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Articles relating to "Marketing":

Be Prince (or Princess) Charming to get leads (3/5/2015)
Every new contact could be a future sale, and charming Realtors stand a better chance of success. Charm isn’t your strong suit? It can be learned.

You don’t have to write it all (3/2/2015)
To increase their website’s appeal, some Realtors use guest bloggers, such as attorneys or title insurers – and some even write guest blogs for other websites.

To boost marketing, first understand buyers’ needs (2/26/2015)
A Demand Institute study of buyers identified their top desires in a home, with nearby amenities (39%) topping the list, followed by a good school district (34%).

Survey: Builders need better Realtor training (2/19/2015)
If builders want more sales, they should understand how Realtors work, according to most agents who want selling details rather than construction info.

Drone Q&A for Florida real estate (2/18/2015)
Proposed rules released this week would allow drone use for most listing videos – but details could change before final approval, which could take two more years.

FTC OKs Zillow-Trulia merger (2/16/2015)
Online real estate websites Zillow and Trulia could join forces as soon as next week after federal antitrust regulators approved their merger.

Some closing gifts really aren’t so great (2/16/2015)
As a marketing tool, a good closing gift keeps your name in front of clients. But ironically, the ones that stick aren’t about you – they’re about the relationship.

Lead-generating tactics to boost your business (2/13/2015)
Real estate pros will find it’s more effective to focus on a few strategies at a time, like direct mail marketing, Facebook advertising and strategic calling.

Up your blurb appeal (2/12/2015)
Property descriptions give real estate pros the chance to make an emotional connection with buyers. Use your listings to tell the home’s story.

10 tips for your real estate newsletter (2/9/2015)
Look for great content by using your own blog posts, helpful articles from around the Web and photos that highlight your team or clients, for example.

Luxury agents selling the ‘sizzle’ need HD videos (2/6/2015)
High-end buyers expect high-end marketing, including most of the latest tech gadgets, such as drone photography, 3D imaging and GIS mapping.

Print real estate marketing: Dead or alive? (2/3/2015)
Most Realtors don’t know whether print advertising works well or not. Since most print ads include website URLs, seemingly web-based leads could be misleading.

Want more sales? Get referrals or first interviews (2/2/2015)
According to NAR, 52% of buyers find an agent through a referral or ongoing relationship; but 67% seeking someone new go with the first agent interviewed.

Construct a safe and lucrative builder relationship (1/21/2015)
Real estate licensee-builder partnerships should be based on clear expectations and open communication, especially given concerns about fair compensation.

Builder taps into bridal home registries (1/21/2015)
A custom homebuilder has added a bridal registry option. Engaged couples don’t have to buy one of his homes, but they do need to get a loan through Wells Fargo.

The MLS is accurate – online ad sites are not (1/20/2015)
Realtors should promote MLS listing accuracy, according to a Va. broker who found one ad site had 30% fewer properties in his area; another one had 28% too many.

Study: Facebook still the social networking champ (1/20/2015)
Facebook isn’t growing as fast, but users are more engaged. Twitter’s popularity has declined, however. It now ranks behind LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

How to handle client complaints on Facebook (1/14/2015)
Clients and potential clients judge your responses on social media, and an effective and honest response to one complaint may actually help you land more clients.

Zillow, ListHub to end listings agreement (1/8/2015)
The ListHub data loss will remove “a few hundred thousand listings,” according to Zillow, which says it will now focus directly on brokers and local MLSs.

Writing content? These topics attract attention (1/8/2015)
When writing a story or press release, use local data. While the media rarely runs a release verbatim, it scours them for story ideas and often quotes the author.

Looking for potential sellers? Check the data (1/6/2015)
The MLS, public tax records and Google searches can be tools agents use to compile a list of seniors, engaged couples and other likely home sellers.

Zillow, Trulia merger faces more delays (1/5/2015)
The FTC has again asked for more information about Zillow’s acquisition of Trulia, delaying the planned merger until at least Feb. 15 – but probably later.

More real estate listing services note accessibility (12/19/2014)
Almost one in five Americans has some kind of physical disability. As a result, more MLS listings now include a description of the home’s accessibility features.

Search keywords with the new Facebook tool (12/19/2014)
An update to Facebook’s Graph Search feature allows you to search your posts, photos, articles and videos using a keyword, such as “real estate.”

For leads, old-school tactics top online options (12/17/2014)
Imprev survey: 97% of industry execs say traditional lead generation – open houses, cold calls, etc. – gets better results than online ads and social networking.

Make your clients’ holiday gifts stand out (12/15/2014)
A thoughtful gift means a lot to anyone. Giving clients a bottle of wine, fruit basket or plant from a local business says: “Welcome to the neighborhood.”

