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Is your Web site delivering as much business as it should? Web surfers are most likely to find your site through a search on Google or one of the other search engines, and search engines have a very specific way of judging which Web sites they’re going to recommend to the viewer.

If you’re using a domain name such as, you’re missing a huge opportunity. The domain name is the first thing a search engine robot reads to know how "relevant" your site is to the search being conducted.

So if your Web site URL or domain name is "" and somebody types in "Orlando Homes for Sale," the search engine will look at domain names, notice that your site has a name that matches the request exactly and list your matching site among the first.

Your domain name should describe what you’re specializing in, not who you are.

A lot of people say, "I’ve been using my name as my Web site URL for years." But, there’s an easy fix. First, get a "keyword rich" domain name such as "" Next move your Web site from to the new From there, your Webmaster can create a pointer or redirector to the new domain name that has the Web site located on it.

That way, whether somebody types in "" or "", it will go to the same place. And, you can keep your old site on your business cards and other marketing materials, but still get the advantage of having a relevant domain name for the search engines to find.