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Articles relating to "Legal":

Fla. Supreme Court sides with county in property dispute (5/26/2017)
After Hardee County allowed a phosphate mine to operate nearer its rehab-center neighbor, the center sued claiming “unfair impact” under the Bert J. Harris Act.

Antitrust issues can affect business decisions and free speech (5/25/2017)
Two brokers causally discuss how they pay their agents over lunch? Competing businesses decide they should boycott a service provider because they don’t like a new policy? Both could be antitrust violations.

Q&A: What do condo insurance policies cover? (5/25/2017)
Hurricane season starts June 1, and a condo owner wants to know which policy fixes the building? If he can’t live in his unit, does he pay the mortgage during repairs?

Can condo board borrow money without membership OK? (5/23/2017)
Condo Q&A: Also, a board of directors is supposed to have five members, but it’s down to four and no one wants to serve. Must they fill that vacancy?

Court rules that federal flood claims have limitations (5/22/2017)
Federal appeals court: Flood lawsuits against a homeowners’ insurer must be submitted within one year of denial and heard in federal – not state – courts.

Real estate Q&A: Seller has a condo problem (5/11/2017)
A seller lives in a small condo community, and potential buyers have financing problems because Fannie Mae won’t back the loans. Is his condo worth less?

What legal action can be taken when HOA officers violate rules? (5/8/2017)
An owner in an HOA community contends its board members and manager are violating rules and failing to enforce them, hurting his quality of life. What can he do?

Legal Q&A: Can condo assoc. record my every move? (5/4/2017)
A condo owner says his association installed electronic locks with fobs, and it started video recording with security cameras. Must residents accept that?

Court: Miami can sue big banks for predatory lending (5/2/2017)
The U.S. Supreme Court said Miami may sue large U.S. lenders over allegations that their Fair Housing Act violations played a role in the housing meltdown.

Condo Q&A: Losing a golf course view (5/1/2017)
Condo owners paid a premium years ago for a golf course view, but the new owner wants to turn it into multifamily housing. Anything they can do?

City can’t make exception for open house signs (4/5/2017)
According to the Supreme Court, cities can’t create sign rules based on content, so any ban on temporary junk signs must also include “Open House” signs.

Scam alert: Fake Realtor board targets Fla. members (3/6/2017)
The “Florida Board of Realtors” does not exist, but Florida Realtors members have received a “Final Notice” bill from them, saying their licenses are in jeopardy.

Are condo associations required to record meetings? (2/27/2017)
Legal Q&A: If a condo association wants radically different pool furniture, should membership get a vote? In a condo board election, should ballots be secret?

Landlord sues Airbnb in spat over subletting (2/22/2017)
If a lease doesn’t allow tenants to rent out their unit, can Airbnb legally advertise them if a tenant chooses to do so anyway? A large apartment owner says no.

U.S. Consumer watchdog gets a reprieve (2/17/2017)
An Oct. court order restricting the CFPB, which oversees lending and RESPA, has been postponed and could conceivably be cancelled after a federal appeals court agreed to reconsider a previous ruling that found CFPB’s operational structure unconst

Court rules against Zillow for photo copyright use (2/13/2017)
A jury ruled that Zillow Group must pay $8.24M for using copyrighted photos past the date specified in the contract. NAR says the issue could also impact Realtors.

Court trial: Photos, copyrights and contracts (2/8/2017)
Brokers who pay for copyrighted photos should read contract terms, says NAR, because a court will soon determine Zillow’s legal-use rights after a listing expires.

If condos ban smoking, does it include marijuana? (2/6/2017)
Legal Q&A: A condo board bans smoking on its lanai, but do fair housing laws come into play if a resident is prescribed medical marijuana?

Company shuts down 100-plus trademark infringers (1/31/2017)
If you’re not HomeVestors, don’t “buy ugly houses,” says the company that owns the trademark. In 2016, HomeVestors says it filed 24 lawsuits, eradicated 117 trademark infringement ads and removed 283 online social media posts or ads.

NAR, score win against patent troll (12/7/2016)
A company claimed it owns the software that displays listings on a map, but a judge disagreed, safeguarding Realtors from similar lawsuits pending an appeal.

A residential contract rider changing (11/22/2011)
Comprehensive Rider C (Seller Financing) to the Residential Contract For Sale and Purchase changes slightly on Nov. 29.

Florida Realtors adds or updates forms (3/16/2011)
Four are new; three are updated; one is DBPR, and all are now available through Form Simplicity and other vendors.