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Articles relating to "International":

International sales challenge: Social networking limits (8/16/2017)
Connecting with Russian buyers via LinkedIn? Not anymore. The social network pulled out because Russia and other countries don’t want data to leave their borders.

Fla. leads nation in foreign residents buying and selling (8/8/2017)
Foreign investors want to buy in Fla., but they also want to sell Fla. property when the income potential is right – and many Canadians think that time is now.

Property hotspots become costly for everyone else (8/3/2017)
A metro real estate market’s supply and demand can be skewed if international buyers are scooping up a lot of property for investment rather than housekeeping.

Bill would allow Canadian snowbirds to stay longer (7/28/2017)
Fla. Rep. Ted Deutch co-sponsored a bill in the U.S. House that, if passed and signed, would allow some Canadian homeowners to spend two more months in the U.S.

Property investors ride the currency carousel (7/26/2017)
For many international investors, it’s not weather, location or market conditions that spark them to invest in U.S. homes as much as the monetary exchange rate.

NAR: Foreign investment surges 49% – hits record high (7/18/2017)
A substantial increase in sales dollar volume from Canadians pushed foreign investment in U.S. real estate to an all-time high, and Fla. was the top draw with 22% of all U.S. transactions. Second-place Texas and Calif. each had 12%.

Globally, the U.S. is a deal in luxury housing (6/12/2017)
Luxury real estate buyers may find bargains in the U.S. compared to the rest of the world. Miami is No. 14 for fastest-rising prices; China has the top 2 cities.

NAR: Commercial foreign investment on the rise (6/6/2017)
What will happen with international commercial investing? NAR’s latest survey of commercial members found an increase in 2016 deals, notably for smaller commercial properties in secondary and tertiary markets, with Fla. the top destination of choice.

NAR: International sales to shape future real estate demand (5/22/2017)
Changing demographics from immigration and a growing interest from foreigners will bolster home sales activity and prices, according to NAR convention speakers.

Will immigration reform impact Fla. real estate? (3/1/2017)
A crackdown on immigration could make the U.S. feel less welcoming to foreign buyers, though most are still more worried about a return on investment than political ripples. Some Fla. agents,

Feds renew ID requirement for South Fla. homebuyers (2/24/2017)
A program to identify high-end homebuyers – a way to stop possible money laundering – was extended for six months rather than nixed by the Trump administration.

U.S. still favored by Chinese property buyers (11/17/2015)
A weakened Chinese economy hasn’t hurt demand for U.S. homes. Fla. is one of the five favored states, notably Miami and Gainesville, an “up and coming” area.