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Articles relating to "International":

4 of 5 top Miami home seekers from South America (12/2/2016)
The top Florida city for international buyers released a profile of demand based on international searches via its own website and through

China now world’s largest cross-border investor (11/28/2016)
China overtook the U.S. and become the largest real estate investor of property outside its own borders – a trend that probably won’t slow anytime soon.

9 global trends that may impact your market (11/8/2016)
Big global shifts, such as U.K.’s Brexit vote, can change demand for U.S. real estate, but it’s often subtler shifts in economies or politics that do it, such as an uptick in Greek immigrants due to high unemployment.

Mobile devices officially overtake computers (11/4/2016)
Most global citizens (51.3%) now access the Internet from phones and pads, though mobile use in the U.S. (42%) has not yet passed that midway point yet.

EB-5 visa program set to expire Sept. 30 (9/22/2016)
Without Congressional approval, the program that grants visas to foreigners who invest at least $500K in an American business that creates 10 jobs will expire.

Want to attract more Chinese buyers? Get WeChat (8/17/2016)
China’s WeChat app isn’t like Facebook Messenger or Apple Messages. The developers of WeChat want the app to oversee every aspect of its users’ lives.

NAR international survey: Sales down a bit this year (7/6/2016)
High prices, a strong dollar and weaker economies made U.S. real estate investment challenging, but the Chinese spent more than the next four countries combined.

‘Brexit’ could boost U.S. real estate – or not (6/27/2016)
Instability may lead more Brits to invest in U.S. real estate, and many already lean toward Fla. property. The long-term Brexit outlook, however, is less clear.

U.S. still favored by Chinese property buyers (11/17/2015)
A weakened Chinese economy hasn’t hurt demand for U.S. homes. Fla. is one of the five favored states, notably Miami and Gainesville, an “up and coming” area.