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Articles relating to "Credit scores":

Many consumers don’t understand credit scores (6/30/2017)
Consumers knew more about credit scores last year than they do now, according to an annual survey. And while more men than women say they understand credit scores, women actually know more about them than men.

Credit scores hit record high (6/5/2017)
In April, the average U.S. credit score hit 700 as more bankruptcies drop off consumers’ reports. It’s the highest level since FICO began tracking data in 2005.

When is a credit score not a credit score? (3/27/2017)
CFPB, the U.S. consumer watchdog, fined Experian – one of the big three credit score agencies – $3M for saying that the scores it sold to consumers were the same ones used by credit agencies when they made lending decisions.

Can U.S. approve more mortgages without more risk? (2/21/2017)
CFPB, the nation’s consumer bureau, hopes to help dependable, credit-iffy people qualify for a mortgage by adding “alternative data” to credit score calculations. Through comments, it hopes to identify potential benefits and unforeseen risks.

Great credit is a powerful tool (11/7/2016)
A good credit scores saves its owner a lot of money: A 760 score compared to 620 would save $65,000 on a $200,000 mortgage and $5,100 on a $30,000 auto loan.