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Spread the word: Realtors are the best value in real estate

No one knows the local housing market better than a Realtor. In 2016, Realtors brought insight, dedication and integrity to nearly 400,000 closed residential sales in Florida.


To help get the word out to customers, Florida Realtors has created the "Call a Realtor" campaign, complete with ready-to-share videos that explain the value of working with a Realtor.


Take a look:

10 top reasons to Call a Realtor

Your dream home is out there, and Realtors handle 100s of details during the process. Here are the top-10 reasons to call a Realtor today.

10 top reasons to Call a Realtor

Partnering with a Realtor gives you peace of mind because your property is priced and marketed correctly. Here are the top-10 reasons to call a Realtor today.

Realtor Advocacy:
Realtors protect your investment

Realtors advocate for homeownership with you in mind. It's your biggest investment and we support laws that protect homeownership and property owners. Call a Realtor today.

Realtor Education:
Work with an expert to find your dream home

Buying or selling a home is all about you, the customer. What do you want? What do you need? How do you get there? With your local-market expert, of course. Call a Realtor today.

More valuable videos to share with customers
These short powerful videos are great marketing commercials supporting the industry and the value of working with a Realtor.


Sticky Notes: Hire a Realtor

Thinking of buying or selling a home? Here are 33 great reasons to Call a Realtor today.

Domino Effect

Buying a home opens doors to your bright future. It also promotes economic growth, which creates jobs and revitalizes communities. Call a Realtor today.

How to share these Florida Realtors videos
These videos can be embedded to business websites, sent via email and shared on social channels.
Simply click on the arrow to start the video, and then on the YouTube button. Once on the YouTube site, click on the share arrow and choose from the share, embed or email options. YouTube does the rest.