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Are you a Volvo or a Ferrari?

You’ve heard the old saying, “If you can’t be No. 1 in the category, then invent a new category.” That’s what Jack Trout, president of marketing firm Trout & Partners and a recent speaker at REAL Trends Gathering of Eagles, espouses. “Business has two basic functions: marketing and innovation,” says Trout. “They produce results. The rest are costs.” That’s why he finds it vital for real estate brokers to focus on a differentiation strategy. Here are his suggestions.

Tip of the Week—Letter-perfect recruitment

Regular contact with prospective associates is a big part of Judy LaDeur’s recruitment system. She’s a firm believer in keeping the competition -- and their sales associates, who might one day want to work for your firm -- aware of who you are and what’s special about your company.  She's big on letter writing; maybe you should be, too.