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Articles relating to "International":

Want to attract more Chinese buyers? Get WeChat (8/17/2016)
China’s WeChat app isn’t like Facebook Messenger or Apple Messages. The developers of WeChat want the app to oversee every aspect of its users’ lives.

Still a big foreign appetite for U.S. real estate (8/1/2016)
In spite of negative economic news from China and the U.K., foreigners still seem to crave U.S. real estate, led by an insatiable appetite of Chinese buyers.

NAR international survey: Sales down a bit this year (7/6/2016)
High prices, a strong dollar and weaker economies made U.S. real estate investment challenging, but the Chinese spent more than the next four countries combined.

‘Brexit’ could boost U.S. real estate – or not (6/27/2016)
Instability may lead more Brits to invest in U.S. real estate, and many already lean toward Fla. property. The long-term Brexit outlook, however, is less clear.

Report: Chinese foreign investment up 30% (4/13/2016)
While more money flowed out of China, Fla. received less than other Southern states. Still, Fla.’s share of Chinese investment money tripled in 2015.

Fla. real estate investment part of int’l event (3/30/2016)
Florida Realtors recently joined international leaders to showcase the state at the global property market, conference and networking event in Cannes, France.

Foreign buyers pulling back, Realtors say (3/9/2016)
Home prices in cities favored by international buyers continue to go up, and demand has dropped because some foreign buyers can’t afford to make the investment.

U.S. still favored by Chinese property buyers (11/17/2015)
A weakened Chinese economy hasn’t hurt demand for U.S. homes. Fla. is one of the five favored states, notably Miami and Gainesville, an “up and coming” area.