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Articles relating to "Foreclosures":

1.6% of U.S. homes vacant – in Fla., it’s 2.3% (2/11/2016)
RealtyTrac’s latest foreclosure report found 154,179 vacant homes in Fla. – but 74.8% of the homes, while empty, aren’t underwater and have at least some equity.

Mortgage delinquency, foreclosures decline (2/10/2016)
CoreLogic: At the end of 2015, the U.S. foreclosure rate was “back to November 2007 levels” and bank repossessions were at “the lowest level since 2006.”

Distressed sales still a big part of housing market (2/5/2016)
In 2015, 26.4% of Fla. home sales still involved a distressed property – a short sale, REO or foreclosure, according to RealtyTrac. In South Fla., it was 27%.

Wells Fargo tentatively settles FHA lawsuit (2/4/2016)
The $1.2 billion settlement between Wells Fargo and the government would resolve claims of reckless underwriting and fraudulent loan certifications on FHA loans.

Fewer Fla. foreclosure homes ‘seriously underwater’ (1/28/2016)
RealtyTrac year-end report: Only 1 in 5 Fla. foreclosure homes had a mortgage at least 25% higher than current value – a drop from 1 in 4 a year earlier.

Goldman Sachs to pay $5B in mortgage settlement (1/17/2016)
The payment settles federal and state probes of Goldman Sachs’ role in selling toxic mortgages that led to the housing bubble and ensuing financial crisis.

RealtyTrac: Fla. a top foreclosure state in 2015 (1/14/2016)
Fla. held onto a top-tier foreclosure rank in 2015 (No. 2), but the state’s total foreclosure activity declined even as it rose in 24 other states. For metros, Tampa ranked No. 3 nationally.

Will short sellers still get a tax break? (12/16/2015)
As it stands now, a short-selling owner in 2015 must pay taxes on the amount a lender forgave. But a new bill in Congress could change that through next year.

Fannie, Freddie halt foreclosures for the holidays (12/14/2015)
In what has become a yearly holiday tradition, the two mortgage giants announced that no in-foreclosure homeowner would be evicted until at least Jan. 3, 2016.

Banks accelerated Fla. home repossessions in Nov. (12/10/2015)
Fla. ranked No. 1 in total completed foreclosures – twice as many as No. 2 Texas. But scheduled auctions dropped 58% year-to-year as crisis cleanup continues.

New Fla. foreclosure starts increase 13% in Oct. (11/12/2015)
RealtyTrac: The total number of Fla. homes within the foreclosure process rose 8% for Oct. but they fell 23% year-to-year. The state gained 113% more REOs than No. 2 Calif.

Fewer Fla. homeowners seriously underwater in 3Q (10/22/2015)
While the number of owners with a loan-to-value ratio greater than 125% declined almost 5% percentage points year-to-year, Fla. still ranks No. 2 in the U.S.

Fla.’s foreclosures down 17% in 3rd quarter (10/15/2015)
It’s the second highest U.S. rate: Foreclosure starts dropped 28% year-to-year and auctions sank 46% – but the number of bank-owned properties rose by a third.

RealtyTrac: Fla.’s Aug. foreclosure starts drop 40% (9/17/2015)
Fla. isn’t the top foreclosure state anymore: It’s No. 4. While bank repossessions rose 23%, overall foreclosure activity hasn’t been this low since April 2007.

Fannie, Freddie extend their foreclosure deadlines (9/9/2015)
The mortgage giants once gave Fla. lenders 810 days to complete a foreclosure, but it will soon be 930 days. In Oregon, lenders now have an additional 480 days.

Will an uptick in REO and short sales re-emerge? (9/2/2015)
A Clear Capital report says “distressed sales continue to be a critical market indicator,” and global and stock market unease could lead to a REO increase.

Fla. foreclosures up in July after 10-month decline (8/20/2015)
RealtyTrac: The number of Fla. homes entering foreclosure rose 16%, and 8 cities ranked in the top 10 for foreclosure rates, including No. 1 Jacksonville.