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Do you beat the ‘five-minute rule’ for leads?


NEW YORK – Feb. 19, 2014 – Research has determined that the chance of connecting with a lead improves substantially if the prospect receives a return phone call within five minutes of initial contact, as opposed to half an hour.

Real estate agents who receive leads that don’t seem to pan out should focus on how fast they follow up with potential customers.

One way to ensure a speedy response is to set up an automated notification system that instantly responds to leads by alerting the user via text message. But it’s also important for agents to contact a prospect using the same form of communication that the potential client used: If he texted, the agent should text back; if he emailed, the agent should use email.

Once follow-up communication has been completed, the practitioner may offer to provide the potential client something informational – not promotional – such as a listing detail sheet or an article about market trends.

Real estate professionals also must recognize that some early-stage prospects may not actually be ready to do a deal for another year or more. However, these contacts are still worth servicing, as consistent and effective follow-up will eventually turn them into future clients.

Source: RISMedia (12/26/13)

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