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Articles relating to "Legal":

Yes, your HOA can tell you how to park (4/29/2016)
Real estate Q&A: Condo owners who can’t back into his spot or park a second car in the guest parking area wants to know if HOAs actually have that much power.

Is HOA obligated to pay for property damage? (4/21/2016)
Real estate Q&A: A couple lives in a patio home damaged by nearby trees on homeowners’ association property. Who pays the repair costs?

Short-term rentals? No such thing as easy money (4/14/2016)
Real estate Q&A: A condo owner discovered that his tenant makes extra money by renting out a bedroom occasionally. Does the owner have any rights? Any liabilities?

Seller frustrated by junky home next door (4/8/2016)
Real estate Q&A: The owner of a year-old stale listing is told that his biggest problem comes from the rundown house next door. What are his options?

Starker exchange can save on capital gains taxes (4/6/2016)
Legal Q&A: Can I sell an investment property without paying a lot of capital gains taxes? Yes, but only if you follow the rules – and there are a lot of rules.

Was police dog sniff outside Conn. condo door legal? (4/4/2016)
A Conn. ruling won’t impact Fla., but its Supreme Court is pondering whether the rules for a police search differ between condo and single-family homeowners.

Tampa family’s home sold without their knowledge (2/19/2016)
The couple put $80,000 down on a home in 2013 and kept up with mortgage payments, but one day a foreclosure notice was taped to their front door.

DFS clarifies title insurance ruling (2/11/2016)
Florida Realtors received an update on a ruling this week regarding payment of estoppel certificate fees.

FORM UPDATE: Feb. 15 release date for FIRPTA changes (2/4/2016)
Forms will reflect recent FIRPTA changes on Feb. 15 IRS withholding rules under the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act have changed, including a higher 15% for some properties. Click below to preview the forms (changes are in red): • Florida

Seattle court unseals evidence in Move v. Zillow (1/26/2016)
NAR: The oversight company says departing execs stole confidential info. Zillow denies it. Just-released docs, including texts, depositions and to-do lists, shed some light on the proceedings.

Fla.’s RE referral rules official: Effective Feb. 9 (1/22/2016)
What type of title company referral isn’t allowed? Fla. attempts to answer that question with a set of guidelines that officials approved this week.

Foreign sellers? FIRPTA withholding increases to 15% (1/19/2016)
On Feb. 17, taxes paid by foreign sellers of U.S. property will increase from 10% to 15% in some transactions.

Drone suit considers issues of trespassing, privacy (1/19/2016)
In Kentucky, a homeowner shot down a drone and the drone owner sued. Courts must now consider drone use rights and responsibilities for the first time.

What is a title company referral? Fla. creates rules (1/14/2016)
The Dept. of Financial Services created a roster of banned activities it considers a title company referral, such as listing ads or sponsoring an open house.

Real estate Q&A: When the home doesn’t appraise (1/14/2016)
A buyer with a signed contract found out that his bank won’t loan the full amount needed after an appraisal comes in short. What are his options?

‘Life estate’ sale allows ex-owner to remain in home (1/13/2016)
The Playboy Mansion is for sale but with a “life estate” that allows Huge Hefner to live there until death – a legal move that impacts a home’s selling value.

Fla. man faces up to 5 years for HUD mortgage fraud (1/13/2016)
U.S. Attorney A. Lee Bentley III said that Jason Pond of Spring Hill pleaded guilty to making false statements in a HUD loan application he submitted.

Luxury buyers will lose their anonymity (1/13/2016)
The U.S. will soon demand the names of luxury cash buyers starting in Miami and New York City. Shell companies must specify ownership and “nominees” don’t count.

Realtor association arbitration award affirmed (1/12/2016)
NAR’s arbitration process is legally sound, according to Maine’s superior court – and it’s not easy to change an arbitration decision after the fact.

Sending safety alerts? There’s a legal risk (1/11/2016)
NAR says some associations and brokers that issued alerts were later sued for defamation of character, interference with a sale or violating the Fair Housing Act.

Real estate Q&A: Renter duped in foreclosure scam (11/25/2015)
Scammer pretended to be the owner of a vacant home, now the renter has gotten a letter saying it’s a bank-owned foreclosure and they have to move. What’s next?

With photos, know before you publish (11/16/2015)
Realtors should understand copyright law basics before contacting a photographer as two current court cases focus on the question: “Who owns the photo rights?”

Supreme Court decision could impact FREC, FREAB (11/5/2015)
The decision has state agencies, such as DBPR, questioning how regulatory boards operate when members are also active participants in the profession.

A residential contract rider changing (11/22/2011)
Comprehensive Rider C (Seller Financing) to the Residential Contract For Sale and Purchase changes slightly on Nov. 29.

Florida Realtors adds or updates forms (3/16/2011)
Four are new; three are updated; one is DBPR, and all are now available through Form Simplicity and other vendors.