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Articles relating to "Business":

Cybercriminals target real estate transactions (11/20/2015)
Brokers don’t need to protect only themselves – they also need to protect clients. And scammers today consider it easier to target small businesses.

Cyber crime: You’re an easy target (11/17/2015)
Realtors and brokers think they’re safe from hacking because scammers mainly target big businesses. And that’s what scammers want Realtors to think.

New, free savings plan acts like Roth (11/4/2015)
Don’t have access to a 401(k) retirement plan? Starting this week, any American making less than $131K has access to a similar no-fee retirement savings plan called myRA.

Expert to Realtors: Safety more important than sale (11/3/2015)
Smartphone apps and upfront security measures, such as copying driver’s license info, can help. Also consider a “Videotaping in progress” sign at open houses.

More agents job-hopping to other brokerages (10/12/2015)
In 2013, 18% of agents had been with their current broker for a year or less, according to NAR. In 2014, that percentage jumped to 30%.

U.S. SBA commercial sales tool – and Realtor biz tool (10/12/2015)
NAR: The Small Business Administration not only funds small commercial sales, SBA loans also provided commercial funding to 1 in 10 Realtors last year.

Virtual assistants can boost profits – and risks (9/30/2015)
It generally costs less to hire a virtual assistant than a full-time employee, but it’s important to make sure they perform only those tasks allowed by law.

Honor Beverly Carter: Put safety first (9/28/2015)
One year ago, a fake buyer killed an Ark. Realtor while showing a rural home. To honor her memory, the family released a new safety phone app, BEVscore.

Real estate brokers invest in bricks and mortar (8/31/2015)
Saying Realtors want to work in an office again, some brokerages are expanding their office space.

Safety: Phone app makes power button a panic button (8/26/2015)
A phone app developed by a Florida Atlantic University student allows agents to automatically dial 911 with a single push of a phone’s power switch.

Safety threat causes broker to cancel open houses (8/26/2015)
An Iowa Realtor received a call saying a local gang had randomly selected her for an “initiation.” Her broker says it’s not the first time it has happened.

Transaction scams on the rise (8/26/2015)
NAR says scammers invisibly track transactions and, at the last minute, request a fraudulent wire transfer of money. There are ways to minimize risk, however.

What do $500K-per-year agents do differently? (7/28/2015)
A survey of 200 top producers who make more than $500,000 per year uncovered the reasons for their success. At the top of the list: Top-notch service.

UF study: Workplace rudeness is contagious (7/21/2015)
A rude agent does more than irritate other associates. According to UF, it only takes one person with a negative attitude to make everyone less friendly.