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Articles relating to "Foreclosures":

Borrowers lost homes to Ocwen, lawsuits say (4/21/2017)
The CFPB, Fla. and 20 other states are suing Fla.-based Ocwen Financial and halting certain operations for “numerous violations of Federal consumer financial laws.”

Ohio first state to ban plywood on empty homes (4/19/2017)
Nothing says “empty house” more than plywood on windows, and while Fannie Mae already mandates Plexiglas, Ohio became the first U.S. state to make it mandatory.

Foreclosures drop below ‘normal’ pre-recession levels (4/13/2017)
ATTOM 1Q study finds the foreclosure crisis isn’t only over, about half of all U.S. metro areas have fewer at-risk homeowners than they did a decade ago, and “the number of local markets dropping below pre-recession levels continues to grow.”

Homeowners find an equity bright spot (3/14/2017)
CoreLogic: 1M U.S. borrowers regained equity in 2016, and 63% of all homeowners saw their equity increase – but 1 in 10 Fla. borrowers are still underwater.

Fla. no longer poster child for underwater homes (2/9/2017)
ATTOM: Number of seriously underwater U.S. homeowners fell by 1 million last year; in Fla., 14.3% were seriously underwater in 2016, down from 19.8% in 2015.

Tax refunds could save 300K homes in foreclosure (2/7/2017)
Some homeowners – particularly those with FHA or VA loans – miss mortgage payments around the holidays but catch up when their tax refund check arrives.

U.S. foreclosures drop to 9-year low (2/2/2017)
In 2016, 16.2% of single-family and condo sales were distressed, down from 18.8% year-to-year, and third-party investors stepped up their game in 3 Fla. metros.

HAMP out and new foreclosure prevention program in (12/15/2016)
The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) expires this year, but Fannie and Freddie say a new Flex Modification program will take its place.

Struggling homeowners get holiday break (12/13/2016)
Most lenders, along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, say they won’t evict homeowners going through foreclosure during the holiday season.

1 in 4 Fla. owners with mortgage is ‘equity rich’ (11/17/2016)
ATTOM: 23.2% of Fla. homeowners have a loan-to-value ratio 50% or lower, but 16% are still seriously underwater with a loan worth at least 125% of current value.

U.S. foreclosure activity up 27% in Oct. (11/10/2016)
In a surprise turnaround, foreclosures surged month-to-month, though they’re still down year-to-year. While Fla. dropped to No. 6 nationally in Oct., ATTOM economists expect an uptick after a recent Fla. Supreme Court ruling.

Fla. Supreme Court changes foreclosure’s timeline (11/4/2016)
Lenders have five years to foreclose, but the court ruled that the clock resets if a case is dismissed. “Basically, banks are getting a do-over,” says one lawyer.

Distressed home sales hit nine-year low in 3Q (11/3/2016)
ATTOM: Cash sales also logged a nine-year low. But Fla. ranks high in year-over-year median sale price increases, distressed sales and the number of cash buyers.