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Are you a Volvo or a Ferrari?

You’ve heard the old saying, “If you can’t be No. 1 in the category, then invent a new category.” That’s what Jack Trout, president of marketing firm Trout & Partners and a recent speaker at REAL Trends Gathering of Eagles, espouses. “Business has two basic functions: marketing and innovation,” says Trout. “They produce results. The rest are costs.” That’s why he finds it vital for real estate brokers to focus on a differentiation strategy. Here are his suggestions.

Tip of the Week—The 'We' team

Listen to how you talk about your company and its policy.

If you consistently refer to the brokerage and/or franchise as "they," watch your language. The old words of wisdom, "United we stand, divided we fall" still apply -- not only to governments but also to businesses.

Whether you're talking to clients, colleagues, friends or relatives, use the pronoun "we." It captures and conveys to your clients a team approach to the real estate industry. "They" sounds alien and authoritarian; "we" always sounds like family. Be part of the "we" team. It's a winner.

Source: Joe Klock Sr., “Sales Tips" newsletter