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7,000 Pounds of Food a Day/Users/adamp/Desktop/May Mag Images/RealtorScoop

Want to Contribute?

Visit The Cooperative Feeding Program online at www.feeding or call (954) 792-2328.

Realtor® helps to feed the needy.

A nutritious meal is something most people take for granted, but the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture says that as many as 35 million Americans struggle to put food on the table at times. “It’s not just the homeless anymore,” says Domenic Faro, broker-owner of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate. “It’s the elderly woman who wakes up in the morning and asks, ‘Should I pay the bills or buy food?’ It’s the family who can’t feed their kids. It’s the man in the business suit who lost his job and literally has no food.”

Thanks to The Cooperative Feeding Program, people in the Fort Lauderdale area who have fallen on hard times don’t have to worry about from where their next meal is coming. “The program started by handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the needy 24 years ago and today provides 375 individuals a hot meal every day,” says Faro, who serves as the organization’s vice chairman of the board. “Another 250 families are given a box of food every day. That’s 7,000 pounds of food a day.” The hot meal consists of healthy vegetables and meat, and the boxed food is a mix of canned goods, staples and soups.

Faro got involved with the charity three years ago. “I took a tour of the kitchen and was overwhelmed by what they do there,” he says. He helps to raise money, organizes food drives and pitches the charity to local businesses and condominium associations along Fort Lauderdale’s Galt Ocean Mile.

“I live in a community with such extremes,” Faro says. “There are those who live in million-dollar homes and there are those one in six at the other end of the spectrum who are considered ‘food insecure’ [the U.S. government no longer describes them as hungry]. We have a crisis not only in Broward County but also in our society. As a real estate professional, I meet people who are able to make contributions and help where we need it most.

“Every time you sit down to a good meal, think about those who don’t,” Faro says. “Participate in a food drive. Write out that extra check. There are so many good charities out there.”