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Articles relating to "Marketing":

Study: Words in listing ads can boost sales price (4/23/2014)
Buyers may scan hundreds of listings, and the descriptive words used in the first sentences can make the difference between a showing and a quick rejection.

Facebook’s new ‘ping’ a marketing tool? (4/21/2014)
The new tool alerts Facebook users when a friend is nearby. The location tool, to be released soon, takes online networking into the real world.

Go beyond Google Analytics to discover keywords (4/17/2014)
There are ways to determine the best search optimization (SEO) keywords – without paying a third party – if you’re willing to put in some time and effort.

Brands get caught in bitter-tweet traps (4/16/2014)
There is a danger to social networking: Some companies that tweeted or posted content on the fly failed to fully vet it for inappropriate meanings.

Want more business? There’s an app for that (4/15/2014)
It’s not about embracing technology – it’s about using the tools at an agent’s disposal to create a better experience for his or her clients.

Facebook to make the News Feed less ‘spammy’ (4/15/2014)
The social site may become less business friendly. Changes impact users that repost the same link often and posts that entice people to click on “spammy links.”

iPad marketing tools: An all-in-one video solution (4/14/2014)
With the help of a few apps, agents can film and edit high-quality videos – both listings and general advice – and quickly upload them to a website.

Expectations differ about a ‘turnkey’ home (4/11/2014)
Does “turnkey” mean the listing includes furniture and dishes, or simply that it has fresh paint and new carpets? The answer can vary from city to city.

Speak ‘digital’ to attract younger homebuyers (4/9/2014)
First, don’t consider a text message to be less important than a phone call. Next, learn to communicate through photos. Third, don’t rely on answering machines.

Are you popular? Google+ adds page views to profiles (4/8/2014)
How many times has your Google+ content been viewed? A new tool tells you – a viewer count now appears below the follower count near your profile photo.

How to lose friends and not influence people (4/7/2014)
Facebook marketing is a numbers game: The more followers you have, the greater the chance for a referral. Avoid these top reasons users ‘unfriend’ a friend.

RealtyTrac backtracks: No sex offender locators (4/4/2014)
Weeks after its debut, RealtyTrac removed property details about nearby sex offenders and drug labs from its for-sale listings.

What to do when seller cites Zillow’s higher value (3/28/2014)
Even Zillow knows its estimates can be highly inaccurate – that’s why it calls them “Zestimates.” While good for an area, they often fail on a specific property.

New competitive edge for some brokers: charm school (3/26/2014)
If clients have online access to listings and info, what can make a business stand out? Some brokers hire coaches to help agents project a warm, friendly image. tool provides a home listing’s history (3/26/2014)
Agreement with allows to provide supplemental info about a listing, including the cost of prior repairs – info that competitors don’t offer.

Automation can kill social media campaigns (3/12/2014)
A Twitter auto-response that tells the sender he’s “very important to us” can backfire if the sender views it as a way to minimize actual human contact.

To drone or not to drone: Judge says not FAA’s call (3/10/2014)
The fed administration has banned commercial use of unmanned aircraft (drones) in U.S. airspace, but a judge ruled last week that it lacks authority to do so.

Don’t underestimate Craigslist as a source for leads (3/7/2014)
Compared to Facebook and other sources, Craigslist offers a better marketing return on investment – and agents can be a bit more creative writing content.

A listing with ‘curve appeal’ turns off some buyers (3/6/2014)
About 43% of 1,291 people surveyed said they’d be less inclined to tour a home if its online listing contained misspellings or improper grammar.

Online listing service to note nearby sex offenders (3/6/2014)
RealtyTrac says it will make its online search more transparent by including negative housing details, such as nearby hazards, former meth labs, etc.

Wordplay for agents
 in listings (3/5/2014)
A Redfin study of home listings in 51 metro areas found that regionalisms are often used in the descriptions: In Texas, stoves are “cook tops,” for example.

Retaining existing customers cheaper than new ones (3/4/2014)
NAR’s latest Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers finds that 88% of buyers would use the same real estate agent again – but only 12 % actually do.

Why Google+ matters for real estate agents (3/3/2014)
Is Google+ the “most misunderstood social network ever introduced”? An expert says a user’s friends impact search results, so agents can “influence more people.”

Blogging? Create a real estate content calendar (3/3/2014)
A content calendar uses tracking and planning to help real estate writers create content and a release schedule that maximizes their marketing efforts.

LinkedIn: The new blog space for real estate pros? (2/26/2014)
Want to blog about your business rather than your personal life? Active involvement on LinkedIn can build a referral network and your professional contacts.

A legal way to fly drones? Do it yourself (2/25/2014)
It’s illegal to hire a drone operator, but it’s okay to buy your own drone. For a sky-high listing photos and videos, learn to fly one and edit images.

Tactics for overcoming Facebook’s new algorithm (2/24/2014)
In Dec. it became harder to market real estate on Facebook – but there are still ways to increase the odds that a listing will be shared.

Cold calling less effective as a marketing strategy (2/19/2014)
A CDC study found that 2 in 5 U.S. homes had only cellphones – no landlines – at the end of 2012, a percentage that rose to 60% for adults younger than 34.

Do you beat the ‘five-minute rule’ for leads? (2/19/2014)
The chance of connecting with a lead improves substantially if an agent returns a lead’s first phone call within five minutes – a half hour is too long.

Marketing tip: Don’t reuse content – repurpose it (2/18/2014)
Good content for Facebook doesn’t always work for Twitter. But by repurposing ideas and facts, a single story can appear as fresh content on multiple sites.

