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Articles relating to "Commercial":

Fla. sells state land, nets $40M, will sell more (9/17/2014)
The state is selling non-conservation land that is no longer used. Money from the sale will be used to purchase new, more valuable conservation land.

Terror insurance reauthorization on hold (9/12/2014)
Congress appears to back an extension of terrorism insurance to protect commercial property, but passage isn’t assured, at least before the Nov. elections.

More commercial execs to increase capital spending (9/4/2014)
KPMG survey: Almost two in three (68%) expect to increase capital spending in 2014, up from 60% last year; 44% find quality projects but insufficient returns.

Renters influenced by online property reviews (8/29/2014) survey: Of more than 5,000 apartment seekers, 96% said that online reviews influenced their decision when choosing an apartment.

NAR: Improving economy brightens commercial outlook (8/26/2014)
A strong rebound and more jobs improved the outlook in 2Q 2014. The economy finally appears to be turning a corner to firmer ground, says Chief Economist Yun.

Commercial outlook sunny with a few clouds (8/11/2014)
Real Estate Roundtable Q3 survey: The recovery continues a slow-but-steady upswing but a few potential threats, such as higher interest rates, dot the horizon.

Trends show outlook for multifamily sector bright (8/4/2014)
A lot of Americans, notably young adults, have a pent-up desire to get out on their own, and they view renting as the first major step toward independence.

Retail rents on the rise as vacancies dwindle (7/9/2014)
Vacancies at strip malls fell to 10.3% in 2Q 2014; vacancies at traditional malls held at 7.9%. Rents rose at both types of malls: 0.5% and 0.4% respectively.

Renters feel pinch as landlords raise rents again (7/7/2014)
Reis Inc.: The average monthly apartment rent increased in 2Q 0.8% from the first quarter and 3.4 percent year-over-year – its 18th consecutive increase.

How big is a square foot? Group wants a standard (5/29/2014)
Building owners measure office space square footage, or square meters, differently in some countries, so a group is pushing for an international standard.

Builders happy with demand and profit of apartments (5/29/2014)
NAHB’s 1Q index finds that builders’ perceptions are largely positive – “Market-rate and low-rent units has been pretty stable for quite some time.”

NAR reports improvement in all commercial sectors (5/28/2014)
Despite slow overall economic growth, all sectors of commercial real estate improved in 1Q, but multifamily continues to be the star performer.

Avoid property management mistakes (5/21/2014)
“It doesn’t matter how good you are in property management … there’s always something you can get sued for.” Some risk is the nature of the business.

Realtors say good things about commercial real estate (5/19/2014)
Analysts say a commercial real estate recovery – a lagging indicator – suggests that the broader economy is strengthening as it rebounds from the recession.

Small businesses more optimistic about economy (5/15/2014)
April’s Small Business Optimism Index rose to a post-recession high of 95.2. While it’s not an expansion-level number, it reflects a slow but steady rebound.

NAR commercial report finds optimism (5/7/2014)
Commercial Member Profile: Despite a government shutdown, regulatory changes and a budget sequestration, ongoing job creation has boosted the commercial market.

Commercial real estate: Policy uncertainty hurting full economic recovery (5/5/2014)
Real Estate Roundtable: However, federal policy uncertainty and risks of geopolitical conflicts remain obstacles in the way of full economic recovery.

Website will allow small investments in commercial (5/5/2014)
Crowdfunding – when groups of people pledge small dollar amounts to a project on sites like Kickstarter – is coming to Fla.’s property market.

Fla. issues memo to businesses: Taxes are lower here (4/17/2014)
Enterprise Florida used tax day, April 15, to give out-of-state businesses a list of low-tax reasons they should consider relocating to the Sunshine State.

Key to commercial investors: Infrastructure quality (4/10/2014)
ULI survey: While infrastructure is top deal breaker or maker for 88% of investors, demographic forces (consumer demand, workforce skills, etc.) also ranked high.

Mortgage Bankers: Commercial lending up in 2013 (4/9/2014)
Report: The dollar volume for commercial and multifamily mortgages closed in 2013, $358.5 billion, was 47% higher than in 2012.

Fla. recreational, ranchland transactions down, prices up (4/3/2014)
2014 “Lay of the Land” report: Closed sales for Fla. rec and ranchlands down 50% over the past year, but the year-over-year median price per acre is higher.

4 big predictions for commercial real estate (3/31/2014)
Shopping malls will fade a bit and boomers will boost demand for housing and health care; urban areas will boom, and green building will grow more mainstream.