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Dream Big!
•    No idea how to jump-start a full-time real estate career.
•    Goals, objectives, strategies, plans and actions for taking it to the next level.

Hudson’s GOSPA
Goal: Hudson must set at least one goal and fine-tune it annually.

Objectives: Steps that Hudson must take to support her goal. For example, to make a smooth transition to real estate sales, Hudson must list and sell enough properties to generate a livable income and save for retirement).

Strategies: Hudson’s strategy (i.e., a plan of action for achieving specific objectives and the goal that those objectives support) will include deciding which areas to farm in order to sell enough properties to reach her goal.

Plans: The “map” that Hudson will follow to carry out her strategy. For example, her strategy for becoming a top lister in a specific farm area could include isolating neighborhoods/niches and becoming a specialist in them.

Actions: Activities that Hudson must carry out in support of her plan (e.g., talking with a specific number of prospects each month).

Source: Jay Barber.