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Tap into behavioral-based selling


NEW YORK – Dec. 3, 2013 – Research shows that buyers generally make purchases using salespeople whose behavior styles are similar to their own. Forging a connection opens the lines of communication and lessens their resistance to a deal.

Behavioral styles can also influence real estate agents’ behavior because they’re more likely to work with clients who have similar behavioral styles – people they “click with.” It’s not just easier, it’s also more fun to work with buyers who boost their confidence, and who are more willing to ask questions, overcome minor obstacles and handle objections more assertively.

However, learning to identify and match other behavioral styles could lead to more sales. Agents can significantly boost sales if they understand their behavioral style – dominant, influencer, steady or compliant – and adapt or blend with the prospect’s behavioral style.

It’s important to understand behavioral styles because it dictates whether the prospect is interested in proven versus innovative solutions, wants a lot versus a little information when making decisions, or prefers getting right down to business versus friendly chitchat first.

Source: Realty Times (11/27/13) Zeller, Dirk

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