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Articles relating to "Business":

Why do good people quit? ‘Stay interviews’ can help (5/4/2016)
In “exit interviews,” brokers can learn why agents are leaving, but the damage is already done. “Stay interviews” encourage agents not to leave in the first place.

81% of small businesses don’t ask for help (5/4/2016)
In a survey, 38% of small business owners said they need help, but four out of five don’t tap into existing resources, such as their local chamber of commerce. Many owners also rely too heavily on personal funding.

Execs don’t consider selling a top salesperson trait (4/20/2016)
When hiring salespeople, most execs polled by Middle Market said that interpersonal and execution skills count more in hiring decisions than the ability to sell.

Things listing agents should never, ever do for clients (3/21/2016)
Marketing, negotiating offers, closing a contract are all part of a real estate pro’s job. Walking the dog for a client? Not part of their usual services.

Introverts make great salespeople (3/16/2016)
Many people believe that introverts are withdrawn and reclusive, and not ideal real estate agents. However, introversion is a preference – not a behavior.

Warning: Realtor email scam picking up speed (2/22/2016)
A Land O’ Lakes Realtor says his buyers received a fraudulent wire transfer request a few days before closing under a popular simple-yet-effective email fraud scheme.

Curb appeal: It’s not just for listings (2/2/2016)
Clients want to know which Realtor they can trust, and they’ll base their decision, in part, on the style and cleanliness of a real estate office.

Some real estate ideas sound right but aren’t (2/1/2016)
We hold some real estate truths to be self-evident, but they may not be. Are teams better than single agents? Are actively selling brokers better?

Freddie Mac rolls out online resource for agents (1/21/2016)
The online resource center offers agents info on affordable mortgage products, training, networking and customizable promotion tools, Freddie Mac says.

Small biz owners just say no to preserve family time (12/8/2015)
Sometimes family comes first. But in a business that includes weekend work and last-minute crises, Realtors often find it hard to balance work and family life.