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What Type of Cell Phone User Are You?

It’s common knowledge that fellow cell phone users can be pretty annoying. Read on to see which cell phone personality applies to you.

1.    The Head Turner. This person is constantly looking around. We think he wants to see how many people are watching him as he’s talking on his phone.

2.    The Shouter. This poor soul thinks everyone is hearing challenged. 

3.    The Secret Talker. The good news is that he talks quietly, but he covers his mouth over the receiver. Is he delivering information for the CIA?

4.    The Corporate Cliché Meister. This person uses buzzwords and clichés to impress those around him.

5.    The Useless Call Maker. She’s constantly making useless calls—one after the other. You can normally find the useless call cell phone user on an airplane making astute comments such as, “Hi, we haven’t left yet. OK, Bye.”

6.    The Crazy Talker. This is the hands-free user. You see and hear him walking and talking loudly, head bobbing, but there’s no one around.

7.    The I-Don’t-Care-Where-I-Am-or-Who-You-Are Caller. This cell phone user makes and takes any and all calls anywhere she pleases. Funeral? Restaurant? Play or recital?

8.    The My-Ring-Tone-Is-Better-Than-Your-Ring-Tone User. Download heaven here. This user has gone to great lengths to get a ring tone that is unique.

9.    The Considerate Cell Phone User. This rare person has a high regard for others. When he or she makes or takes a phone call, he or she leaves the table to take the call in a private area to avoid disturbing anyone.