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A coming wave of honest real estate ads?


NEW YORK – Dec. 9, 2013 – Wall Street Journal columnist Joe Queenan doesn’t like the wording in many home listings descriptions. He says Realtors continue to “employ hyperbolic, preposterous language to unload inventory.”

He advises agents and realty firms to have more respect for the intelligence and savvy of clients and potential clients. The closest most property professionals ever get to describing a property with a modicum of credibility, he complains, is with a phrase such as “a diamond-in-the-rough.”

Queenan suggests a more straightforward, toned-down approach when trying to appeal to less prosperous, more realistic Generation X-ers and Millennials.

“Pretentious verbiage seems archaic and stupid,” he writes. “Nobody under the age of 40 is going to think they can ‘move right into’ a stately, if understated estate home.”

In other markets, catchy ads just take a different form. To reach younger buyers, some agents even employ teen copywriters.

Queenan cites examples of eye-catching ads for younger buyers. An ad for a Baltimore-based loft, for example, reads: “Sick Remodeled 2nd Floor, 2 BR, 4 Bath in Amazeball School District.”

A second ad reads: “Epic 3-BR Condo in Mad Chill Persimmon Township.

Source: Wall Street Journal (12/06/13) Queenan, Joe

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