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Dog Gone!/Users/adamp/Desktop/Stuff for FAR/Magazine Assets/NOV08/images/ThatLife

Javier Olmedo, of Olmedo Homes in Miami, was thrilled to get his first listing. The sellers’ only concern in handing over the keys was their elderly, slow-moving dog.

At Olmedo’s first showing, someone forgot to shut the door and the dog ran out—quickly! Olmedo rallied his wife and the prospective buyers to look for the dog. Thirty minutes later everyone gave up except Olmedo and his wife, who refused to quit despite the heavy downpour.

Finally, about three blocks away, they found him. “He was wet and tired, just sitting in the grass waiting to be found,” Olmedo says. “We dried him thoroughly and put him back in the house as if nothing happened. That was my introduction to real estate.”

Bark and Bite
Ed DiMarco, sales associate with R.W. Caldwell Realty in Gulfport, got the surprise of his life during one of his first career showings. He arrived at the vacant house with directions to call the listing agent if no one answered the door.

Getting the OK from the listing agent, DiMarco opened the door. Everything seemed quiet until he stepped into the living room and came face to face with a huge Rottweiler.

The dog seemed nice, so DiMarco proceeded. All of a sudden he felt a painful bite on the back of his leg, as the dog tugged on his pants. With the dog occupied, the prospective buyers quickly exited through the front door.

DiMarco warily walked backward toward a rear exit. He then sprinted out the door to the chain-link fence and jumped, “commando style,” to the other side. “The look on my clients’ face was priceless,” recalls DiMarco. “I called the listing agent and humbly suggested that she mention the family pet in the future.”