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100 Bright Ideas

Make that HUNDREDs of great ideas! We’ve got everything you need to boost your marketing, get your technology on track and organize your business.

Look at successful sales associates and brokers who have been in the business for more than 10 years, a positive; it-doesn’t-matter-what-the-media-is-saying-about-the-market attitude may just be the key (along with a great marketing program!)

This year’s Real Estate Solutions Guide has hundreds of great ideas from real estate veterans and experts that can help you go from sales frustration to sales victory.

We’ve got tips for networking, pumping up your listing promotions, saving money, making the most of technology and smart product and service investments—what you need to thrive in any market.


Build a Brand

Stand out from the crowd and build a custom-tailored identify.

Get Your Money’s Worth at Conventions
Earn business while getting up to date on real estate.

Stylin’ and Sellin’
Wow customers with a professional appearance.

5 Listing Promotions That Pack a Punch
Sell your listings quickly with innovative promotions.

E-mail Etiquette
Maximize your e-mail marketing with these tips.  

Take Your Own Photo
Save money by taking your own professional headshot and be happy with the results!


5 Gizmos, Gadgets and Tools You Can’t Live Without
Don’t waste your money on useless technology. Pros share their essentials.

6 Ways to Market Yourself on the Internet
Web commercials, community bulletin boards and more novel ways to get your name out online.

Boost Your Web Traffic
A Web site with no visitors equals lost opportunities. Here are ways to drive people to your site.

Crank Up a Blog
Give customers a fun, informative read with these blog ideas.

Better Business

My Smartest Business Investment
What products and services give you the most bang for your buck? We’ve got answers.

Get Motivated!
Seven ways to feel good about your real estate career.

9 Ways to Save a Buck
Save money with these resourceful tips.  

7 Promising Real Estate Niches
Follow demographic swings to reach the people buying homes today.

Just for fun

The Worst Real Estate Advice I Ever Got!