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8 Ways to Find Associates Who Stay the Course

    1.     Network at Realtor®, builder and other industry-related events where potential recruits will be in a comfortable, unthreatening environment.

    2.     Hold career nights as a way to attract a group of potential recruits; then, figure out which are worthy of a follow-up interview.

    3.     Enlist successful sales associates at your office to serve as your best referral sources.

    4.     Create a work environment that cultivates success and doesn’t put undue stress on sales associates, who are grappling with the current real estate market.

    5.     Offer in-house and outsourced education and training to sales associates who may not have had access to in-depth learning at their last brokerage.

    6.     Talk to new recruits not only about their experience in the industry, but also about their future plans and goals, and how they expect to achieve them. 

    7.     When talking to top producers, pose a few questions that reveal how they would handle specific situations (such as how they would handle a contract that falls through at the last minute due to financing).

    8.     Single out sales associates who want to invest in themselves and who aren’t hung up on riding the waves of the sales successes that they posted during the housing boom.