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Articles relating to "Buyer services":

Builders to press entry-level market in 2017 (1/13/2017)
There is a growing buyer demand for entry-level homes. A recent report found the number of available homes under 1,800 square feet has reached a new low of 16%.

Homebuyer challenges: Mortgage rates and prices grow along with competition (1/13/2017)
While mortgage rates remain low by historical standards, they’ve been increasing recently - a trend that will impact buyers and is expected to continue into 2017.

Buyers new to HOAs need to understand the covenants (1/11/2017)
A good homeowners association can help maintain property values, but some of the rules can irritate new owners who didn’t fully read the covenants before buying.

On-demand showings help buyers but frustrate sellers (1/10/2017)
How do agents achieve a balance between buyers’ desire to see homes on demand and sellers’ need to know who’s showing the house and when they’ll arrive?

Housing sentiment decreases for fifth month (1/10/2017)
More consumers worry about rising mortgage rates and home prices, and that has dampened their overall optimism about home buying, at least in the short term.

Want to speed up closings? 6 tips (12/15/2016)
Buyers who want to shorten the home buying process and move in quickly can do so if they’re willing to adjust elements that tend to take the most time.

Study: It will get harder for first-time buyers (12/14/2016)
Fewer and fewer listings are suitable for the average first-time homebuyer. A Trulia study found a 12.1% year-to-year decline, taking it down to a three-year low.

Start at the beginning to attract more buyers (12/6/2016)
Survey: Even a conversation about credit scores may be premature for as many as half of all potential buyers. The first thing they want is a basic answer to a simple question: “How do I buy a house?”

Realtors need to understand smart home technology (12/1/2016)
According to NAR’s first-ever smart-home report, 15% of Realtors say buyers are already asking specific questions about smart-home home technology.

What’s the luckiest list price? (11/21/2016)
Maybe one with the No. 8 in it: found about 178 listings so far this year priced at either $888,888 or $8,888,888, perhaps to attract Chinese buyers.

Buyers: Does the marble test really work? (11/17/2016)
Should buyers reject a listing simply because a marble rolls on an uneven floor? Probably not – but a level that finds more than a 1/4-inch tilt might be worthy.

86% of buyers don’t know what a CLUE report is (11/16/2016)
If a seller made multiple property insurance claims, buyers could end up paying surprisingly higher premiums – but only 12% request a CLUE report.

Your buyers’ nemesis: Student debt, high rent (10/24/2016)
Study: 53% of potential homebuyers with student loan debt say the debt is “somewhat” or “very much” an obstacle to them buying a home, up from 49% in 2014.

How to transform a fixer-upper (9/19/2016)
Investing in fixer-uppers requires a leap of faith and a vision of what the home could be. Turning real estate lemons into lemonade requires skill and patience.

4 common homebuyer oversights (8/31/2016)
Buyers often have a laser focus on mortgages and monthly payments, but they should also spend time studying HOAs, ownership expenses and neighborhoods.

Some rent-to-own agreements questioned (8/23/2016)
Rent-to-own contracts don’t follow the same legal rules, and not enough buyers talk to a real estate lawyer or home inspector before they sign an agreement.

Buyers want to build a home? It’ll take 7 months (8/17/2016)
Census Bureau: In the U.S. region that includes Fla., it takes about six months to build a new home plus 27 days for a permit to clear after contract signing.

Tight inventory could extend spring selling season (8/15/2016)
Parents like to home shop in the spring and close in summer to maintain school stability – but with fewer houses on the market, some may still be looking.

Turn renters into buyers by allaying their fears (8/8/2016)
About 7 in 10 renters fear homeownership. The reasons vary – but most focus on money, such as potential repair costs (36%) and the financial commitment (35%).