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Dream Big!

Our special Solutions Issue
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Ever have that moment when things just clicked? A clever marketing idea pops into your mind? You realize there’s a perfect house the buyers haven’t seen yet? These A-Ha! moments drive us to succeed.

In our special Real Estate Solutions Guide, we’ve scattered A-Ha! ideas throughout so that you can implement them in your business. From trying a new tech tool to realizing there’s a market niche you’ve left untapped, we want you to use these surprise moments to motivate and re-energize your business.

Examining Transaction Brokerage
Adding to the fine article about how real estate professionals can avoid lawsuits [October 2008, “Protect Yourself”], I recommend that all readers take a closer look at what Section 475, Florida Statutes, has to say about transaction brokerage.

Many think transaction brokerage means they represent neither buyer nor seller but the transaction itself. As an expert witness, I’ve testified that real estate professionals are wrong when they try to defend their malpractice by claiming they were simply acting as transaction brokers and had no duty to represent their clients.

 Section 475.278, Florida Statutes, clearly states that a transaction broker “provides a limited form of representation” that requires not only dealing fairly and honestly, but using skill, care and diligence in the transaction.

The fact that we no longer have to disclose our duties upfront in writing doesn’t mean these duties no longer apply.

Larry Lowenthal
Century 21-Rose Realty West
Cooper City

Clarification About Amendment 1
In the article, “Why You should Care About Property Reform,” page 30, July/August 2008, the new 10 percent assessment cap on non-homestead property takes effect January 1, 2009, so 2008 assessments aren’t governed by the 10 percent limit.

Also, the Florida Department of Revenue has promulgated a draft form for owners to use when notifying property appraisers of a change of ownership or control of property benefiting from the 10 percent assessment cap. Fortunately, the form recognizes that no notice is required when a change of ownership is evidenced in the public records. 

We found a typo on page 16 (Law & Ethics, October 2008). The sentence should read: “If you don’t dispute the facts you can request an informal  hearing.”

We’re Winners!
Thanks to contributions from the Realtors® featured in our publication, Florida Realtor magazine won 10 top awards in the Florida Magazine Association’s (FMA) 2008 Charlie Awards competition.

/Users/adamp/Desktop/Stuff for FAR/Magazine Assets/NOV08/images/GoldAward 1st-Place Charlie Awards
Best Overall Magazine
Best Feature: December 2007 “The Upside of Lowball Offers”
Best Illustration: March 2007, “Engaging Staging on a Budget”

2nd-Place Silver Awards
Best Column: “Technology and You”
/Users/adamp/Desktop/Stuff for FAR/Magazine Assets/NOV08/images/SilverAward Best Column: “Makeover”
Best Special Theme/Show Issue: The 2008 Real Estate Solutions Guide
Best Service Feature: April 2008,
“Successful Short Sales Seminars”
Best Feature Design:
October 2007, “Going Green”

/Users/adamp/Desktop/Stuff for FAR/Magazine Assets/NOV08/images/BronzeAward 3rd-Place Bronze Awards
Best Written Magazine
Best Overall Design