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You lose every third client to another Realtor. Why?


ORLANDO, Fla. – June 30, 2014 – What do clients really think about Realtors? Agents and brokers can talk directly to their clients, though they may not always respond with brutal honesty.

But Realtors can't talk to their non-clients at all – the people who considered that Realtor's services but went with someone else instead. Why, for example, does a home seller sit through a presentation but give his listing to a different agent?

It's even harder for brokers and agents to find out if their ads work, or if they're making a name for themselves in their market niche.

A new type of panel, "Hear It Direct," pulls together a pool of actual homebuyers who tell Realtors what works – and more importantly, what doesn't work – when they're ready to buy or sell a house. Two will be held in Orlando this summer:

Friday, July 11, at the Renaissance Airport Hotel in Orlando ($49 registration until July 7)

Friday, Aug. 15, during the 2014 Florida Realtors Conference & Trade Expo in Orlando. This "Hear It Direct" features a panel of Generation Y buyers and sellers.

"Aha" insights from earlier "Hear It Direct" panels

Gen Y panel

  • She was sending me listings every other day … it was just too much.
  • She just sucked at her job. Why? Because she didn't listen.
  • I didn't like working with an agent. I felt like it was just pressure selling all the time.

Online searches

  • I downloaded maybe 10 real estate apps and then just deleted them as I figured out that I didn't like them … If I found a broker that had an app, I probably would have downloaded it.
  • Facebook ads fall under the whole sketchy thing. Facebook ads are irrelevant to me. It's the task at hand. I don't go to Facebook to search for a house. If I search for a house, I go to Google.
  • I want to study listings on my own time unless we're actually working on the contract.


  • On Zillow or Trulia, I think agent ads are a waste of money. I just scroll past it.
  • I was more interested in the person (than the brand or their company). I'm a local kind of guy. I want someone who simplifies it for me. It's about building community.
  • Brand is not important at all. What was important to me was that the real estate agent create a brand for me – not what their brand was.

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