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Articles relating to "Economic indicators":

Floridians say they’re better off, iffy about future (7/31/2015)
UF’s sentiment index fell only 1 point in July. A robust upturn in current confidence was offset by worries about personal and U.S. problems in the future.

U.S. consumer confidence declines (7/28/2015)
The index of Americans’ attitudes rose in June, but it dropped to 99.8 in July, possibly due to a less optimistic outlook on jobs and uncertainty about financial markets.

U.S. Consumer Confidence Index surges higher (6/30/2015)
After a moderate improvement in May, Americans’ optimism rose even higher in June – more than economists expected. June’s confidence index broke the 100 mark.

Florida consumer sentiment bounces back in June (6/29/2015)
UF: Floridians’ outlook brightened a bit this month, led largely by a surge in optimism over an expected improvement in their personal finances next year.

Floridians’ confidence slips unexpectedly in May (5/29/2015)
Consumer sentiment dropped for the second month, falling seven points to 87.6. It’s the lowest reading since Dec. for UF’s monthly survey.

U.S. consumer confidence retreats in April (4/28/2015)
The index that measures consumers’ attitudes rebounded in March, but it gave up those gains in April – and a bit more – falling from 101.4 to 95.2.

U.S. consumer confidence rebounds (3/31/2015)
The index broke 100 (101.3) driven mostly by a belief that things will be better six months from now. Attitudes about the current economy dropped a bit.

Floridians’ consumer confidence rises again in Feb. (2/27/2015)
UF’s monthly consumer sentiment index rose by more than a point to 94.7. The main reason: Personal finances are looking a lot better than they did a year ago.

American confidence drops in Feb. (2/24/2015)
Things still look rosy with overall attitudes at pre-recession levels, but the big boost in Jan. confidence numbers took a hit this month with a 7.4-point drop.