Focus on social media over the holidays (12/3/2014)
Home sales may slow a bit in Dec., but more people visit social media sites like Facebook. It’s a good time to build connections that may lead to future sales.

It takes only one ‘wow’ to win a client (12/2/2014)
A good impression counts when competing for listings or buyers. Many go with the person who dazzles them with market insights or feels like a new best friend.

5 easy ways to get noticed online (12/1/2014)
If a buyer or seller looks online for a local Realtor, is your website one of the search results? One position-boosting trick: Get other websites to recommend you.

5 successful social media strategies for real estate agents (11/24/2014)
To make cultivate relationships through social media, focus on local interests: events, area history, new dining spots and ways to connect with local readers.

How do buyers find your listing? (11/14/2014)
New-to-the-market buyers don’t know Zillow from IDX, so they start with Google. Connect with them by adding site-specific metatags to all your listing photos.

Become a better negotiator (11/11/2014)
The number one mistake real estate professionals make? They try to negotiate before building trust, says sales coach Ed Hatch. Move away from confrontation.

Use Instagram ‘teaser’ videos to market listings (11/5/2014)
A 15-second video won’t show an entire listing, but if it highlights a best feature or creates curiosity, it can lead viewers to seek out more info.

Will you make more money if you upgrade your car? (10/29/2014)
Rookie agents may think a luxury car conveys success and lead to more business. But seasoned professionals say the industry is shifting away from that mindset.

An open house is like speed dating clients (10/28/2014)
Your income relies on an ability to quickly form accurate impressions. Is that open house visitor just a nosy neighbor or a potential long-term client?

Not much boom yet in ‘boomerang’ buyers (10/27/2014)
Experian says only a few post-foreclosure or short sale buyers have returned to the market so far – but they represent a huge pool of potential clients.

Staging a home? Give every room a purpose (10/22/2014)
Buyers imagine themselves living in rooms that look inhabited and useful, but staging also subtly suggests other uses, such as a bedroom shown as a home office.

Should you invest in a rental truck for clients? (10/21/2014)
A rental truck does two things: It attracts fence-sitting buyers with the “free moving truck” offer, and it’s a billboard-on-wheels that advertises your business.

Low-luxury buyers interested in a guesthouse (10/20/2014)
At one time, a guesthouse appealed to buyers in $10M-and-up range homes; but today, they’re viewed as a desired upgrade in homes worth half as much.

Nuts, bolts of doing business with Chinese clients (10/20/2014)
While these buyers don’t mind working with non-Chinese Realtors, agents entering the market should study traditional Chinese needs, such as colors and feng shui.

Home-staging firm uses people as props (10/13/2014)
Companies now stage higher-end homes with fake owners. In exchange for bargain rents and upscale living, residents keep the property available and clean 24/7.

NAR wins rights to ‘.realestate’ domain name (10/6/2014)
While NAR has boasted of the “.realtor” domain name for some time, it will also assign “.realestate” soon, giving out website names such as “”

Can homebuyers and sellers find you? (10/2/2014)
Online marketing is competitive, especially if Google lists you on page six; but if someone actually keys in your name, contact info should appear on page one.

Study identifies new trend in buyer behavior (10/1/2014)
ERA study: Buyers tend to go-it-alone in initial shopping phase, but the complexity of a home sale deal leads them to seek a trusted advisor for the buying phase.

Increase press coverage for good, low-cost marketing (9/26/2014)
If a news story includes a Realtor’s quote or byline, it tells readers that a third party, the media, respects his opinion. And that can lead to more referrals.

Nurture future buyers by offering downpayment advice (9/25/2014)
Many potential buyers dream of homeownership but live paycheck-to-paycheck. Recommend a nonprofit counselor and offer advice to create a future client.

Marketing through social networks? Mix it up (9/24/2014)
Content that’s appropriate for Facebook might not work well for Twitter or Instagram. To market effectively, agents must understand the intricacies of each one.

Robocalls banned to almost all U.S. phone numbers (9/17/2014)
It’s illegal for telemarketers, which includes Realtors, to place robocalls to private homes or mobile numbers – even phone numbers not on the do-not-call list.

3 ways to turn homeowners into home sellers (9/16/2014)
Some of today’s homeowners have an incredibly low interest rate that would go up if they bought a new home, so Realtors should give them a reason to relocate.

Realtors get a seat at the drone regulation table (9/16/2014)
The FAA asked NAR to join a group that’s studying drone regulations. NAR will offer insight on the ways Realtors use drones to market listings.

Marketing idea: Sell the joy of ownership (9/11/2014)
If post-recession buyers question the investment value of real estate, sell the psychological draw: A home is an extension of the owner’s personality.

Use Florida Realtors Residential Price Index to help home sellers (10/16/2012)
Florida Realtors Residential Price Index helps sellers understand local price trends and its impact on current value.