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Rookie Spotlight
The ultimate selling strategy: Be positive

Jeff Feldman
"I'm not a high-pressure guy," the 33-year-old Feldman says. He sends out a monthly newsletter to, as he puts it, "people who know me, like me, trust me,” and he networks at restaurants, bars and social occasions "like crazy." But his newsletter is mostly filled with subtle real estate hints, and as far as the networking goes, Feldman's attitude remains optimistic.

"I'll talk to anyone about anything, I love meeting people. You can't find a better opportunity than referrals.” Feldman says 80% of his business comes from referrals. “I provide service; I don't pitch,” he adds. “The customer is the most important person, no matter what. I've sold copiers and mortgages – I've sold a lot of stuff – but doing the right thing is always on my mind.”

Feldman's real estate Zen seems to be effective. His focused ethic has impressed sales manager Nancy Kamenick. "Jeff sticks with his program. He's one of our more successful agents, and at the same time he's the epitome of a team player."

Feldman, a former mortgage broker, has been selling real estate for two years. Since starting with South Bay Realty, he has brought in $4 to $5 million a year. "He puts together a new plan every day," says Kamenick, "and he stays with a prospect forever."

Feldman believes in the service aspect of the job. His fliers make no mention of price, just a toll-free number for more information, leads he follows up on with gusto. His answering message assures callers that he returns calls "between 8 and 10, 12 and 1, 4 and 5." Jeff says he owes the tips he inserts into newsletters and his motivational strategies to a business training company. But his success comes from another place.

"I'm a spiritual guy," he says. "The ultimate key is to be positive. People will see and feel that energy, and they'll be attracted to you. Be aware of your abilities, and enjoy what you do." Jeff says he gets his sensitivity from his mother, and the ability to deal with people from his father. But he modestly admits he developed this positive attitude himself.

"The longer I'm doing this, the smarter I appear. It helps that I truly love real estate. Just do it and be happy."
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