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Articles relating to "Business":

E&O premiums are rising yet still poorly understood (2/21/2014)
If an agent represents his own home, is it covered by E&O insurance? Possibly not. Brokers should consider more than just price when choosing a policy.

Most Fla. real estate brokers expect higher profits (2/14/2014)
Latest Fla. “Profile of Real Estate Firms” finds 70% expecting higher profits over next two years, 46% recruiting agents and 72% anticipating more competition.

Bitcoin more than a fad for real estate? (1/21/2014)
To many, online currency (bitcoins) sounds like Monopoly money. But “we’re way past the fad stage,” says expert; bitcoins could be mainstream in a few years.

Attracting younger talent into real estate (1/14/2014)
Agents 40 and younger comprised only 11% of NAR’s membership last year, down from 20% a decade earlier. One reason: It takes awhile to get established.

SBA program helps disadvantaged owners (12/13/2013)
Small Business Administration program offers special help to firms that are at least 51% owned and controlled by someone with an economic or social disadvantage.

Too few real estate agents understand E&O policies (12/4/2013)
Too few real estate agents understand E&O policies

Six safety tips for real estate agents (11/21/2013)
Always have a cell phone with emergency numbers on speed dial, trust your gut and tell colleagues where you’d going, especially if you feel uncomfortable.

Top broker challenge? Recruiting younger agents (11/7/2013)
Survey: Recruiting in general remains a top challenge for brokers along with staying ahead of competitors, the quality of leads and agent satisfaction.