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Articles relating to "Credit scores":

Credit score problems still haunt Americans (5/25/2016)
The first thing buyers should do? Check credit scores. CFPB says that a lot of consumers still complain about mistakes and trouble with getting them corrected.

Free credit scores becoming the norm (5/24/2016)
Many credit cards now give customers access to their FICO score, and Discover says it will start to provide the score to everyone – whether a customer or not.

Late HOA payments may soon affect credit scores (5/10/2016)
Starting in Oct., a buyer’s credit score may drop after a late homeowners’ association payment the same way it drops if mortgage payments arrive late.

Fannie gives ‘transactors’ credit for good behavior (5/2/2016)
Until recently, a credit score didn’t note whether a borrower made minimum credit card payments or more, only whether he paid on time. But that’s changing June 25 when Fannie focuses more on borrower behaviors.

Almost 50% of millennials can’t qualify for a home (4/21/2016)
While 1/3 of young adults want to buy a home within a year, 43% have a subprime credit score, making it unlikely lenders will accept their mortgage application.

Online lenders: ‘We don’t trust FICO scores’ (1/13/2016)
San Francisco-based Social Finance Inc., which offers jumbo mortgages, student loan refinancing and personal loans, no longer uses FICO scores in credit decisions.

Study: Stellar credit scores add up to savings (12/7/2015)
For every 10-point increase in credit scores, borrowers can expect to receive a lower mortgage interest rate, according to a soon-to-be-published study.