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Articles relating to "Marketing":

5 rookie agent mistakes (6/19/2017)
Agents should be working to gain a client’s trust, but some communication blunders halt that buildup and cause buyers and sellers to seek help elsewhere.

Think twice before handing clients off to an assistant (6/15/2017)
Many agents routinely hand new clients to an assistant or junior agent, but clients usually prefer to talk directly to the agent they hired to help them.

NAR: A Realtor’s answer to Zillow’s ‘Instant Offers’ (5/30/2017)
The “Instant Offers” product appears in only two test markets – one in Florida. It could compete with agents, but it’s not the first website to do so. As a result, NAR compiled a list of things Realtors can say to compete with all-cash-sale offers.

4 ways to improve customer service (5/30/2017)
You want clients to walk away believing that you gave them great service. You start, of course, by actually giving great service, but you need to do more.

Influencers can boost your real estate biz (5/17/2017)
Seek out people with a strong media presence – a journalist, celebrity, popular blogger or marketing professional – and become friends.

5 ways to make your Facebook page beat Facebook’s algorithm (5/15/2017)
Facebook uses complicated math to decide who sees, and does not see, your posts. Fewer and fewer viewers are now offered business page content, for example.

6 ways to up your LinkedIn game (5/10/2017)
LinkedIn isn’t just a “set it and forget it” resume and job posting site. It’s a social media platform for building business relationships.

More social media leads? Change your viewpoint (5/3/2017)
Two years ago, positive attitude quotes worked in social media. Today, however, it’s more about building relationships and standing out from the crowd.

Use the power of gratitude to spark loyalty (4/27/2017)
In marketing efforts, gratitude works – “bragging and selling” not so much, according to the author of “The Power of Asking.”

Facebook Live can increase real estate sales (4/26/2017)
The social platform offers access to 1.57 billion people, and a single Facebook Live home tour can allow lots of buyers to explore and ask questions at one time.

Instagram a hot item on marketers’ to-do lists (4/24/2017)
It’s easy to promote published images or create video ads up to a minute long on Instagram, making it popular with users and rewarding for real estate agents.

Limited response to online ads? It might be you (4/20/2017)
Online marketing campaigns can work, but if ads aren’t getting responses, agents should revisit their strategy and make sure ads focus on the desired results.

Questions to ask when you’re networking (4/13/2017)
If networking’s goal is to build relationships that lead to more business, what’s the best way to do it? A big one: Encourage people to talk while you listen.

The funny side of tight inventory (4/4/2017)’s 2017 ad campaign again features actress Elizabeth Banks in TV spots, social media and more. The quirky TV ads show homebuyers and their “not-yous.” now offers seamless 3-D home tours (3/31/2017)
3-D tour options for viewing properties allow a buyer to virtually walk through a listing or turn around and see a room from any angle.

The future of selling may be home visits on demand (3/31/2017)
What if a buyer in front of a listing could tap an app and within five minutes have a Realtor show him the house? A Fla. Realtor is trying to make that happen.

Is cold calling a marketing tool of yesteryear? (3/30/2017)
So few Realtors cold call customers that it may still work sometimes. But in today’s marketing era of “building relationships,” many people find it offensive.

5 niche real estate website tips for snagging buyers (3/21/2017)
Real estate agents trying to establish themselves in a niche market – or with a certain type of niche buyers and sellers – can’t rely on a cookie-cutter website.

Mobile first marketing: What is it – and why? (3/13/2017)
Marketers once designed websites first, and smartphones and tablets were secondary. But most consumers now get data on-the-go, and that tactic is being reversed.

Why social media is killing your business (3/8/2017)
For many small businesses, social media is both a golden opportunity to attract new business and a time waster that keeps owners from focusing on their core job.

Best social network marketing? People who talk behind your back (3/8/2017)
50% of social network users discuss housing and real estate issues, and the general chatter within their network can influence a buying or selling decision.

Study: Blogging top tool for driving website traffic (2/22/2017)
A HubSpot study found that blogging attracts more eyes to a website, but only at the 5-10 articles per month level. Four won’t do it, and 11+ gets top results.

On Facebook, it’s readers’ quality, not quantity (2/21/2017)
When marketing on Facebook, not all posts will be seen by your friends. Some agents try tactics to change that, but focus on who sees it rather than how many.

Avoid common listing photo mistakes (2/20/2017)
If bright light from a window makes a room look dark, should you shut the curtains? No. It implies that the whole house is dark. And don’t include odd close-ups.

Home selling strategies eerily like online dating (2/15/2017)
How do you present a home in the best possible way without lying? The same way you sell yourself when dating. Rule No. 1: Hide the crazy.

5 signs your website is out of date (1/31/2017)
Tech changes quickly and websites grow old. Savvy clients think a site is from the dark ages if it’s not mobile friendly, slow to load or too complex to navigate.

Study: Most buyers/sellers check online referrals (1/30/2017)
Online reputations matter, according to a recent study that asked buyers how they choose a real estate agent: 45% check at least two sources, and 19% check five.

Improve your online meeting skills (1/24/2017)
Face-to-face often now means screen-to-screen, but there are differences when talking to clients or colleagues online. It takes both practice and patience.

How to quickly find hyperlocal content for Facebook (1/23/2017)
By downloading a few apps and setting up Google Alerts, agents can easily compile enough local content to keep viewers visiting their social media pages.

Sharing on Facebook? You may be doing it wrong (1/20/2017)
Common mistakes: Posting information to your own page instead of commenting on another page, messaging another page or posting to the info source’s home page.

The best referrals come from previous clients (1/18/2017)
Study: Not all referrals are created equal. The most successful ones come from previous clients, but it depends on the new client’s connection to them and level of trust.

Follow-up info homeowners want (1/17/2017)
Survey: Nearly half of owners don’t have a “go-to” real estate agent. Plus, 36% find info from a real estate pro helpful even if they aren’t ready to buy or sell.

5 must-have keywords for website optimization (1/5/2017)
How do clients find your website? A combination of keywords used in online posts can help push websites higher when a potential client does a Google search.

New law might assure the right to post bad reviews (9/21/2016)
It could become difficult to sue clients who write negative reviews. Congress is considering a bill that limits non-disparagement clauses and the right to sue.

Use Florida Realtors Residential Price Index to help home sellers (10/16/2012)
Florida Realtors Residential Price Index helps sellers understand local price trends and its impact on current value.