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Articles relating to "Buyer services":

20% of Fla. home shoppers could enter the market soon (7/30/2014)
Survey: While 30% say they’ve had to postpone home-buying plans, another 20% say ongoing market changes may coax them to enter the market sooner.

5 mistakes first-time homebuyers make (7/22/2014)
Many first-time buyers are eager to own a home but unprepared for the usual financial scrutiny. Some hurt their chance at ownership by making unwise decisions.

Many buyers aren’t prepared for mortgage process (7/22/2014)
Survey: While 94% think a home is a good investment, 63% find online information overwhelming and barely half calculate their expected monthly payment.

Eight survival tips for a successful move (7/18/2014)
One lost bed screw can take hours to find or leave homeowners sleeping on the floor their first night in a new house. A little organization goes a long way.

What kind of technology do baby boomers want? (7/17/2014)
Buyers 50 and older weren’t raised on technology, but high-speed Internet tops their want-to-have list, along with products that help them age in place.

Downside of low U.S. mortgage rates? Less selling (7/14/2014)
Home sales will follow if Realtors can convince current owners that they can afford an upgrade. About 3.6M current owners lose a great mortgage rate if they sell.

RealtyTrac releases first-ever disaster ratings (6/19/2014)
Mother Nature is kind to Fla. The risk of any natural disaster along most of the coastline is only “medium” when it comes to hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Homebuyer turn-ons and turn-offs
Many buyers like open floor plans, updated kitchens and hardwood floors, while odors, dirty bathrooms and overflowing closets are definite turn-offs.

Why do people move? (6/5/2014)
Census Bureau: While the top reason hasn’t changed in years – to live in a new or better home or apartment – more now move for cheaper housing or commute costs.

Fear of rejection keeps homebuyers on sidelines (6/3/2014)
Turned down for a mortgage the first time, many buyers with lower credit scores (below 680) have no desire to try again – a result of tighter U.S. lending standards

Do little fixes boost home sales? (6/2/2014)
A home improvement website tracked projects and found many buyers enter the process with plans to renovate; sellers should focus more on smaller repair projects.

Online mortgage calculator includes hidden fees (6/2/2014)
The calculator allows buyers to estimate the cost of total payouts over time and compare bottom-line mortgage offer costs from three different lenders.

Selling a home? Talk to the children (5/20/2014)
A new Harris Poll study finds more decisions rest on what’s good for the kids – and a higher percentage of Millennials want to stay close to their own parents.

Survey: What would recent homebuyers do differently? (4/30/2014)
Chase asked 807 buyers to reflect on a recent purchase. In hindsight, 56% wish they’d known more about the financial aspects of buying a home.

A top reason buyers aren’t buying? Fear of rejection (4/22/2014)
Survey: 46% of potential buyers think they won’t qualify for a mortgage, so they don’t try; and 43% incorrectly believe it’s harder now than it was a year ago.

Fannie Mae extends 3.5% closing cost incentive (3/28/2014)
Owner-occupant buyers have 20 days after a listing to make an offer. The 3.5% can be used toward closing costs or pay points to lower their mortgage rate. Top 10 markets for first-time buyers (3/27/2014)
Home listing site puts Fla. cities on its list of places with “favorable conditions” for first-timers: Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Orlando and Jacksonville.

6 signs a neighborhood is about to take off (3/21/2014)
If a neighborhood’s value goes up, each home’s value goes up. But it’s not always easy to identify up-and-coming areas in the early stages of their rebound.

What do buyers want in a lender? Simplicity (3/12/2014)
Survey: Two out of three U.S. buyers had a positive mortgage loan experience, but only 56% of Fla. buyers gave the process a similarly positive rating.

Student debt holds buyers back – but it shouldn’t (2/27/2014)
Two out of three college graduates don’t think they qualify for a mortgage, but student debt doesn’t ding credit scores as much as credit cards or auto loans.

5 must-haves of millennial buyers (2/13/2014)
Many must-haves cross generational lines, such as a great kitchen; others, such as signal strength for mobile devices, are important enough to note in listings.

Fannie Mae announces a ‘sale’ on REO homes (2/13/2014)
Buyers who submit an initial offer by March 31 and close by May 31 can get up to 3.5% back for closing costs or to pay points that lower their interest rate.

Men and women fall in love with a home differently (2/11/2014)
Men can have weekly crushes and tend to focus on the garage, while women fall in love less often and tend to swoon over updated appliances and fixtures.

A short-seller hoping to own again? Do this first (2/10/2014)
A buyer should check their credit report early so they have time to correct mistakes. In some cases, lenders have recorded a short sale as a foreclosure.

Divorcing couples present unique sales challenge (2/6/2014)
When a home sale and the end of marriage go hand-in-hand, Realtors must be sensitive and understand the situation’s unique financial and legal complexities.

Target's security problems could impact home sales (2/5/2014)
Retailers' recent data breaches could hurt home sales if buyers find themselves with damaged credit and lower scores. Also: How secure is your agency's data?