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Articles relating to "Foreclosures":

Will court ruling bring more foreclosures to market? (12/5/2016)
Some lenders may have held off foreclosures while their waited for a Fla. Supreme Court decision on a foreclosure’s statute of limitations, but it’s not yet clear how many will jumpstart the process after the court ruled in their favor.

1 in 4 Fla. owners with mortgage is ‘equity rich’ (11/17/2016)
ATTOM: 23.2% of Fla. homeowners have a loan-to-value ratio 50% or lower, but 16% are still seriously underwater with a loan worth at least 125% of current value.

U.S. foreclosure activity up 27% in Oct. (11/10/2016)
In a surprise turnaround, foreclosures surged month-to-month, though they’re still down year-to-year. While Fla. dropped to No. 6 nationally in Oct., ATTOM economists expect an uptick after a recent Fla. Supreme Court ruling.

Fla. Supreme Court changes foreclosure’s timeline (11/4/2016)
Lenders have five years to foreclose, but the court ruled that the clock resets if a case is dismissed. “Basically, banks are getting a do-over,” says one lawyer.

Distressed home sales hit nine-year low in 3Q (11/3/2016)
ATTOM: Cash sales also logged a nine-year low. But Fla. ranks high in year-over-year median sale price increases, distressed sales and the number of cash buyers.

ATTOM: The foreclosure crisis is over (10/13/2016)
For the first time in a decade, the time it takes to foreclose on a home is down. Fla. remains a top foreclosure state, but it’s now No. 5 for foreclosure rates.

CoreLogic reports 34K completed foreclosures in July 2016 (9/13/2016)
Completed foreclosures down 16.5% from a year ago; U.S. foreclosure inventory down 29.1%. Fla. still leads the nation in completed foreclosures, at 57K, in July.

CFPB issues foreclosure-prevention guidelines (8/3/2016)
The principles aren’t legally binding; instead, they create guidelines for the industry and lawmakers to follow after the federal foreclosure program (HAMP) ends.

Fla.’s foreclosure rate dropping, state now No. 4 (7/14/2016)
Fla. has long battled Nevada as the top foreclosure state in the U.S., but RealtyTrac’s latest report finds the Sunshine State down to No. 4 and Nevada at No. 5.

Foreclosed homeowners lost out in two ways (7/13/2016)
Beyond losing their home when values tanked around 2007, displaced owners now face higher rental costs while their buyers have since earned a 79% profit.

New FHA rules created to protect at-risk homeowners (7/1/2016)
HUD announced changes to its program that sells severely delinquent FHA mortgages to private investors in order to protect homeowners from “payment shock.”

CFPB: Mortgage servicer tech failures violate rules (6/27/2016)
The nation’s consumer bureau says some mortgage service firms need better technology – that current programs have harmed homeowners and violated CFPB rules.