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Articles relating to "Foreclosures":

Number of homes seriously underwater at two-year low (4/17/2014)
Fla. ranks second (31%) behind Nevada (34%) for high-negative-equity homes. Of those in foreclosure, 59% are seriously underwater, but 26% have some equity.

RealtyTrac: Fla. still No. 1 in foreclosure rates (4/10/2014)
One in every 407 Fla. homes with a mortgage is in some stage of foreclosure, and eight Fla. cities (200,000-plus population) are in the top 10 by metro area.

U.S. foreclosure inventory down 35% year-to-year (4/3/2014)
CoreLogic: Fla. had 118,000 completed foreclosures for the month – 136% more than second-place Mich.; as a percentage, its foreclosure inventory is second to N.J.

Report: Pre-foreclosure inspections fraudulent? (3/27/2014)
Fed agency says Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s mandated home inspections raise “serious quality control issues” and could possibly include fraudulent data.

BofA to spend $9.33 billion in FHFA settlement (3/27/2014)
The money resolves a dispute between the gov’t and Bank of America against claims the bank was less than honest about mortgages it sold to Fannie and Freddie.

Feb. foreclosures up for year, down for month (3/27/2014)
RealtyTrac: Orlando, Tampa, Miami tops for short sales and cash sales; Jacksonville for REOs; Lakeland, Miami for auctions; Cape Coral institutional investors.

CFPB ready to take on ‘zombies’ (3/18/2014)
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: A zombie home – one in which a bank failed to legally follow through on foreclosure – unfairly hurts the owner’s credit score.

CoreLogic: 4M homes achieve positive equity in 2013 (3/6/2014)
In Fla., 28.1% of homes with a mortgage were underwater, with No. 1 Nev. at 30.4%. An additional 3.6% of mortgaged Fla. homes are barely above water.

Fla. had nation’s top foreclosure rate in Jan. (2/13/2014)
RealtyTrac: One in every 346 Fla. homes faced foreclosure – but fewer owners received first notices (down 33% year-to-year) as number of auctions rose 28%.

RealtyTrac: distressed sales 16% of 2013 U.S. sales (1/23/2014)
In Dec., Fla. ranked No. 2 in the number of short sales (14.4% of all transactions) but wasn’t even in the top five for REOs – and 62.5% were all cash.

RealtyTrac: Homes in foreclosure drop 26% in 2013 (1/16/2014)
But Fla. still tops with 25% of all U.S. homes in the foreclosure process, and 3.01% of Fla. mortgaged homes in foreclosure. Average time it takes: 944 days.

RealtyTrac: 34% of Fla. homes ‘deeply underwater’ (1/9/2014)
19% of U.S. owners with a mortgage are ‘deeply underwater.’ Fla. ranks second to Nev., with city-by-city comparison putting Orlando, Tampa and Miami in top 5.

RealtyTrac: All-cash sales hit new high in Nov. (12/20/2013)
Fla. led the nation in Nov.: 62.7% of all sales were cash; nationally, it was 42%. Jacksonville and Cape Coral-Fort Myers hot for institutional investors.

CoreLogic: 791K homes get positive equity in 3Q (12/17/2013)
Fla. No. 2 after Nevada, however, with 28.8% of mortgaged homes still in negative equity. By metros, Orlando (32.3%) and Tampa (30.1%) at top nationally.

Home for the holidays: Eviction moratorium (12/13/2013)
Homeowners being evicted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac won’t be kicked out over the two-week holiday period, along with a few private mortgage holders.

Lenders urged to improve foreclosure efforts (12/12/2013)
Obama administration pushed lenders to use HAMP more effectively to help at-risk homeowners avoid foreclosure, specifically citing CitiMortgage.

It’s (almost) official – foreclosure crisis is over (12/12/2013)
RealtyTrac: The number of Fla. owners entering the foreclosure process dropped 46% year-to-year; national numbers down 32% to lowest level since Dec. 2005.

CoreLogic: 48,000 completed foreclosures in Oct. (12/9/2013)
Fla. retains top status for foreclosures with 115,000 completed year-to-year in Oct. No. 2 Michigan had 50,000. But nationally, it’s down 30% for year.

Foreclosures down – but not for high-end homes (12/4/2013)
RealtyTrac: Foreclosure activity on homes valued at $5 million-plus is up 61% compared to 2012, with South Fla. and Orlando two of the top five metro areas.

Short-sale surge may end as foreclosures gain favor (12/2/2013)
Rising home prices seem to have dampened the number of short sales, according to RealtyTrac, though Fla. less affected – 13.6% were short sales in Oct.

Foreclosure auction sales, bank-owned sales up; short sales decline in Oct. (11/27/2013)
RealtyTrac: Short sales down in part due to rapid home price increases. However, Fla. is No. 2 for states with highest percentage of short sales (13.9%).

Eminent domain battles brew again (11/18/2013)
An eminent domain tactic to take foreclosure homes and sell them back to owners is gaining traction nationwide, even if it creates some major problems.

U.S. Treasury to host short sale seminar/webinar (11/7/2013)
Free two-hour event for agents and brokers takes place in S. Fla. on Nov. 22, but webinar access will allow Realtors throughout Fla. to participate.

CoreLogic: 51,000 completed foreclosures in Sept. (10/31/2013)
U.S. homes facing foreclosure dropped 33% year-to-year, but Fla. in top spot for percent of homes in the process (7.4%) and total completed foreclosures (115K).

J.P. Morgan to pay Fannie, Freddie $5.1B (10/30/2013)
The payout resolves allegations over housing-crisis loans that turned sour, but J.P. Morgan still faces similar claims by the Justice Department and others.