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Articles relating to "Buyer services":

Holiday home sales slowdown? Maybe. Maybe not. (11/18/2014)
Sometimes “off-peak” is the best time for sellers. Buyers tend to be serious, and some feel pressure to close before Jan. 1 for tax reasons.

Study: South Florida home affordability worsening (11/17/2014)
A widening gap between home prices and income is to blame, according to, though the high cost of homeowners insurance is also a factor.

What’s at the root of buyer remorse? (11/6/2014)
It’s usually something financial, according to real estate writer Marianne Cusato. Many buyers aren’t prepared for expenses beyond the monthly mortgage.

A multi-level approach for multigenerational buyers (11/6/2014)
While primary wage earners ultimately make the purchase decision, they value everyone’s opinion. They may want accessible features for older adults, for example.

Survey finds optimism about home buying (11/5/2014)
A 3Q consumer survey conducted for Prudential found that 78% of respondents view the housing market favorably and 82% think it’s moving in the right direction.

Top 10 reasons renters keep renting (11/3/2014)
About 50% of renters want to own but think they won’t qualify for a mortgage; another 20% never plan to buy, and marketing efforts probably won’t change them.

What do buyers want? And what do they fear? (10/30/2014)
BMO survey: The average buyer visits 10 homes and spends six months searching, but they worry about future price drops and finding something wrong with the house.

Clients must deal with nosy families and friends (10/27/2014)
Buyers often find themselves in an awkward situation when someone asks what they paid for their home? Here are three ways to deflect the question.

The Bank of Mom-and-Dad helps more first-time buyers (9/22/2014)
Last year, 1 in 4 first-time homebuyers received a cash gift from family or friends for a downpayment – the highest percentage since NAR has tracked the trend.

Homebuyers beware: ‘Nanny cam’ could be listening (9/15/2014)
Are you alone? Parents hide nanny cams in homes to secretly see how a babysitter interacts with children – but they can also record buyers during at a showing.

Survey: Consumer views on home buying (9/15/2014)
More than two-thirds of Americans (68%) think it’s a good time to buy a home – but many won’t try because they think banks will turn down their mortgage request.

7 reasons renters don’t become homeowners (9/10/2014)
Some reasons are pragmatic (not enough money) while others are personal (fear of upkeep). Solve their problems to turn renters into buyers.

It pays to own a home (9/10/2014)
Federal Reserve survey: Homeowners build net worth four times faster than renters. In the past 15 years, the typical owner’s net worth is 31 to 46 times higher.

Hook luxury buyers with concierge-style service (9/9/2014)
Ultra-high buyers’ staff handle life’s details, so they also expect top service from a Realtor – like help with a driver’s license or a dog groomer referral.

Why the upswing in number of single buyers? (9/2/2014)
Single homebuyers made nearly one-third of all 2013 real estate purchases, according to NAR. A survey finds their reasons are the same as those of married buyers.

Home flipping drops below 5% of 2Q sales (8/22/2014)
RealtyTrac: Flipping – a same-home re-sale in less than 12 months – is on the decline and settling into a “historically normal pattern.” But Fla. has exceptions

Virtual home showing almost like being there (8/15/2014)
Video chats like FaceTime or Skype allow an agent to talk to a far-away buyer while walking him through a home – a must-have method to tap foreign investors.

Homes less affordable in 1 out of 3 U.S. counties (8/7/2014)
While home affordability is better than it was during the housing bubble, only some of Middle America’s home prices are keeping pace with local incomes.

Older adult transactions part broker, part therapist (8/7/2014)
Beyond taking care of transaction details, adults moving out of a long-term family home often rely on a Realtor for emotional support for the big transition.

Mortgage closing costs up 6% to $2,539 nationwide (8/5/2014) At $3,046 on a $200K loan, Texas’ closing costs led the nation, as Fla. ranked No. 8 at an average $2,648. Bottom of the list: Nev. at $2,265.

20% of Fla. home shoppers could enter the market soon (7/30/2014)
Survey: While 30% say they’ve had to postpone home-buying plans, another 20% say ongoing market changes may coax them to enter the market sooner.

Many buyers aren’t prepared for mortgage process (7/22/2014)
Survey: While 94% think a home is a good investment, 63% find online information overwhelming and barely half calculate their expected monthly payment.

5 mistakes first-time homebuyers make (7/22/2014)
Many first-time buyers are eager to own a home but unprepared for the usual financial scrutiny. Some hurt their chance at ownership by making unwise decisions.

Eight survival tips for a successful move (7/18/2014)
One lost bed screw can take hours to find or leave homeowners sleeping on the floor their first night in a new house. A little organization goes a long way.

What kind of technology do baby boomers want? (7/17/2014)
Buyers 50 and older weren’t raised on technology, but high-speed Internet tops their want-to-have list, along with products that help them age in place.

RealtyTrac releases first-ever disaster ratings (6/19/2014)
Mother Nature is kind to Fla. The risk of any natural disaster along most of the coastline is only “medium” when it comes to hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Homebuyer turn-ons and turn-offs
Many buyers like open floor plans, updated kitchens and hardwood floors, while odors, dirty bathrooms and overflowing closets are definite turn-offs.

Why do people move? (6/5/2014)
Census Bureau: While the top reason hasn’t changed in years – to live in a new or better home or apartment – more now move for cheaper housing or commute costs.

Fear of rejection keeps homebuyers on sidelines (6/3/2014)
Turned down for a mortgage the first time, many buyers with lower credit scores (below 680) have no desire to try again – a result of tighter U.S. lending standards

Do little fixes boost home sales? (6/2/2014)
A home improvement website tracked projects and found many buyers enter the process with plans to renovate; sellers should focus more on smaller repair projects.

Online mortgage calculator includes hidden fees (6/2/2014)
The calculator allows buyers to estimate the cost of total payouts over time and compare bottom-line mortgage offer costs from three different lenders.