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What technology can't do for your real estate biz (6/21/2017)
While technology is essential, real estate pros know that great communications and ‘people’ skills, like common courtesy and proper grammar, are key to success.

Fla. businesses to see reduced biz rent tax in 2018 (5/25/2017)
Gov. signs HB 7109 that reduces Fla.’s business rent tax. 2017 Pres. Maria Wells says it “puts $61M back in the hands of businesses to grow and hire more people.”

Reject the fear of rejection (5/24/2017)
Fear can be good. If afraid, you’re probably on the right path, pushing boundaries to learn, improve and reach goals. But how you handle fear is also important.

Dear small biz: What are your financing needs? (5/10/2017)
The U.S. consumer bureau calls small business lending “inconsistent and incomplete,” and its new “Request for Information” hopes to uncover needs and challenges.

Fake listing scam still going strong (5/5/2017)
Highlands County Realtors have seen a surge in scammers who steal their listing details and photos, and then advertise it on Zillow as a discounted rental.

Want to grow your business? 3 financial strategies (5/5/2017)
Brokers who want to expand into new markets or Realtors ready to start their own business should start early to consider the financial requirements of doing so.

Survey: Small biz owners excited about the future (5/5/2017)
A biannual survey of small business owners finds that they’re pumped about the future, with optimism hitting its highest point in the survey’s 15-year history.

Commission income hard on a family budget (5/1/2017)
Monthly planning isn’t tough, but business cycles create problems. Commission earners get comfy with two strong years then have trouble when leaner years follow.

‘Workforce quality’ the top Fla. small biz concern (4/26/2017)
A Florida Chamber of Commerce survey finds small businesses most concerned with the quality of their workforce, followed by gov’t regulations and healthcare.

Scam alert: Never say the word ‘yes’ when robocall rings (3/29/2017)
If a caller says, “Can you hear me?” right away, don’t say “yes.” Scammers can record that one word and use it later to authorize fraudulent charges via telephone.

57% of sellers tried to negotiate your commission last year (3/15/2017)
Millennials (66% of them) topped the list of groups trying to negotiate real estate agent commissions last year, according to a Redfin survey. But every group appears to be negotiating more: In June 2016, only 52% tried it.

Which Fla. city best for a real estate business? (2/9/2017)
WalletHub looked at 14 things, from per-agent sales and annual-median wage to housing-market health. Fla.’s top city for agents? Port St. Lucie.

Study: All the political talk can hurt your business (2/9/2017)
Some Americans today focus more on politics than work. In a Wakefield Research study of U.S. workers, 29% admitted that they’re less productive.

Zillow: Still unprofitable but predicts $1B in revenues (2/8/2017)
The Seattle-based company expects to pass $1 billion in annual revenue for the first time this year – but it still isn’t close to turning a profit.

FREC changes license renewal requirements (2/2/2017)
The 14-hour requirement to renew a Fla. real estate license hasn’t increased, but a 3-hour Ethics and Business Practices course is mandatory after Oct. 1.

Defend your income from technology assault (1/25/2017)
Experts at Inman Connect agreed that buyers' and sellers' use of tech will impact agent incomes – but agents have ways to make up the difference.

Brokers: 10% of online profiles are outdated (1/23/2017)
According to a WAV Group audit, an average 10% of online profiles are inaccurate, largely because brokers forget to update all affiliated websites after a change.

Most real estate pros struggle to clock in on social media (1/16/2017)
Many real estate pros struggle to use social media, with most considering it to be a “time suck” - yet research shows it can help build business and online leads.

Opening a new real estate office? Focus on suburbs (1/6/2017)
Brokers who want to expand should consider new offices in the suburbs, which saw 91% of U.S. population growth over the last 15 years, according to the Urban Land Institute. At the top of buyer demand? Suburbs with an “urban feel.”