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Articles relating to "Business":

What do $500K-per-year agents do differently? (7/28/2015)
A survey of 200 top producers who make more than $500,000 per year uncovered the reasons for their success. At the top of the list: Top-notch service.

UF study: Workplace rudeness is contagious (7/21/2015)
A rude agent does more than irritate other associates. According to UF, it only takes one person with a negative attitude to make everyone less friendly.

Small business problems you want to have (7/20/2015)
A successful business has too many clients, pays too much in taxes, has bigger companies trying to buy it and many more “problems.”

DBPR: Real estate licensing goes paperless June 4 (5/21/2015)
New licensees won’t have to wait for their license to arrive by snail mail, allowing them to begin work seven to 10 days earlier, according to DBPR.

What does your car say about you? (5/14/2015)
Expect clients to judge you on the make and model of your car. A luxury car projects success, for example, but it could also make lower-income clients uneasy.

How vulnerable are you to litigation? (4/29/2015)
NAR: 1 in 10 agents doesn’t have E&O insurance to cover claims of inadequate work or negligence, including the top allegation: non-disclosure of home defects.

The pros and cons of changing brokerages (4/20/2015)
A large franchise offers brand recognition, but a boutique brokerage has other benefits. Agents thinking about a change should weigh the pros and cons of both.

Property managers weed out problem tenants (3/9/2015)
Some tenants can cause big problems. Global real estate network Lamudi offers five tips to help find the right ones.

Success tips for new agents
Newcomers can take several steps to get off to a good start in their real estate careers, such as finding a brokerage to call home and developing a market niche.