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What to Say to FSBOs

The angst that accompanies cold calling FSBOs is rooted in confusion about what to say. Here’s a primer on scripting from our experts:

Don’t focus on your services, but the seller’s needs. Send a letter to sellers detailing some useful information that can help them sell the home. You can give them advice about planting flowers or where to advertise. It gets your name out as a professional.

Don’t offer your listing service right away. Don’t go in for the kill immediately. Not many FSBOs will work with you until you first build a relationship.

Be available in any way that the consumer wants you to be. Future contact, whether it’s by phone, e-mail, text message or in person, should be determined by the customers, not you. They must know that you’ll talk to them in a way that meets their comfort level.

Practice, practice, practice. Use a friendly audience—your work colleagues or family members—to practice your script at least 15 minutes per day. As with any skill or hobby, you can’t become razor sharp at your cold calling skills unless you practice.

—Sources: Matthew Ferrara and Clark Toole III.