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Get Organized
E-mail Overload?

Use these tips to tame the e-mail time sapper.

Sifting through a mountain of e-mails can be time consuming and frustrating. It’s time to simplify. Krista Baker of offers these tips:

1. Only check e-mail at certain times. Create an auto responder that states when the sender can expect a response and what to do if they have an urgent need.

2. Scan for action steps and
deadlines. Immediately delete anything you know you won’t read. Look for e-mail that requires a specific action and make them your priority.

3. Take action immediately. If the e-mail requires you to take action and you can do it in less than two minutes, then do it. If it takes longer, move the e-mail to a prioritized folder so you can easily find it along with all the other action-oriented

4. Send concise replies. When you respond, keep it short and to the point. For instance: “I’m available until 4 p.m. on Monday, June 16. If that doesn’t work for you, I can also meet Tuesday morning.”
5. Outsource. Consider assigning the e-mail task to a personal or virtual assistant.