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Roger Enzor 1935 – 2017


On behalf of President Maria Wells, CEO Bill Martin and everyone at Florida Realtors, we are saddened to report the passing of Mr. Roger Enzor, 1987 President of Florida Realtors. Roger passed away after an extended illness on March 14, 2017, at the age of 81.

Roger Enzor was a mentor, steadfast advocate for homeownership and friend to many – both in business and in his country-rooted life.

If there's any doubt, just Google him.

There's a video of Roger the fry master at a Florida Realtors PAC fundraiser in Pensacola, cooking up fish fillets with his hunting buddy Auby Smith.

There he is standing with Gov. Charlie Crist in Tampa, campaigning for "Vote Yes on 1 - Save Our Homes NOW" in 2007. The passage of that portability bill has been called the largest tax cut in the state's history.

There's Roger again, standing with Gov. Rick Scott in 2013, being named as FREC board chairman for the second time in his 50-year career dedicated to business and service.

Even on Facebook, he's tagged as a distinguished Realtor family elder. Tampa Realtor Susanna Madden snapped a photo at an industry event in 2013 and commented: "These 4 Florida Realtors presidents have been the greatest mentors to me over the years." The photo shows her and past presidents Roger Enzor, Michael W. Owen, Russell Grooms and Wendell Davis. She wraps up the post by saying: "Gentlemen, I appreciate you so very much."

As a native Floridian growing up on the family ranch in Crestview, Roger became a skilled outdoorsman and ranch hand early on in his life.

After some career dips and curves that included farming, boat sales and repairs, and time as a state trooper, he set his sights on real estate in 1964. He quickly became involved with appraising, residential and commercial sales, property management, and land development.

In 1971, he opened a real estate brokerage and insurance agency in Pensacola. Along with his career aspirations, he also had a keen interest in politics and a knack for getting people involved.

"He loved the business. He wanted to help people rise in the business and show them how to conduct business honorably," says Auby Smith, longtime friend and Realtor in Pensacola. "And he practiced what he preached."

During his term as Florida Realtors president in 1987, Roger's priorities were laser focused.The Florida Legislature's raucous session that year included initiatives affecting tax exemptions and implementing a service tax, which meant taxing Realtors' commissions.

Roger's strategy going into that year's session was: Let's be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Even though the service tax became effective that summer, it was repealed by year's end. "There is a need for additional taxes," Roger said at the time. "They're going to come from somewhere, and we're going to have to help find the source rather than just say don't take it out of our pocket." By year's end the service tax was repealed and the state sales tax rose from 5 percent to 6 percent.

During his half century of service, a sampling of accomplishments and awards includes:

  • 1987 Florida Realtors president
  • Two-time FREC chairman, serving under Gov. Rick Scott and Gov. Charlie Crist
  • Pensacola Association of Realtors president
  • PAR and Florida Realtors Realtor of the Year awards
  • 2014 Golden Service Award in Pensacola
  • Key leadership positions in finance and political committees on state and local levels

His distinguished level of service will never be forgotten, and his stories will be told long into the future.

"It is all because of Roger and Dee that I am still in the real estate business and in the leadership positions I am in," says Dennis Degroot, 2016 president of the Pensacola Association of Realtors. "I owe a lot to Roger for helping me get to where I am, and I will forever be thankful."

Roger is survived by his wife, Dee; a special sister-in-law, Jean Mayo; and other nieces and nephews.