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Articles relating to "Florida Legislature":

New Fla. laws go into effect July 1 (6/28/2017)
7 real estate laws drafted by the Florida Legislature and signed by Gov. Scott go into effect Saturday, including a Florida Realtors priority: estoppel fee caps.

Scott vetoes condo sprinkler bill; cites London fire (6/27/2017)
The bill eased fire sprinkler mandates in Fla. condos and had almost unanimous support in the Legislature. But the London high-rise fire that killed 79 people “illustrates the importance of life safety protections,” the governor said in his veto.

Veto of citrus canker money faces challenge (6/27/2017)
After Fla. cut down citrus trees, homeowners sued over private property rights and won. But Gov. Scott vetoed settlement money OK’d by the Florida Legislature.

Gov. Scott signs renewable energy bill (6/19/2017)
Lawmakers passed a renewable-energy bill (SB 90) supported by Florida Realtors after nearly 73% of voters approved the constitutional amendment last August.

Fla. businesses to see reduced biz rent tax in 2018 (5/25/2017)
Gov. signs HB 7109 that reduces Fla.’s business rent tax. 2017 Pres. Maria Wells says it “puts $61M back in the hands of businesses to grow and hire more people.”

HUD, FEMA announce goals to Realtors in Washington (5/17/2017)
HUD Secretary Carson told Realtors at the Realtors Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo that he plans a new era of homeownership, saying HUD will address FHA restrictions on condo lending. FEMA announced a goal to double flood ins. coverage by 2023.

Okeechobee reservoir bill becomes law (5/10/2017)
Gov. Scott signed SB 10 Tuesday – one of the bills highlighted in Florida Realtors’ end-of-session report as a real estate “win” for the 2017 legislative session.

Legislature passes estoppel certificate fee reform (4/28/2017)
The Florida Legislature passed a top Florida Realtors’ initiative on Friday – a cap on the amount community associations may charge owners for estoppel fee certificates.

Property tax cap heads to 2018 ballot (4/26/2017)
A Florida Realtors’ top legislative priority passed the Florida Legislature: In 2018, voters will have the power to make the 10% non-homestead property permanent.

Florida House pursues property tax cut (4/6/2017)
A newly proposed constitutional amendment would expand the homestead tax exemption by $25K; local gov’ts say it would force budget cuts that hurt local services.

Fla. Legislature: Business rent tax cut advances (4/4/2017)
The Senate – which is taking a different path than the House in considering a cut to the state’s business rent tax – moved a bill forward Monday as it passed out of the Senate Community Affairs Committee with a 5-2 favorable vote.

Great American Realtor Days kicks off (3/27/2017)
Realtors across Florida traveled to Tallahassee today for the first full day of Great American Realtor Days (GARD).

Help Florida Realtors cap HOA estoppel fees (3/10/2017)
For some sellers, the cost of an estoppel certificate can be a big-ticket item at closing. Florida Realtors is working hard to

Florida Legislature 2017: Where do Realtors’ priorities stand? (3/3/2017)
The annual legislative race begins tomorrow, and Realtors will be impacted by a range of bills that will be discussed, debated and voted on over the next 60 days.

Home builder to lead Fla. Constitution Revision Commission (3/2/2017)
Every 20 years, a commission can put constitutional amendment proposals directly on the Fla. ballot, and 2018’s group will have a real estate expert at the helm.

2017 legislative priority: Cut the business rent tax (2/24/2017)
It’s not just about money, Florida Realtors contends, as it encourages lawmakers to reduce Fla.’s 6 percent tax on business property rentals. The tax limits growth, discourages small business advancement and hurts cities when commercial space sits empty.

2017 legislative priority: Time to cap estoppel fees (2/20/2017)
Fla. associations may charge “reasonable” estoppel certificate fees, but some see fees as revenue streams. Florida Realtors wants a fee cap to restore fairness.

Florida Realtors mobilized for 2017 legislative session (2/15/2017)
The Florida Legislature will focus on several critical issues this year, including Fla.’s business rent tax, estoppel fees, AOB ins. rules and property tax caps.

Florida Realtors’ web tool shows impact if property tax cap expires (2/8/2017)
Nearly 700K Floridians would pay higher taxes if an annual 10% property tax increase cap on non-homestead properties – like small businesses and second homes – expires in 2019.