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Letter-perfect recruitment

Regular contact with prospective associates is a big part of Judy LaDeur’s recruitment system. LaDeur is president of Forum Learning & Consulting Systems, Inc., a company she founded after a successful career as a real estate salesperson, top producer, manager and recruitment specialist. During FAR’s Broker Profitability Conference, LaDeur conducted a one-day seminar on recruitment techniques.

She’s a firm believer in keeping the competition -- and their sales associates, who might one day want to work for your firm -- aware of who you are and what’s special about your company.

LaDeur is big on letter writing. Here are a few ideas for promoting your firm’s strength in the marketplace and creating good will along the way:

  • Send a note to the competition’s Agents of the Month to congratulate them on their accomplishments.
  • If the competition sells your listing, send thank-you notes to the cooperating associates. Tell them that without agents like them, your company wouldn’t be so successful.
  • Attend the competition’s Open House. Introduce yourself. Let the sales associate show you the property. The next day, send a note to the salesperson thanking him for the tour, assuring him that you told your sales staff all about the property, wishing him luck with the listing and encouraging him to call if there’s anything you can do to help sell his listing.
  • Send a personal handwritten note to welcome the competition’s new sales associates to the business. Some words to consider: “Welcome to the business. If you have a chance to show one of our listings, we hope you will. That way, we’ll have a chance to be part of your first -- and hopefully most memorable -- transaction. If you’re in the area, stop by. We’d love to meet you.” Then sign the card, “Your friend in real estate.”

In all cases, be sure to follow up the written correspondence with a phone call to reinforce your message and be available to promote, if the opportunity arises, the programs available at your company for boosting the earning power of sales associates.