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Articles relating to "International":

Closing gift for international buyers? Choose wisely (10/5/2015)
In America, a red, white and blue gift suggests patriotism. Other cultures have similar traits, and they can impact not only gifts but also how it’s wrapped.

Devalued yuan pushing Chinese buyers to U.S. homes (9/21/2015)
Chinese investors appear to be buying even more real estate. While the exchange rate makes the investment costlier, they consider U.S. property more stable.

Economic slowdown in China could impact Fla. market (8/25/2015)
China’s recent economic woes could be good news or bad news for Fla. real estate. It could slow int’l sales – or it could make U.S. property more appealing.

Visa program favored by Asians expires Sept. 30 (8/14/2015)
The EB-5 program that allows business investors to stay in the U.S., should be renewed but with more transparency and accountability, says RE Roundtable.

Millionaire migrations: Where do they go? (8/4/2015)
A study of international millionaires’ (net worth over $1M) migration patterns finds the U.S. is one of four countries seeing an influx from six major world areas.

Miami condos seek Chinese buyers (7/6/2015)
South Florida condo developers say South American demand has slipped, so they’re taking their product to China where demand is increasing.

Florida Realtors part of business mission to France (6/24/2015)
Pres. Barbar, CEO Martin joined Gov. Scott, other business leaders to urge investment and “showcase Florida as the No. 1 location for businesses to move to.”

Fla. still top destination for international buyers (6/19/2015)
NAR’s latest int’l buyer profile finds one in five foreign buyers (21%) picks Fla. – but it’s a drop from 31% in 2011 due, in part, to a spike in Chinese buyers.

Going global? Take baby steps to get there (4/30/2015)
It takes time to build an international brand – there are few shortcuts. WAV Group founder offers a checklist of need-to-do items for a global expansion.

Strong U.S. dollar encourages int’l home selling (4/21/2015)
Europeans who own a Fla. home face increasing pressure to sell: If they do so while the U.S. dollar remains strong, they get a bigger return on their investment.