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I love reading Florida Realtor® magazine. It gives me the opportunity to learn about the opinions of my colleagues. Everybody I speak with seems to have a “nobody wants to buy in this market” attitude.

The way I look at it is the market is what it is …make the best of it! If you’re given lemons, make lemonade. Sell [the listing] for the highest amount you can get by adding your personal touch. Make it unique, and promote your uniqueness!

This is a great time to shine. Only those with experience and the desire to excel will prevail.  Your altitude will be measured by your attitude! Go sell the world!

Nydia Norman
Xcel Realty Group LLC

We Should All Go Green
It’s interesting to read the articles in Florida Realtor concerning the environment and ways our members are protecting it. I think all of us can help, and Florida Realtor magazine can make a major contribution too.
We, as Realtors®, have the opportunity to be proactive in the Green movement. Let’s show that we’ll take a serious position and not just write about how others should do it.

Harry Eck
ERA Suncoast Realty
Crystal River

Editor’s Note: Thanks for your environmental awareness. You’ll be happy to know that Florida Realtor magazine publishes responsibly, on paper that uses farm-raised trees and includes recycled fibers, and that we recently converted our pre-press stages to digital processes that eliminate paper proofs that require or consume environmentally unfriendly chemicals.

In addition, the Florida Association of Realtors® has made tremendous strides in electronic publishing in recent years. Its Web site ( has been revamped to be more useful to members and distribute documents electronically—plus we’ve converted fax newsletters to e-mail and several e-mail newsletters.

We’ll continue to encourage the industry to go green in its business practices (e.g., see our stories on how to convert the office to paperless and on our ENVY awards for environmentally friendly developments).

Subprime Mortgage Mess
Let me see if I understand this: Lenders made mortgage loans to borrowers who were, by most lending parameters, generally not qualified. And both the lenders and borrowers knew that the borrowers weren’t qualified. So when, surprise, surprise, the borrowers default on the loans or want to refinance, they scream for help.

The government should not become more involved in this ridiculous mess.

David H. Brewer
Brewer Sahm & Webb Inc.

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