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Florida Realtors Board sets policy on key initiatives 

At its 2014 Mid-winter Business Meetings, the Florida Realtors Board of Directors took the following action on real estate issues:

  • Florida Realtors support legislation codifying into law a fixed amount for homeless programs administered by the Department of Children and Families.
  • Florida Realtors support legislation designed to create a regulatory framework that encourages private insurance companies to write or cover primary flood insurance risk in Florida.
  • Florida Realtors support legislation which would allow Neighborhood Improvement Districts, with a referendum, to bond money so that improvements may be made in a speedier fashion.
  • Florida Realtors support Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund legislative reforms that reduces Florida’s overall property insurance exposure by facilitating the continued removal of policies out of the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.

  • Florida Realtors support legislation creating a sinkhole repair program for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation policyholders that will reduce the frivolous claims and unscrupulous activity.

  • Florida Realtors support proper legislation which would prevent the use of eminent domain to seize mortgage notes.

  • Florida Realtors support s.509.032 (7) (b), Florida Statutes, in its current form regarding vacation rentals with the understanding that some clarification may be needed.