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Articles relating to "Legal":

Landlord sues Airbnb in spat over subletting (2/22/2017)
If a lease doesn’t allow tenants to rent out their unit, can Airbnb legally advertise them if a tenant chooses to do so anyway? A large apartment owner says no.

U.S. Consumer watchdog gets a reprieve (2/17/2017)
An Oct. court order restricting the CFPB, which oversees lending and RESPA, has been postponed and could conceivably be cancelled after a federal appeals court agreed to reconsider a previous ruling that found CFPB’s operational structure unconst

Does a sleep-over boyfriend require condo board approval? (2/17/2017)
Real estate Q&A: A boyfriend sleeps in a woman’s condo “frequently,” and a board member says she must pay a fee for a tenant approval application. Is that right?

Court rules against Zillow for photo copyright use (2/13/2017)
A jury ruled that Zillow Group must pay $8.24M for using copyrighted photos past the date specified in the contract. NAR says the issue could also impact Realtors.

Why no detailed financial reports at board meetings? (2/13/2017)
Legal Q&A: The BOD provides only cursory financial reports at meetings. Must it do more? And must major expansions be made accessible for the disabled?

Neighbors and roosters: What to do about the noise? (2/10/2017)
Real estate Q&A: A homeowner who lives in suburbia can’t sleep after sunrise anymore. Why is this allowed and what can he do about it?

Court trial: Photos, copyrights and contracts (2/8/2017)
Brokers who pay for copyrighted photos should read contract terms, says NAR, because a court will soon determine Zillow’s legal-use rights after a listing expires.

If condos ban smoking, does it include marijuana? (2/6/2017)
Legal Q&A: A condo board bans smoking on its lanai, but do fair housing laws come into play if a resident is prescribed medical marijuana?

HOA special assessments legal if done correctly (2/3/2017)
Real estate Q&A: Is my association allowed to start making up fees six years after I bought the property? Yes – providing it follows the special assessment rules.

Company shuts down 100-plus trademark infringers (1/31/2017)
If you’re not HomeVestors, don’t “buy ugly houses,” says the company that owns the trademark. In 2016, HomeVestors says it filed 24 lawsuits, eradicated 117 trademark infringement ads and removed 283 online social media posts or ads.

What’s the best way to show condo doc changes? (1/30/2017)
Q&A: Should a condo board post redline versions of changes or release a new version? Also: What to do? The people upstairs were quiet until they got hardwood floors.

Homeowner still has hope for mortgage modification (1/27/2017)
Real estate Q&A: I’m heading toward foreclosure, and the Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP) has ended. Do I have any other options?

NAR, score win against patent troll (12/7/2016)
A company claimed it owns the software that displays listings on a map, but a judge disagreed, safeguarding Realtors from similar lawsuits pending an appeal.

What’s the definition of residential purposes? (11/21/2016)
If a condo association has a clause in its bylaws that says all units shall be used for residential purposes, does renting out a unit qualify?

Supreme Court will consider property rights case (11/8/2016)
If homeowners own two adjacent lots with a home on only one, do they always have a right to sell the empty lot? The court will consider “parcel as a whole” rules.

Can the condo board change common areas? (9/26/2016)
Legal Q&A: Is it lawful to amend bylaws by a majority vote to allow the board to approve material alterations to common areas that cost $10,000 or less?

Patent troll to stop seeking fees from RE Industry (9/19/2016)
In what NAR calls a major victory, Data Distribution Technologies – a so-called patent troll – agreed not to sue or threaten to sue Realtors, brokerages or MLSs.

City’s mistake costly for homeowner (9/8/2016)
Real estate Q&A: An owner pulled the right permits and got city approval to convert a garage years ago, but code enforcement now says it was illegal and must go.

A residential contract rider changing (11/22/2011)
Comprehensive Rider C (Seller Financing) to the Residential Contract For Sale and Purchase changes slightly on Nov. 29.

Florida Realtors adds or updates forms (3/16/2011)
Four are new; three are updated; one is DBPR, and all are now available through Form Simplicity and other vendors.