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•  Lacking business plan, hiring tools.

•  Tips for recruiting and retaining sales associates.

Essentials of a Business Plan
1.    Business Summary
       Objective or concept of the business.

2.    Vision
       Vision and mission statements.

3.    Market Analysis                               
       Market for your services, customer segments and characteristics.

4.    Competitive Analysis                          
       Define competition; assess risks.

5.    Business Strategy                
       Competitive strengths/weaknesses; implementation plan.

6.    Products & Services       
       Description and positioning of products/services offered.

7.    Sales & Marketing     
       Marketing/advertising strategy.

8.    Operations
       Organizational structure/chart.

9.    Financial Considerations       
       Start-up balance sheet; profit and loss, cashflow projections.

10. Other Considerations   
      Anything you may need to convince someone to invest or finance your business.

Source: Corcoran Consulting Inc.