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Articles relating to "Legal":

Can the condo board change common areas? (9/26/2016)
Legal Q&A: Is it lawful to amend bylaws by a majority vote to allow the board to approve material alterations to common areas that cost $10,000 or less?

Insurance discounts tied to quality of shutters (9/22/2016)
Real estate Q&A: A homeowners’ property insurer company left Fla., and his new insurer wants proof that he has hurricane shutters. What can he do?

Patent troll to stop seeking fees from RE Industry (9/19/2016)
In what NAR calls a major victory, Data Distribution Technologies – a so-called patent troll – agreed not to sue or threaten to sue Realtors, brokerages or MLSs.

City’s mistake costly for homeowner (9/8/2016)
Real estate Q&A: An owner pulled the right permits and got city approval to convert a garage years ago, but code enforcement now says it was illegal and must go.

To refinance or not to refinance? (9/1/2016)
Real estate Q&A: Homeowners are getting offers to refinance their mortgage at a better interest rate to lower their payments – how do they make a decision?

Real estate Q&A: Condos can opt out of costly fire sprinklers (7/29/2016)
Real estate Q&A: State law requires condo associations to retrofit buildings with fire sprinklers, but they can opt out with a majority vote of the membership.

Legal decision: Only Realtors® can be called Realtors (7/26/2016)
A trademarked name such as “Realtor” can lose legal protection if a plaintiff successfully argues that it’s now a generic name – but that didn’t happen in a recent case as NAR successfully defended its trademarked name.

Commercial drone use set to take flight with release of FAA rule (6/22/2016)
Just-released FAA rules create a clearer way for real estate pros to use drones for commercial purposes - “a win for the industry,” says NAR Pres. Tom Salomone.

Unpaid HOA assessment can lead to foreclosure (6/9/2016)
Real estate Q&A: What can happen if several homeowners in an HOA don’t agree with a special assessment and refuse to pay it?

Building laws go into effect July 1 (6/7/2016)
Fla. bills effective July 1 revise some rules in Fla.’s building code, regulate private-residence elevators and authorize officials to create fumigation rules.

Supreme Court sides with owners in wetlands case (6/1/2016)
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tue. that property owners can file a lawsuit against the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers if they disagree with its land-use decisions.

Landlord may be liable for damage but not hotel (5/26/2016)
Real estate Q&A: A water heater broke once and a technician says it needs replaced, but the landlord won’t do it. Does the renter have any protection?

A residential contract rider changing (11/22/2011)
Comprehensive Rider C (Seller Financing) to the Residential Contract For Sale and Purchase changes slightly on Nov. 29.

Florida Realtors adds or updates forms (3/16/2011)
Four are new; three are updated; one is DBPR, and all are now available through Form Simplicity and other vendors.