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Articles relating to "International":

Economic slowdown in China could impact Fla. market (8/25/2015)
China’s recent economic woes could be good news or bad news for Fla. real estate. It could slow int’l sales – or it could make U.S. property more appealing.

Visa program favored by Asians expires Sept. 30 (8/14/2015)
The EB-5 program that allows business investors to stay in the U.S., should be renewed but with more transparency and accountability, says RE Roundtable.

Millionaire migrations: Where do they go? (8/4/2015)
A study of international millionaires’ (net worth over $1M) migration patterns finds the U.S. is one of four countries seeing an influx from six major world areas.

Miami condos seek Chinese buyers (7/6/2015)
South Florida condo developers say South American demand has slipped, so they’re taking their product to China where demand is increasing.

Florida Realtors part of business mission to France (6/24/2015)
Pres. Barbar, CEO Martin joined Gov. Scott, other business leaders to urge investment and “showcase Florida as the No. 1 location for businesses to move to.”

Fla. still top destination for international buyers (6/19/2015)
NAR’s latest int’l buyer profile finds one in five foreign buyers (21%) picks Fla. – but it’s a drop from 31% in 2011 due, in part, to a spike in Chinese buyers.

Going global? Take baby steps to get there (4/30/2015)
It takes time to build an international brand – there are few shortcuts. WAV Group founder offers a checklist of need-to-do items for a global expansion.

Strong U.S. dollar encourages int’l home selling (4/21/2015)
Europeans who own a Fla. home face increasing pressure to sell: If they do so while the U.S. dollar remains strong, they get a bigger return on their investment.

Work visas tougher to snag (3/18/2015)
It’s getting harder for international buyers to enter the U.S. if relying on a work visa; 35% were denied last year, a number that has risen for the past four years.

NAR: Asians top U.S., Canada commercial investors (3/13/2015)
36% of U.S. commercial Realtors report an increase in international investment: 47% from Asia, 22.5% Europe, 21% Latin America and 20% Middle East.

Nonprofits urge Treasury to inspect foreign buyers (3/12/2015)
A coalition of 17 nonprofits wants the Treasury Dept. to make the real estate industry verify foreign buyers’ identities and vet them for money-laundering risk.

Canadian bank to clients: Fla. homes still a bargain (3/9/2015)
A Fla. home purchase has grown a bit more expensive thanks to rising real estate values and exchange rates, but it’s still a Canadian’s bargain, according to BMO.