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Articles relating to "Legal":

Real estate Q&A: Condo rules will dictate profit division from sale (4/14/2014)
Real estate Q&A: If a developer buys the building, do owners split any profit equally if the units are the same size – or is it more complicated?

Real estate Q&A: Condo fees still due after a foreclosure (4/7/2014)
Real estate Q&A: If a Chapter 7 bankruptcy clears debts, do I still owe monthly dues on my condo? The short answer: Yes, providing you still own the house.

Judge: Military-owned housing can’t be taxed (4/3/2014)
If the Navy owns only 90% of a building so its military renters can still get a base housing allowance, does it then have to pay property taxes? Judge says no.

Real estate Q&A: Bank blows its own short sale deadline (4/1/2014)
Real estate Q&A: A lender makes many demands when orchestrating a short sale, but what happens when the lender fails to perform as promised? Not much.

Real estate Q&A: Is my home a short sale or a regular sale? (3/20/2014)
Real estate Q&A: What happens if a house was suitable for a short sale but, thanks to rising values, is now worth more than the mortgage amount remaining?

Many renters, landlords don’t understand rental laws (3/11/2014)
Zillow survey: On average, renters (47%) and landlords (50%) were wrong as often as they were right when asked about their rights and responsibilities.

What happens when a condo owner declares bankruptcy? (2/3/2014)
Answer: Bankruptcies can be complicated, but a lien for condominium assessments could be removed in a bankruptcy if an owner is upside down.

New do-not-call rules stop most robocalls (1/24/2014)
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s new rules ban most automatic, non-human phone calls, including ones to established business relationships.

New crime scheme steals a buyer’s home deposit (1/10/2014)
Some criminals have figured out a way to hack Realtors’ email accounts, study sale updates and then redirect the deposit. Fla. has had one confirmed case so far.

Florida Supreme Court issues HOA ruling (12/16/2013)
A housing developer that provided “essential services,” such as roads and sewers, may be responsible for later problems under an “implied warranty of fitness.”

Train for service and the law will be on your side (11/13/2013)
Most agent training focuses on rules and regulations, but clients can feel slighted if agents act differently. Consistent, positive actions are a strong defense.

A residential contract rider changing (11/22/2011)
Comprehensive Rider C (Seller Financing) to the Residential Contract For Sale and Purchase changes slightly on Nov. 29.

Florida Realtors adds or updates forms (3/16/2011)
Four are new; three are updated; one is DBPR, and all are now available through Form Simplicity and other vendors.