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Think Green! Think saving money!/Users/adamp/Desktop/green  

Want to save on business costs? Why not think about saving money and saving the environment at the same time. Here are 10 practical suggestions for going green:

1. Use e-mail for internal news and announcements rather than printed memos.
2. Switch from paper faxes to PDF files—there’s less paper waste, and the electronic documents are more easily accessible.
3. Scan paper documents and save them on your network rather than making multiple copies.
4. Give customers a listing presentation or a relocation package as an e-mail attachment or by burning a CD, rather than printing and delivering a long document.
5. Recycle as much as possible: glass, plastics, paper and batteries.
6. Replace incandescent light bulbs with high-efficiency, long-lasting florescent bulbs.
7. Install a water cooler in the break room to replace use of individual plastic water bottles.
8. Open the windows and use ceiling fans whenever possible to reduce air-conditioning expenses.
9. Replace leaky older windows with new panes that reflect heat and ultraviolet rays.
10. Use naturally formulated cleaners throughout the office.