresh sleet had formed a sheet of black ice on the driveway. “When paramedics placed me in the ambulance, I insisted they put my briefcase right by my side,” she says.
Diagnosed with a broken tailbone, Crothers got a hospital nurse to dial the seller’s number, and the seller came to the hospital to sign the purchase agreement. “I then called my broker to let her know I truly ‘broke my butt’ on the sale!