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Articles relating to "Legal":

Fla. tamed un-friendly condo associations on July 1 (9/21/2017)
Significant law changes codified criminal penalties for directors – particularly ones related to conflicts of interest – and improved transparency.

Condo Q&A: Who bears the cost of records requests? (9/18/2017)
Also: Can I be held responsible for a decision made by my HOA committee? And when a developer turns over a development to owners, should be the books be balanced?

Owner can't sell home until long-lost ex is off the deed (9/15/2017)
Real estate Q&A: It’s better to deal with co-ownership issues before a divorce is final; the first step now is to try to find the ex to settle the issue.

What to do if board pres. makes use of HOA resources (9/7/2017)
Real estate Q&A: All board members have a fiduciary responsibility to the community. Review HOA docs – but board can also remove or replace him.

Full-price offers not enough in hot housing market? (9/5/2017)
Real estate Q&A: We submitted a full-price offer. The listing agent came back and said the seller won’t accept it, but we could try going higher. What’s going on?

Condo Q&A: Must our treasurer also serve on our BOD? (9/5/2017)
Also: Can the board deny our request for a wood fence if our neighbor has one? And for pool repairs, must the board use only licensed engineers?

Fla. franchises gain aesthetic freedom under new law (9/1/2017)
A bill passed during the 2017 Fla. legislative session offers some protection to franchise owners who must display logos, trademarks, colors, etc., in a specific way.

FORM UPDATE: HOA contract rider revised (8/23/2017)
On Sept. 26, Rider B under the Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Residential Contract gets updated with a new section for info about the home’s HOA requirements.

When may Realtors see a buyer’s Closing Disclosure? (7/25/2017)
The CFPB recently loosened rules, and agents now have easier access to the closing disclosure providing certain private information is removed. However now, as before, the lenders decide how to handle it.

Legal Q&A: When are secret ballots allowed? (7/24/2017)
Also: The HOA owns the irrigation system under our driveway but we own the pavers. If the HOA’s system caused our driveway to sink, who has to fix it?

CFPB stops companies from using arbitration clauses (7/11/2017)
Many financial products like credit cards and bank accounts have arbitration clauses that minimize risk for lenders by making it harder for consumers to sue.

Fed court upholds photo copyright charge against Zillow (6/26/2017)
Using photos that you found on the Internet? Don’t. A second court upheld a copyright charge last week against Zillow, though it lowered damages to $4M.

Homeowners want Gov.’s citrus money veto overturned (6/21/2017)
Fla. high court asked to rule if Scott’s veto is constitutional, which cut $37.4M for Broward, Lee County residents’ losses due to citrus-canker disease eradication.

Condo associations: Who is liable for bad decisions? (6/8/2017)
Legal Q&A: Renovations are costing more than what the condo board said –shouldn’t board members pay the difference? Why are owners on the hook?

FREC swaps its two-day meeting agenda (6/2/2017)
The Florida Real Estate Commission continues to meet on the third Tuesday and Wednesday each month, but each day’s agenda switches starting now. Going forward, FREC will mainly focus on new licensure applicants on Tuesdays. On Wednesdays, FREC

Antitrust issues can affect business decisions and free speech (5/25/2017)
Two brokers causally discuss how they pay their agents over lunch? Competing businesses decide they should boycott a service provider because they don’t like a new policy? Both could be antitrust violations.

What legal action can be taken when HOA officers violate rules? (5/8/2017)
An owner in an HOA community contends its board members and manager are violating rules and failing to enforce them, hurting his quality of life. What can he do?

City can’t make exception for open house signs (4/5/2017)
According to the Supreme Court, cities can’t create sign rules based on content, so any ban on temporary junk signs must also include “Open House” signs.

A residential contract rider changing (11/22/2011)
Comprehensive Rider C (Seller Financing) to the Residential Contract For Sale and Purchase changes slightly on Nov. 29.

Florida Realtors adds or updates forms (3/16/2011)
Four are new; three are updated; one is DBPR, and all are now available through Form Simplicity and other vendors.