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Articles relating to "Legal":

Can HOA ban campaigning or campaign signs? (12/1/2016)
Real estate Q&A: Doesn’t free speech trump an HOA rule that bans soliciting? And don’t yard signs have freedom-of-speech protection?

Better to repaint than HOA face fines, court order (11/29/2016)
Real estate Q&A: An HOA says a garage door is too red after being painted to match a front door that was painted 20 years earlier. Can an HOA do that?

Should an HOA respond to a certified letter? (11/28/2016)
Legal Q&A: Condo law and HOA laws differ. Homeowner associations may have no legal obligation to respond when it could be required for condo associations.

Court blocks federal plan to extend overtime pay to many (11/23/2016)
Overtime changes set to take effect Dec. 1 that could have impacted about 4M workers are now unlikely to be in play before power shifts to a Trump administration.

Condo rip-off: Tenant sues association over high fees (11/22/2016)
A Miami condo assn. is being sued over what attorneys claim are excessive application and move-in fees that violate state law. It may the first of several class-action lawsuits brought against condo assns. over the issue.

What’s the definition of residential purposes? (11/21/2016)
If a condo association has a clause in its bylaws that says all units shall be used for residential purposes, does renting out a unit qualify?

Address website accessibility to avoid lawsuits (11/18/2016)
It takes two tech tools for people with visual, hearing or other disabilities to access website content – one on their end and one on your business’s end.

Fla. agency revises proposed pollution spill rule (11/18/2016)
Early last week, DEP revised a rule on reporting pollution spills, adding that “agents” also had a reporting responsibility. But on Friday, Florida Realtors and others officially challenged DEP’s statutory right to create a rule.

Real estate Q&A: HOA can’t ban firearms in homes (11/17/2016)
In general, an HOA board cannot ban firearms in private homes – but the issue gets a bit murkier for guns in common areas.

Q&A: Can a voluntary HOA become mandatory? (11/11/2016)
The board announces a voluntary HOA is now mandatory – does that mean homeowners are forced to belong and pay dues? Not without the consent of every owner.

Should condo notices be emailed or snail-mailed? (11/9/2016)
Legal Q&A: It’s cheaper to send emails, but it’s not always legal. What are the rules? And who is responsible for replacing a condo’s windows?

Facebook faces lawsuit for housing, employment bias (11/8/2016)
The discrimination suit stems from advertisers’ ability to target ads at precise “ethnic affinities,” in part because “White or Caucasian” isn’t an ethnic option.

Supreme Court will consider property rights case (11/8/2016)
If homeowners own two adjacent lots with a home on only one, do they always have a right to sell the empty lot? The court will consider “parcel as a whole” rules.

Can the condo board change common areas? (9/26/2016)
Legal Q&A: Is it lawful to amend bylaws by a majority vote to allow the board to approve material alterations to common areas that cost $10,000 or less?

Patent troll to stop seeking fees from RE Industry (9/19/2016)
In what NAR calls a major victory, Data Distribution Technologies – a so-called patent troll – agreed not to sue or threaten to sue Realtors, brokerages or MLSs.

City’s mistake costly for homeowner (9/8/2016)
Real estate Q&A: An owner pulled the right permits and got city approval to convert a garage years ago, but code enforcement now says it was illegal and must go.

Real estate Q&A: Condos can opt out of costly fire sprinklers (7/29/2016)
Real estate Q&A: State law requires condo associations to retrofit buildings with fire sprinklers, but they can opt out with a majority vote of the membership.

Legal decision: Only Realtors® can be called Realtors (7/26/2016)
A trademarked name such as “Realtor” can lose legal protection if a plaintiff successfully argues that it’s now a generic name – but that didn’t happen in a recent case as NAR successfully defended its trademarked name.

Commercial drone use set to take flight with release of FAA rule (6/22/2016)
Just-released FAA rules create a clearer way for real estate pros to use drones for commercial purposes - “a win for the industry,” says NAR Pres. Tom Salomone.

Unpaid HOA assessment can lead to foreclosure (6/9/2016)
Real estate Q&A: What can happen if several homeowners in an HOA don’t agree with a special assessment and refuse to pay it?

Building laws go into effect July 1 (6/7/2016)
Fla. bills effective July 1 revise some rules in Fla.’s building code, regulate private-residence elevators and authorize officials to create fumigation rules.

A residential contract rider changing (11/22/2011)
Comprehensive Rider C (Seller Financing) to the Residential Contract For Sale and Purchase changes slightly on Nov. 29.

Florida Realtors adds or updates forms (3/16/2011)
Four are new; three are updated; one is DBPR, and all are now available through Form Simplicity and other vendors.