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At your fingertips: Web tools for tax preparation/Users/adamp/Desktop/taxes

Want the latest, greatest Web tools for tax preparation? Check out these links for tax tips, how-to guides, programs for online accounting and more:    

Internal Revenue Service

The IRS offers nearly a dozen tax tips relating to real estate, including a tax guide that’s specific to sales associates.


The company has made its software Web-accessible, meaning you can create and file an entire tax return right inside your browser. Versions are available for sole proprietors and business owners, with prices starting at around $100.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo’s tax portal features how-to guides and financial calculators. The information isn’t specific to real estate, but there’s enough good information here to make it worth your while.

Intuit Marketplace

For results, key in your specific business software needs. For example, in the real estate tax tools section, you’ll find four recommended programs for online tax preparation and accounting.

This tax expert offers advice on the top five tax calculators and other tax tools to prepare tax returns, to plan for next year, or to analyze your paycheck.

Use this online calculator to estimate how much self-employment tax you can expect to pay.