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Articles relating to "Business":

Falling in love again – with your career (2/13/2015)
Rekindle your passion for your real estate profession: Re-imagine your website and marketing materials, showcase your expertise and reconnect with mentors.

Success tips for new agents
Newcomers can take several steps to get off to a good start in their real estate careers, such as finding a brokerage to call home and developing a market niche.

Create email templates now, save time later (2/5/2015)
Realtors should consider creating a series of canned email responses to help them respond quickly, yet thoroughly, to client and prospect requests for info.

4 subjects all real estate agents should master (1/29/2015)
Education helps Realtors do a good job, but it’s also a marketing tool. Clients tend to trust agents who understand the economy, technology and the local market.

Deal making: Do the different thing (12/18/2014)
A counterintuitive act can move transactions along, says one trainer. Too many choices can bog down the process, so suggest only a handful of acceptable options.

How to guard against real estate identity theft (12/16/2014)
Brokers hold sensitive client info, and recent big-company hacks show the danger posed by Internet thieves. Keep info secure and always track where it’s shared.

Are free email services a good idea? (12/12/2014)
Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and other services offer Realtors a free email address with no upkeep worries. But they’re not viewed as professional and could turn away clients.

How do you deal with toxic real estate clients? (10/15/2014)
It’s tough to create healthy professional boundaries in a business without set hours, especially when some clients’ needs seem insatiable.

Multitasking does more harm than good (10/13/2014)
Is multitasking a must-do to attain success or a speed bump on the road to productivity? Recent studies suggest you accomplish more focusing on one job at a time.

Successful agents tend to be ‘lifelong learners’ (10/7/2014)
Texas brokers say the root cause of new-agent failure is shortcut training and cutting corners. The agents who survive study and learn throughout their career.

Even top real estate agents hire a coach (10/7/2014)
It’s hard to do everything well, so some Realtors hire a coach to boost skills on a specific type of task, such as information technology or broker management.

Should you team up with other agents? (10/6/2014)
Success is great – to a point. If you struggle to get everything done but still work 60 hours per week, a team method may boost productivity and job satisfaction.

Real estate firms optimistic about future (10/3/2014)
According to NAR’s 2014 Profile of Real Estate Firms, 66% of agencies expect to see next year’s overall profit to be higher than this year’s overall profit.

Agent teams: A winning model – or not (9/23/2014)
A team allows agents to focus on their area of expertise, grows a broker’s business and improves customer service. But the team-formation details are important.