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Your education
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You’re paying for it so why not make the best of your time spent in education sessions? The Florida Association of Realtors® 2008 Educator of the Year Ric Giumenta, CRB, CRS, GRI, offers his advice for making the most out of your classroom time.

1. Take notes. Drop the highlighter and write the information down. It will help you retain ideas and give you something to review while brainstorming about your marketing or business plan.

2. Participate. By contributing in the session, you’ll stay interested and focused.

3. Ask questions. If you’re unable to ask questions during the session, jot down some notes and ask at the appropriate time. You deserve to have your questions answered. But, don’t be offended if the instructor asks to see you after the session. If the topic isn’t pertinent to the subject being taught, or it’s a specific request, an instructor may not take class time to answer.

4. Network. Speak with as many of the attendees as you can. Exchange business cards and talk about your area of expertise and your community.

5. Implement what you learn. If you implement at least one new idea from each session that you attend you’ll greatly improve your business.