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Articles relating to "Fair housing":

HUD vs. city when man claims pony as service animal (2/27/2017)
A city in Washington state faces a fair housing violation because it won’t allow a resident to keep a pony service animal inside city limits.

Prosecutor says many sober homes operate illegally (1/9/2017)
A Palm Beach prosecutor says that sober homes can’t offer gift cards, plane tickets, etc., to attract clients, saying that the “industry standard” is illegal.

Feds update their guidance on ‘sober homes’ (11/15/2016)
Sober homes – group homes that serve recovering addicts – are protected under fair housing laws, but new guidance could give cities a bit more oversight.

Real estate giant stresses LGBT inclusion (11/7/2016)
Better Homes & Gardens calls the LGBT legal landscape “murky,” and the group’s purchasing power substantial – both reasons for agents to emphasize inclusion.

Could a Facebook ad be a fair housing violation? (10/31/2016)
An “Ethnic Affinities ” option allows Facebook ad buyers to target or exclude minorities – but if used in real estate it could also violate the Fair Housing Act.

HUD expands protection for survivors of violence (10/25/2016)
The rule codifies protections across HUD programs to ensure survivors – who are empowered to self-certify – aren’t evicted or denied assistance as an applicant.

Fair Housing: Multifamily units must be accessible (10/24/2016)
HUD is going after a Washington State multifamily building that’s not accessible to the disabled – a U.S. requirement for all apartments built after 1991.

Website accessibility a good idea but tech challenge (10/17/2016)
Disabled individuals should be able to use the Internet easily, but in comments sent to the Department of Justice, NAR said mandating website changes could create a technological problem for brokers.

$2M grant will test for Fla. housing discrimination (10/3/2016)
HUD awarded $234K to Fla. agencies for fair housing initiatives, with over $2M of that going to private groups that carry out investigations and test for discriminatory housing practices.

HUD calls for protection of non-English buyers (9/27/2016)
The new guidance specifically targets mortgage lenders and brokers for compliance. HUD says it became alarmed after reports came in saying some lenders were denying requests to have loan documents translated.