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Articles relating to "Fair housing":

Real estate impact from transgender bathroom issue? (5/23/2016)
Fla. law provides little guidance on transgender bathrooms. For now, agents should understand their local laws, if any, and take common sense steps to avoid trouble, according to experts at NAR’s recent convention.

Ex-criminals and rentals: Expert offers tips (5/18/2016)
HUD recently said that a blanket rule about renting to ex-cons could be a fair housing violation; and experts suggested a few ways to comply with the new rule at NAR’s meetings last week.

City housing rules might be fair housing violation (5/13/2016)
A Boca Raton law regulating private university housing has been challenged in court by a fair housing group that claims it also bans students with children.

Tech changes could lead to fair housing changes (5/6/2016)
Does Airbnb discriminate against black guests? If so, fair housing laws may not help because a “sharing economy” wasn’t addressed in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

HUD fair housing case focuses on finances (5/4/2016)
A New York cooperative doesn’t allow trust fund ownership, but HUD says that discriminates against a disabled buyer and isn’t “reasonable accommodation.”

Some cities keep tabs on sober homes (5/3/2016)
Cities must reasonably accommodate recovering addicts and sometimes allow more unrelated adults in a home than city law allows. But some cities insist that sober home operators apply for a variance via federally required reviews.

Is your website ADA compliant? (4/28/2016)
Brokers, if your website does not yet meet standards for usability under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you may be at risk.

100 million Americans have a criminal record (4/26/2016)
Landlords that once banned ex-convicts must regroup after HUD suggested it could be a fair housing violation. The exact do’s and don’ts aren’t clear, but HUD advice to public housing managers offers some insights.

Cities wrestle with HUD’s ex-convict rental rules (4/25/2016)
Housing authorities walk a fine line. They must provide low-income housing to people who don’t fit into the private rental market while also keeping areas safe.

Fair housing do’s and don’ts (4/11/2016)
There’s no list of forbidden words, but over time –sometimes as the result of a fair housing investigations – a few things have been identified as red flags.

HUD: Final rule on religious liberty protections (4/1/2016)
Religious affiliation won’t be considered in HUD’s provider funding decisions, but there are tighter rules for “explicitly” banned behaviors toward beneficiaries.