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10 Marketing Tips for Real Estate Pros

1. Don’t try to be all things to all people. Take the time to find a niche that fits well with your interests, expertise and/or geographic location.

2. Use closing surveys and other e-mail marketing strategies to stay in touch on a frequent basis.

3. Consider other real estate professionals to be your customers, and make them a part of your marketing campaign by reaching out to them regularly via e-mail, phone and in person.

4. Join and participate in professional organizations.

5. Attend meetings and volunteer at organizations that you truly have an interest in; don’t just join for the sake of joining.

6. Give back to the community and get your name out in the public eye by sponsoring events, through volunteerism and other civic-minded efforts.

7.   Keep your referring customers “in the loop” when one of their referrals brings new business your way. An easy way to do this is by simple cc’ing the referring customer on the first few e-mails that you send to the new customer.

8. Think outside the traditional geographic boundaries when forming relationships; consider, for example, buyers located in foreign countries where currencies are now strong against the U.S. dollar.

9. To get the most out of your professional affiliations and networking events, go beyond just handing out business cards. Also take cards from prospects, promise to follow up within a week and then call each of them within that seven-day timeframe to ask what you can do for them.

10. Consider adding innovative tools like or to your marketing mix as a way to infuse technology into your relationship-building strategies.