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Articles relating to "Buyer services":

Your buyers’ nemesis: Student debt, high rent (10/24/2016)
Study: 53% of potential homebuyers with student loan debt say the debt is “somewhat” or “very much” an obstacle to them buying a home, up from 49% in 2014.

Real estate news often confuses homeowners (10/17/2016)
Reading or watching real estate news can make a homeowner’s head spin. In one day, they might hear that mortgage rates rose, sales fell and prices stagnated.

How to transform a fixer-upper (9/19/2016)
Investing in fixer-uppers requires a leap of faith and a vision of what the home could be. Turning real estate lemons into lemonade requires skill and patience.

4 common homebuyer oversights (8/31/2016)
Buyers often have a laser focus on mortgages and monthly payments, but they should also spend time studying HOAs, ownership expenses and neighborhoods.

Some rent-to-own agreements questioned (8/23/2016)
Rent-to-own contracts don’t follow the same legal rules, and not enough buyers talk to a real estate lawyer or home inspector before they sign an agreement.

Buyers want to build a home? It’ll take 7 months (8/17/2016)
Census Bureau: In the U.S. region that includes Fla., it takes about six months to build a new home plus 27 days for a permit to clear after contract signing.

Tight inventory could extend spring selling season (8/15/2016)
Parents like to home shop in the spring and close in summer to maintain school stability – but with fewer houses on the market, some may still be looking.

Turn renters into buyers by allaying their fears (8/8/2016)
About 7 in 10 renters fear homeownership. The reasons vary – but most focus on money, such as potential repair costs (36%) and the financial commitment (35%).

Buyer tech tools: Nearby jobs or commute times (7/8/2016)
How long would it take to commute to work from this listing? There’s a tech tool for that. How many nearby jobs are within walking distance or accessible via public transportation? There’s a tool for that too.

How to upsize on the cheap (7/1/2016)
It’s possible to buy a bigger home without paying big bucks. It may take more time or labor, but there are opportunities, especially for DIY buyers.

In a bidding war, the winning buyer is well armed (6/27/2016)
Many buyers with school-age children want a house immediately. Winners tend to be preapproved, and while personal letters can help, they’re no guarantee.

Avoid buyer remorse from commuting woes (6/22/2016)
As they search for a home, would-be buyers should weigh the average commute time for each property and consider the pros and cons, costs and more.

What happens to a home when couples divorce? (6/13/2016)
A divorcing couple’s home sale can be messy. In most cases, couples can sell and split the profit, buy their spouse’s share outright or negotiate a delayed buyout.

How to create an effective buyer questionnaire (5/18/2016)
A good questionnaire won’t confuse, annoy or alienate buyers, but it should quickly help an agent understand a buyer’s timelines, desires and influences.

NAR: New condo rules may help student debt challenge (5/11/2016)
HUD says changes are coming, but some lower-down mortgage rules already help – and a boost in FHA-approved condo loans should provide more starter homes.

‘Finding a good Realtor’ a transaction high point (5/10/2016)
TD Bank survey: When it comes to mortgages, buyers want access to information online, better training for frontline staff and more seminars or workshops.