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Articles relating to "Legal":

Real estate Q&A: Home closing creates confusion (7/25/2014)
A home seller received $7,000 more than expected at closing, and the title company now wants it back. But other closing snafus also worry him.

What if a corp.-owned rental lowers property values? (7/16/2014)
Real estate Q&A: A nearby house has been bought by “one of those large investment funds.” How can we protect our home’s value and neighborhood charm?

CFPB clarifies how same-sex ruling affects lending (7/15/2014)
RESPA and other national finance/lending laws will cover same-sex couples legally married in another state but living in a non-marriage state, such as Fla.

Real estate Q&A: Loan status depends on what deed says (7/10/2014)
The title to property owned by people who aren’t married to each other may be held either “jointly” or “in common” – that can impact the mortgage’s status.

FAA subpoenas real estate firms that use drones (7/2/2014)
Brokers and agents cannot operate drones for listing photos without a commercial license, the FAA says, and it recently took steps to enforce that position.

Real estate Q&A: Refinance to avoid balloon payment (7/1/2014)
A refinance done several years ago requires a balloon payment soon, but the homeowner doesn’t have enough money to pay it. What are her options?

Many renters, landlords don’t understand rental laws (3/11/2014)
Zillow survey: On average, renters (47%) and landlords (50%) were wrong as often as they were right when asked about their rights and responsibilities.

What happens when a condo owner declares bankruptcy? (2/3/2014)
Answer: Bankruptcies can be complicated, but a lien for condominium assessments could be removed in a bankruptcy if an owner is upside down.

A residential contract rider changing (11/22/2011)
Comprehensive Rider C (Seller Financing) to the Residential Contract For Sale and Purchase changes slightly on Nov. 29.

Florida Realtors adds or updates forms (3/16/2011)
Four are new; three are updated; one is DBPR, and all are now available through Form Simplicity and other vendors.