Getting content in Facebook’s Paper (2/17/2014)
A new reader app, called Paper, promises a different user experience. Agents should focus now on their content and decide whether it would be Paper-worthy.

3 Web design trends for 2014 (2/14/2014)
Website visitors become accustomed to new styles and tools as they surf, making website updates vital to ensure a business appears current and informed.

Like ‘em or not, online agent ratings drive business (2/6/2014)
Reviews are here to stay. And while they can create problems, they can also be effective part of a marketing campaign if used properly.

When should retirees downsize homes? (2/5/2014)
“When to downsize” is the same as “When should I move?” and many experts say earlier is better because it cuts down on expenses and safeguards savings.

Selling is dead – serving is alive (1/31/2014)
Consumers have changed. With shorter attention spans and direct access to real estate info, most balk when confronted with old-school sales techniques.

How to show – and sell – a smart home (1/30/2014)
Some buyers want a smart home to save money or the environment, but others are scared of unknown “green” technology. Agents must talk intelligently to both.

Polar vortex heats up Fla. home searches (1/29/2014)
Trulia study: For every 10-degree temperature drop up North, Fla. home searches rose 4.4%. That makes it an ideal time to connect with out-of-state buyers.

Agents: Give clients your undivided attention (1/28/2014)
It’s normal to excuse yourself to check texts and take calls – everybody does it – but giving clients your undivided attention sends a positive sales message.

New do-not-call rules stop most robocalls (1/24/2014)
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s new rules ban most automatic, non-human phone calls, including ones to established business relationships.

The key to most lost leads: A slow response time (1/23/2014)
A study suggests that brokers could increase revenue simply by returning clients’ calls and emails faster: In a test, 48% of buyer inquiries went unanswered.

Federal ban on drones doesn’t stop photography (1/22/2014)
A loophole? A drone owner may not legally sell aerial real estate photos – but it’s legal to give agents property photos with a fee added on for photo editing.

Virtual curb appeal as important as the real thing (1/22/2014)
The reasoning is the same as it is with actual curb appeal: First impressions count. And while photos can do the job, videos usually do it better.

E-newsletters can be a great marketing tool (1/20/2014)
But not just any newsletter: To succeed as a real estate promotion, newsletters must build trust, look appealing, use a conversational style and go out monthly.

It’s not tough to get good leads from social media (1/15/2014)
It’s who you know, and on social media, it’s how you get to know them. A technique to create quality connections can lead to more sales.

Park here, pay more (1/14/2014)
Suburbanites considering a city move want to know if they can take their car, making condo listings that include parking often command a higher price.

Study: Staging doesn’t influence selling price (1/7/2014)
While a well-staged home may attract more eyes and generate more showings, a study finds that buyers don’t ultimately pay more money for a staged property.

‘Timeless’ website posts can boost visits for years (12/19/2013)
Real estate agents should strive to create website content that remains relevant, drives traffic for years and positions the agent as an expert on the topic.

Will buyers care if a housing market is ‘healthy’? (12/17/2013)
Zillow added a new tool for buyers – a “Market Health Index.” Based on a 1 to 10 scale, a 10 indicates a solid housing market that’s in the top 10% nationally.

Consider this 2014 niche: multigenerational buyers (12/10/2013)
In 2013, NAR found that multigenerational families made up 14% of all buyers – a unique niche often overlooked by many Realtors.

A coming wave of honest real estate ads? (12/9/2013)
Listing descriptions seem to have their own grammar rules with must-use words like “charming” or “cozy.” But that style irks many younger buyers.

Agent uses bizarre but somewhat successful marketing (12/5/2013)
An agent with bus bench ads asks residents to deface them and send in a picture, offering a prize for the best graffiti. Crazy? Maybe. But his name went viral.

Real estate photography 101: Use a good camera (12/4/2013)
Since most house-hunters (92%) comb cyberspace during their search, memorable listing photos have become a crucial ingredient in real estate listings.

Tap into behavioral-based selling (12/3/2013)
Everyone is different – that’s the point of behavior-based selling. Agents can land more clients by identifying personality types and catering to each style.

Avoid vague statements to sell yourself or listings (11/19/2013)
“I provide excellent service” doesn’t carry much weight with potential clients who respond better to hard facts like, “I return all calls within 30 minutes.”

Real estate brokers write letters to find sellers (11/19/2013)
Realtors frustrated by a lack of listings have resurrected an old technique: They write letters and sometimes knock on doors to find homes to sell.

Fake online reviews a growing problem (11/14/2013)
14% of people believe online ads yet 70% trust online reviews, even though one study finds 1 in 7 are lies added by people who want to taint a reputation.

Free Craigslist ads? They’re now more challenging (11/12/2013)
If a homebuyer can’t click a link to view a home, will they cut-and-paste a URL? New policy makes users wonder what’s happening with Craigslist.

Great home marketing also sells the listing agent (11/11/2013)
Have photo-laden listings on multiple sites? They do more than sell homes. Use your portfolio to justify commissions and show your value to potential clients.

Make agent reviews work for you – not against you (11/6/2013)
Agents need to minimize potential harm from unhappy clients and sham online reviews. Top advice: Post everywhere, use video and get lots of reviews.

Change the rules – it can be good for business (11/1/2013)
Try not to focus off the immediate outcome – “I gotta get this listing” – and enjoy the process. Shake up advertising, look for true buyers and stay positive.

The listing battle requires more ammunition today (10/30/2013)
Information is key to securing luxury listings. Winning agents not only learn as much as they can about the property, they also research the sellers.

Use Florida Realtors Residential Price Index to help home sellers (10/16/2012)
Florida Realtors Residential Price Index helps sellers understand local price trends and its impact on current value.