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Articles relating to "Florida Legislature":

Fla.’s forced-sale condo rule could change (3/25/2015)
A law intended to speed repairs after a hurricane has been used to force condo owners to sell at a big loss, but the Florida Legislature might offer some relief.

Fla. Senate moves to protect affordable housing (3/19/2015)
A notable win yesterday in Florida Realtors’ efforts to protect the state’s affordable housing trust funds: A Senate committee voted to maintain full funding.

Realtors rock the capital (3/5/2015)
Nearly 1,000 Realtors wearing blue T-shirts with the Realtor logo gathered in Tallahassee’s Capitol Courtyard yesterday to rally for real estate issues.

Horrors highlight need to protect Fla. housing funds (3/3/2015)
An Orlando Sentinel editorial supports full funding for the Florida’s housing trust funds, and cites real-world examples of residents who need housing help.

Sadowski Coalition: Use housing funds for housing (2/27/2015)
A coalition comprised of 30 state groups, including Florida Realtors, released a report yesterday and urged lawmakers to fully fund affordable housing programs.

Amendment 1 plan draws affordable housing concerns (2/19/2015)
If 33% of Fla. doc stamps now fund environmental projects, what happens to affordable housing? It’s under debate, but Realtors believe both deserve full funding.

Florida’s projected 2015 budget surplus nears $1B (12/16/2014)
The higher-than-expected windfall could impact Realtor legislative priorities, such as money for affordable housing or tax cuts that benefit business owners.

Most Florida Realtors PAC candidates elected (11/5/2014)
Of the PAC’s 80 candidates recommended for their commitment to the Fla. real estate industry, 75 were voted into office, with one race still too close to call.