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Web-site Building Resources

Find local designers.
Want to find a Web-design pro in your area? Just head to Google Maps ( and click the “Find Businesses” link. Type “web design” in the first field and your location (e.g., “Sarasota, Florida”) in the second, then click “Search Businesses.” Google lists the top 10 results, all of them shown on a handy map (natch). Click the “More Info” link on any listing to see an overview and contact information.

Learn Web design basics.
If you’ve decided to save money by building a Web site yourself, you’ll need help choosing site-building software, learning Web languages like CSS and HTML, and getting your site hosted. You can find all this information and more at Web Design/HTML site (

Check your site’s SEO. The big buzzword in Internet marketing these days is SEO: search engine optimization, the process of improving the volume and quality of site traffic produced by search engines. Once you’ve established your new site, head to Website Grader ( for a free SEO checkup. The service not only ranks your site against others, but also offers loads of tips for improving its SEO stats.