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Articles relating to "Buyer services":

Most millennials don’t understand closing costs (3/26/2015)
Survey: Two out of three younger adults don’t understand closing costs – and many don’t even know they even exist. Among all adults, it’s one out of three.

Realtors should serve younger clients differently (3/18/2015)
Survey: Older clients tend to rely on an agent’s real estate advice, but younger buyers prefer to get the info directly from a data source such as websites.

NAR Survey: Younger buyers are taking over (3/12/2015)
The just-released 2015 generational trends study found, for the second year in a row, that one in three 2014 buyers (32%) was a millennial, age 34 or younger.

The hard-to-find niche: relocating first-time buyers (3/11/2015)
The number of buyers springing from corporate relocations is expected to rise, and real estate agents should be ready to identify and serve this buyer niche.

Should brokers disclose buyer offers? (3/10/2015)
As more multiple offers arrive, buyers may ask for more info, such as a peek at competitor’s bids. In most cases, though not all, that’s okay.

Real estate agents want to understand Millennials (2/24/2015)
Millennials communicate differently, and the average 56-year-old Realtor must rethink things like voice messages, which don’t work for this generation of buyers.

Shift mindset when selling to vacation-rental buyers (2/18/2015)
These semi-investment buyers want to factor potential rental income into their purchase decision. It’s a bit more work, but they tend to create more repeat business.

With some buyers, it’s best to cut the cord (2/17/2015)
Realtors must ask themselves if a buyer is worth their time – the chance that it will lead to a paycheck versus the risk of a deal that fails to close.

Homebuyers need to act now (2/4/2015)
If predictions of higher mortgage rates and greater demand hold true, a home could cost 10% more if renters wait another year before jumping into the market.

87% of buyers qualify for some downpayment help (2/4/2015)
RealtyTrac: Every Fla. county has at least 10 downpayment assistance programs, and some have more than 20. In most Fla. counties, 84% to 97% of buyers qualify.

Freddie Mac advises buyers to move quickly (1/28/2015)
The mortgage giant said that favorable conditions make homeownership affordable right now – but buyers shouldn’t assume things will get better if they wait.

Does home staging help? Most Realtors say ‘yes’ (1/28/2015)
NAR’s Realtor survey found that 81% think it helps buyers visualize living in a home, 46% say it encourages live visits, and 45% believe it can increase value.

Create smart buyers to make your job easier (1/27/2015)
Before visiting that first listing, help buyers understand the process. If they set aside egos and proceed logically, the process will be smoother for everyone.

Millennials want small homes with upscale details (1/26/2015)
Surveys suggest Millennials like the suburbs and willing to commute, but they want a laundry room, Energy Star furnishings and high-tech phone system controls.

Why mortgage rates don’t move buyers (1/21/2015)
Fed study: Downpayments and financial constraints play a bigger part in shaping housing demand. Mortgage qualifications count – mortgage rates not so much.

Move to Fla. for warm weather, better tax conditions (1/15/2015)
Wealth management firm tells clients they’ll save money if they move to Fla., but only if they prove that they’ve relocated. A PDF brochure explains how to do it.

Luxury agents should understand the EB-5 visa (1/12/2015)
Foreign nationals can receive a U.S. green card – and an increased desire to buy a home – if they invest at least $500K in a project that creates 10 jobs.

Buyers have ways to reduce closing costs (12/19/2014)
The total amount paid for closing costs can depend on the lender used, the price of the home and even the day of the month when the closing occurs.

Open permits can throw a wrench into closings (12/18/2014)
Building code violations or open permits can derail home transactions, but buyers don’t usually ask sellers about remodeling projects completed years earlier.

Homebuyers should keep Chinese drywall in mind (12/3/2014)
While toxic Chinese drywall is old news and many homes have been remediated, buyers should still check favored listings for its presence.

What’s at the root of buyer remorse? (11/6/2014)
It’s usually something financial, according to real estate writer Marianne Cusato. Many buyers aren’t prepared for expenses beyond the monthly mortgage.

A multi-level approach for multigenerational buyers (11/6/2014)
While primary wage earners ultimately make the purchase decision, they value everyone’s opinion. They may want accessible features for older adults, for example.

Survey finds optimism about home buying (11/5/2014)
A 3Q consumer survey conducted for Prudential found that 78% of respondents view the housing market favorably and 82% think it’s moving in the right direction.

Top 10 reasons renters keep renting (11/3/2014)
About 50% of renters want to own but think they won’t qualify for a mortgage; another 20% never plan to buy, and marketing efforts probably won’t change them.

What do buyers want? And what do they fear? (10/30/2014)
BMO survey: The average buyer visits 10 homes and spends six months searching, but they worry about future price drops and finding something wrong with the house.

Clients must deal with nosy families and friends (10/27/2014)
Buyers often find themselves in an awkward situation when someone asks what they paid for their home? Here are three ways to deflect the question.