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Articles relating to "Business":

How do you deal with toxic real estate clients? (10/15/2014)
It’s tough to create healthy professional boundaries in a business without set hours, especially when some clients’ needs seem insatiable.

Multitasking does more harm than good (10/13/2014)
Is multitasking a must-do to attain success or a speed bump on the road to productivity? Recent studies suggest you accomplish more focusing on one job at a time.

Successful agents tend to be ‘lifelong learners’ (10/7/2014)
Texas brokers say the root cause of new-agent failure is shortcut training and cutting corners. The agents who survive study and learn throughout their career.

Even top real estate agents hire a coach (10/7/2014)
It’s hard to do everything well, so some Realtors hire a coach to boost skills on a specific type of task, such as information technology or broker management.

Should you team up with other agents? (10/6/2014)
Success is great – to a point. If you struggle to get everything done but still work 60 hours per week, a team method may boost productivity and job satisfaction.

Real estate firms optimistic about future (10/3/2014)
According to NAR’s 2014 Profile of Real Estate Firms, 66% of agencies expect to see next year’s overall profit to be higher than this year’s overall profit.

Agent teams: A winning model – or not (9/23/2014)
A team allows agents to focus on their area of expertise, grows a broker’s business and improves customer service. But the team-formation details are important.

First-year surprises for new Realtors (9/2/2014)
Starting a real estate career often costs more than expected at first. And newbies who think they’ll “set their own schedule” often find clients do it for them.

Open house sign rules are frequently disobeyed (8/13/2014)
Cities and counties often have rules over signs, such as “Open house this way” ones. Some agents knowingly violate rules, but many simply aren’t aware of them.

‘Brand conflict’ a challenge for real estate execs (7/16/2014)
Survey: Most brokers think their company brand outshines Zillow, Trulia, etc., but admit consumers can get confused when franchises and agents brand too.

3 ways to set buyer expectations
From the get-go, real estate pros can put a buyer at ease by telling them what to expect during the transaction, including if multiple offers are common.

Rules for referrals (6/12/2014)
Real estate pros should develop a consistent and successful referral strategy, including setting aside time to cultivate referrals and asking for them politely.

SBA’s ombudsman can simplify fed agency problems (5/28/2014)
Small businesses have help if facing unfair or excessive regulatory issues by the federal government – SBA ombudsman has authority to conduct a fairness review.