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Working the phones

Every telephone call that you take in the office offers an opportunity to determine what's working in your business and what isn't -- no matter if the caller is a client or the competition,

Realtor Gee Dunsten, broker/owner of Keller Williams Resort Realty in Salisbury, Md., encourages other brokers and managers to take the time at the end of every unsolicited business call to ask a few questions that might indicate how you're perceived in your market, if your advertising is working or even something as basic as which market forces are motivating buyers and sellers.

Your query can be stated as simply as, "I'm curious. Why did you choose to call me?”

Listen carefully. Take notes on the caller's comments. This is a learning process. Feedback is important. Before the call is over, ask this follow-up question: "Why did you wait until today to call me?"

You'll learn a lot from the answers to these two simple questions. Be sure to thank the caller -- for the call and for answering your questions.

Dunsten's tips were presented during the "Personal Promotion Power Plays" seminar at FAR's 82nd Annual Convention & Trade Show.