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Reality show remodeling? Don’t try this at home (4/21/2017)
TV shows make removing a wall look easy when the host starts swinging a sledgehammer, but go slow at home: It could create a host of other problems.

Small nest egg, big dreams? Retirement home tips (4/19/2017)
Many Americans view “retirement home” as the final reward – the goal of a lifetime. But the decision is complex, and many retirees can’t afford their “dream.”

Millennial owners’ advice to peers: Get off the sidelines (4/12/2017)
Survey: Young adults who recently bought a home think their friends should do so too. 80% said it helps financially; 86% said it’s cheaper than renting.

When to buy a home: Keep saving or go for it? (4/11/2017)
2 out of 5 potential buyers think they need a 20% downpayment. They don’t. But what’s a good savings goal? A new calculator helps potential buyers figure it out.

NAR report: More clients interested in sustainability (4/7/2017)
Realtor and consumer interest in green features and sustainability is on an upward trend, according to data compiled in a recent NAR survey.

Homebuyers often forget about their car (4/7/2017)
Good schools? Check. Granite countertops? Check. Does it have room for all our cars? I think so. Is car insurance higher in this neighborhood? Hmm. Don’t know.

Horses: Big market niche, Fla. money maker (4/6/2017)
For many Floridians, outdoor recreation doesn’t mean boating – it means horses. “It’s a big market niche,” says Realtor Sherri Meadows, if you can talk about “soil, barn construction, water access, fence construction, zoning” and other horse farm basics.

Watch out for deed restrictions (4/3/2017)
A buyer may think a listing has great potential, but it’s best to see if there are any deed restrictions before committing to a purchase.

Study: Homebuyers create a budget and then spend more (3/22/2017)
In the current competitive market, 55% of homebuyers will consider going over budget, and they would spend, on average, an additional $37,809 to get into a home.

Help buyers navigate 5 ‘gotchas’ (3/20/2017)
A purchase is stressful in the best of times, but buyers who are prepared for some common problems find it easier to roll with the punches and stay focused.

How to calculate a home’s square footage? No one really knows (3/15/2017)
House size seems like a fact rather than an opinion, but appraisers, developers, builders, Realtors, tax assessors and architects all measure space differently.

Spring real estate buyers: Early bird gets worm (3/15/2017)
Listings should hit the market soon, but buyers still outnumber sellers – and an expected mortgage rate increase means buyers should act sooner rather than later.

When it comes to flips, watch out for this (3/14/2017)
Investors buy homes that need repairs, fix them up and sell them for a profit. But buyers should make sure all those like-new home upgrades aren’t just cosmetic.

Real and imaginary barriers holding back buyers (2/2/2017)
NAR aspiring buyer analysis: Affordability issues, student debt and downpayment confusion stopped many aspiring homeowners from reaching the market in 2016, even though demand for ownership remained high.

Low-ball offers don’t work in today’s market (1/25/2017)
Homebuyers wants the lowest price they can get, but smart offers close deals. Realistic buyers who put in fair offers tend to be successful; other buyers do not.

Buyers are stressed: 6 reasons why (1/20/2017)
A TD Bank survey finds that confusion over necessary paperwork confuses 1 in 3 buyers; unexpected costs confuse almost 1 in 4; and financing worries affect 1 in 5.

Buyers new to HOAs need to understand the covenants (1/11/2017)
A good homeowners association can help maintain property values, but some of the rules can irritate new owners who didn’t fully read the covenants before buying.

Housing sentiment decreases for fifth month (1/10/2017)
More consumers worry about rising mortgage rates and home prices, and that has dampened their overall optimism about home buying, at least in the short term.

On-demand showings help buyers but frustrate sellers (1/10/2017)
How do agents achieve a balance between buyers’ desire to see homes on demand and sellers’ need to know who’s showing the house and when they’ll arrive?

Want to speed up closings? 6 tips (12/15/2016)
Buyers who want to shorten the home buying process and move in quickly can do so if they’re willing to adjust elements that tend to take the most time.

Study: It will get harder for first-time buyers (12/14/2016)
Fewer and fewer listings are suitable for the average first-time homebuyer. A Trulia study found a 12.1% year-to-year decline, taking it down to a three-year low.

Start at the beginning to attract more buyers (12/6/2016)
Survey: Even a conversation about credit scores may be premature for as many as half of all potential buyers. The first thing they want is a basic answer to a simple question: “How do I buy a house?”

Realtors need to understand smart home technology (12/1/2016)
According to NAR’s first-ever smart-home report, 15% of Realtors say buyers are already asking specific questions about smart-home home technology.

What’s the luckiest list price? (11/21/2016)
Maybe one with the No. 8 in it: found about 178 listings so far this year priced at either $888,888 or $8,888,888, perhaps to attract Chinese buyers.

Buyers: Does the marble test really work? (11/17/2016)
Should buyers reject a listing simply because a marble rolls on an uneven floor? Probably not – but a level that finds more than a 1/4-inch tilt might be worthy.

86% of buyers don’t know what a CLUE report is (11/16/2016)
If a seller made multiple property insurance claims, buyers could end up paying surprisingly higher premiums – but only 12% request a CLUE report.