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Articles relating to "International":

Foreign investors push Fla.’s real estate market to a new peak (11/24/2014)
Commercial real estate in Fla. is heating up, with foreign investors and lenders chasing deals with better values and cap rates from Miami to Orlando.

International viewed as a high-growth sales niche (11/14/2014)
A Realtor is central to any international transaction. He or she must effectively bring together two different cultures, finance systems, etc., to close the deal.

U.S., China agree to visa deal extension (11/11/2014)
Starting tomorrow, it will be easier for Chinese citizens to buy and enjoy Fla. property. A new visa agreement extends current one-year stays up to 10 years.

4 U.S. cities tops for luxury home price increases (11/11/2014)
Miami No. 7 worldwide with luxury home prices up 12.2% year-to-year, according to Knight Frank analysis. Worldwide, luxury prices rose an average 4%.

Common myths of working with international buyers (11/5/2014)
Different languages, cultures and business protocols scare some real estate agents, but strong int’l sales don’t always require a second language or lots of travel.

Miami Realtors focus on foreign buyers (11/4/2014)
Some 300 agents and 70 international guests are in South Florida this week for the annual Miami International Real Estate Congress.

Canadian snowbirds encouraged to buy a Fla. home (10/14/2014)
BMO Bank of Montreal’s “Annual Snowbird” outlook tells Canadians that U.S. home “affordability remains healthy, and prices are expected to increase in Fla.”

Chinese buyers may want a ‘feng shui contingency’ (10/6/2014)
An upswing in Asian buyers may bring a new wrinkle to some transactions, as a few Chinese buyers want to study a home’s “energy flow” before closing.

25% of international investors buy a home in Fla. (9/8/2014)
2014 Profile of Int’l Home Buyers in Fla.: Foreigners spent $7.97B in Fla. Most (82%) pay cash, and the top area isn’t Miami – it’s Central Fla.

Second language skills boost agents (7/22/2014)
About 15% of real estate agents speak a second language: 12.2% speak Spanish and 2.5% speak French. Russian, Mandarin and German are close behind.

More Chinese buyers coming to America (7/14/2014)
NAR finds inflation, rising affluence and a slowing economy increased demand for U.S. real estate. One forecast suggests Chinese buyers may surpass Canadians.

NAR: International homebuyers continue to invest in profitable U.S. market (7/9/2014)
Total international sales from past year estimated at $92.2B, up from a year ago. Florida remains the top destination, with a 23% share of all foreign purchases.

German trade mission expands Florida Realtors’ reach (6/25/2014)
“Florida’s real estate market has recovered,” was the message Florida Realtors President Sherri Meadows shared on a recent trade mission to Germany.

Brazilians make their mark on Florida and beyond (6/12/2014)
Census: More than 325K people of Brazilian ancestry call U.S. home - but count may be higher. Fla. attracts many Brazilians, who often buy properties in cash.