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5 Steps Towards a Successful Presentation

A successful seller’s interview or listing presentation starts before you show up at the house. Top producers have a specific routine they go through before they arrive to obtain a listing. Here are five steps to insure that you’ll obtain more of the listings you seek.

1. Create a solid pre-listing package: Include a brief overview of who you are and your track record. Then, clearly focus on the benefits of doing business with you. It should be short and concise. Give sellers the highlights and include a section on the importance of pricing. This section will prepare them for the price discussion.

2. Qualify hard before the appointment: Have a specific set of qualifying questions. The goal is to check their level of motivation to sell. You need to know if their desire to sell is greater than their desire to achieve a certain price. Motivation and price are intertwined. The higher the motivation, the lower the price the seller will accept.

3. Develop a pre-appointment routine: You should prepare for every appointment the same way. At least have a mental checklist of things to run through.

4. Practice the listing presentation at least once: This rehearsal prepares me to emphasize the benefits, services and reason they should list with me at the price I suggest. I would practice the potential objection and getting the listing signed.

5. Leave with plenty of time to get to the appointment: Nothing will wipe out your preparation more than the death grip on the steering wheel to get there faster. Visualize and prepare in the car by working on your closing or tag lines. Don’t let success be based on chance. Prepare well before the appointment.

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