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Articles relating to "Buyer services":

4 costly mistakes new-home buyers make (9/28/2015)
With a “dream house” in mind, many new-home buyers end up paying a lot of money for upgrades they don’t need, or a house that quickly seems too big.

Auctioneers say they want to work with agents (9/28/2015)
Housing auction companies say they need agents, the local experts, but they encounter resistance because an auction often reduces commissions.

Don’t ignore Fido when selling homes (9/23/2015)
A pet’s opinion doesn’t count, but he’s part of the family. Pointing out pet-friendly listing elements and knowing local ordinances can close sales and build loyalty.

Study: No home sale impact from new school ratings (9/22/2015)
Research from Cornell and Michigan State U. found that the controversial “value-added” method to evaluate schools doesn’t appear to influence property values.

DBPR secretary offers help to Fla. condo associations (9/22/2015)
Ken Lawson says Fla. has more than 26,000 condo and cooperative associations, and the state will help with election, financial or rights-to-records disputes.

By 2025, 13M will pay 50% of income for housing (9/22/2015)
Harvard study: Rising rents will force many people – notably older adults, Hispanics and singles – to spend 50% of monthly income on rent within 10 years.

What irks homeowners? Study uncovers why they move (9/16/2015)
“A new home would give you more storage,” might entice 67% of homeowners to list their house and upgrade – and 66% long for less maintenance.

Converting Florida’s visitors to buyers (9/15/2015)
Some visitors dream of living in Florida – many even tour homes. An expert offers tips on how to convert these out-of-town visitors into buyers.

Sellers irk homebuyers: Here’s how (9/15/2015) asked homebuyers what bothered them most about sellers. Post-inspection negotiations made the list along with “playing mind games.”

‘Boomerang’ buyers purchase new homes (9/9/2015)
But many foreclosed owners are embarrassed and think they won’t qualify for a loan. Realtors willing to help them and ease fears could find a big market niche.

This Sept. may be best month in years for homebuyers (9/9/2015)
Buyers willing to close in off-months already have an edge, but this year’s rising supply of homes and still-low mortgage rates make this Sept. ideal.

Buyers about to move? 10 tips to make it easier (9/2/2015)
People who move often say “I won’t do that again,” but years later do so anyway. These tips make moving less stressful for buyers who are new or out of practice.

Downpayments worry buyers more than mortgage rates (8/19/2015)
New York Fed study: A buyer’s decision to jump into the market is influenced more by downpayment requirements than mortgage rates.

Skittish buyers believe downpayment myths (8/13/2015)
They want to buy but don’t enter the market because they think it’s already a lost cause. Some renters, for example, think they’ll need to put 20% down.

Investors bank on rent-to-own comeback (7/30/2015)
To some Realtors, rent-to-own housing deals are a blast from the past – but they’re making a comeback as more credit-impaired buyers show an interest.

Bidding wars return (7/21/2015)
In many cities big and small across the U.S., a tight inventory of local home listings has made it commonplace to receive offers from multiple buyers.

Survey: First-timers and Hispanics ready to buy (7/14/2015)
A TD Bank study found an uptick in demand, and a significant percentage said they hoped to start the buying process within the next two years.

“Artificial amenities” jack up sales prices (7/2/2015)
Study: It’s not just granite countertops and hardwood floors. A $1,000 per-student school funding increase, for example, is worth $570 more each year to buyers.

Serving former and current members of the military (7/2/2015)
The VA loan market has grown over the past few years and become more lucrative for Realtors with a clear understanding of military and veteran housing.

Millennials’ waiting game may be over (7/1/2015)
A survey conducted by suggests a short-term spike in demand from young adults who are now more interested in homeownership than they were last year.

The top 3 mistakes made by first-time buyers (6/30/2015)
Some excited first-time buyers miss details or make credit mistakes. “I can afford this house,” for example, differs from “I can afford this house and all ownership expenses.”

Assume you’re overheard on every listing tour (6/17/2015)
Will a home seller hear everything said by you and your buyers inside their seemingly empty house? Maybe. Surveillance cameras can be hidden anywhere.

60% of contracts have issues, but most close on time (6/10/2015)
NAR study: 12% cited some kind of financing problem, 8% home inspections, and 7% appraisals. Overall, 10% of Realtors had a contract that failed to close.

Multiple offers: Tips for buyers making bids (6/3/2015)
Sellers with more than one offer will pick the “best” one. Buyers hoping to win the bid should consider all the variables, such as the amount of earnest money.

Insurance covers skittish buyers afraid of job loss (6/2/2015)
Some potential buyers saw recession-era homes foreclosed because an owner was laid off. They’re holding back now out of fear, but an insurance product may help.

I’d like a real estate closing to go, please (5/27/2015)
A Detroit title company is taking the edge off stressful closings by going mobile and creating an informal atmosphere. One tactic: They serve fresh-baked cookies.

High rents, low rates top draws to owning a home (5/6/2015)
32% of surveyed consumers want to buy soon to take advantage of low rates; 35% say a 30-year FRM above 4 percent would delay their decision to buy.

Fla. Ag commissioner issues moving company advice (5/5/2015)
Adam Putnam advised people relocating to do their research before signing any moving company contract – and make sure the firm is registered with the state.

Why buy a home? The reasons have changed (4/27/2015)
HomeServices study: Post-recession buyers focus less on a home’s size and location; instead, they want personal needs fulfilled as they build wealth.

Home-improvement TV creates unrealistic expectations (4/22/2015)
While many owners now know a lot more about home projects, HGTV and DIY can make it look too easy because they edit out necessary mundane tasks.

Credit unions: A not-so-secret mortgage source (4/20/2015)
A credit union often offers great mortgage terms, but many buyers don’t think they qualify. However, a website will check to see if they’re wrong.

Are women weaker negotiators? Not according to study (4/17/2015)
UF study found that women tend to negotiate better than men, assuming the same level of experience. Men may seem better simply because they negotiate more often.

How do buyers find a good housing counselor? (4/17/2015)
Under Dodd-Frank, mortgage applicants must receive a list of approved counselors and CFPB updated guidelines this week. Searches may also be conducted online.

Fannie Mae announces 3% closing cost aid program (4/15/2015)
Fannie Mae’s HomePath Ready Buyer program will pay up to 3% of closing costs and reimburse the $75 buyers must pay for a mandatory education program.

Secrets buyers should know about new construction (4/13/2015)
A new-home purchase is more complicated and intimidating than most resale transactions, and buyers need a Realtor to represent them in the deal.