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Articles relating to "Marketing":

High luxury market seeks ‘opportunity gateways’ (9/1/2015)
Sotheby’s study: The world has 200K-plus individuals with a net worth over $30M, and they tend to buy a property that helps them safely diversify investments.

Boca Realtor markets a fly-and-buy offer (9/1/2015)
Interested snowbirds pay for their own flight and hotel, but the real estate firm reimburses buyers for those expenses at the closing table.

6 ways to become a YouTube star (8/27/2015)
Video may be key to future online marketing success, but real estate pros should realize it’s not about fancy software. Building a following is the goal.

Messaging apps new must-use for millennials (8/24/2015)
49% of smartphone users ages 18 to 29 use a messaging app thanks to data limits on their phone plans. Texts may cost money but messaging only needs free Wifi.

56% of agents call open houses ‘pointless’ (8/19/2015)
Agents polled in a recent survey either love or hate open houses. While the majority had a negative opinion, 44% of respondents called open houses “powerful.”

Realtors Property Resource (RPR) debuts tablet app (8/12/2015)
Showing a home? The RPR app can instantly display historic photos, school details, and info on the owner, taxes, mortgages, historical data and more.

To boost sales, tell owners what their home is worth (8/7/2015)
Some owners may not realize they can afford to sell their home: 23% thought their property was still underwater at the end of 2014 but only 9% actually were.

Prediction: Real estate marketing will be automated (8/6/2015)
The new Thought Leader Survey of real estate top executives forecasts that marketing automation will be the hottest tech trend for property firms next year.

Some MLS listings include too many photos (8/6/2015)
Some Realtors say there’s a sweet spot for the number of photos an MLS listing should include because the B-grade shots tend to highlight less desirable elements.

More Floridians opting for wireless phone service (8/5/2015)
Report: More Fla. families dropped their landlines in 2014, switching to cellphones or cable-based phones. The change could impact cold-call marketing programs.

Thermal scan apps can help buyers identify problems (8/5/2015)
For about $250, you can attach a smartphone camera that shows thermal differences – a way to help buyers quickly identify a listing’s heat-loss problems.

Become more persuasive (8/4/2015)
Realtors can “win friends and influence people” when negotiating contracts and marketing their brand if they learn the art of persuasion.

Second-home and resort property specialists rule (8/3/2015)
Vacation property sales rose 57% from 2013 to 2014, making it today’s hot market niche. On the flipside, investment home sales have started to slide.

Online marketing must now look good on a smartphone (7/23/2015)
Consumers now spend more than half their online time viewing content on a mobile device rather than a PC, according to data from

Can ‘selfies’ boost real estate marketing campaigns? (7/21/2015)
A casual photo taken with a home in the background can market a listing and, at the same time, make a Realtor appear fun and approachable.

Referrals can also come from non-clients (7/21/2015)
An effective referral-marketing program should target both past clients and non-clients, since strangers can “refer” based only on a known brand and reputation.

Make friends with other Realtors, get more business (7/20/2015)
The real estate businesses’ undercurrent is one of sharing, and fostering a sense of community can net an agent more referrals and increase incomes.

Realtors’ websites no longer a key marketing tool (7/20/2015)
Real estate websites remain important, but not for marketing. Brand promotion is now done primarily through social networking sites, such as Facebook.

Farming techniques that think outside the mailbox (7/16/2015)
An effective marketing campaign makes your name come to mind when someone is ready to buy or sell a home, and a simple mailed postcard may not be enough.

Are scented messages coming to your smartphone? (7/14/2015)
Virtual home tours are pretty sterile affairs without the smell of bread baking inside or the whiff of orange blossoms in a backyard. But that could change.

Using marketing tools to generate more offers
Real estate pros should use the right materials, like online ads and video tours, to generate interest in a listing and sell the home’s value to would-be buyers.

Become the real estate agent of choice (7/7/2015)
Local go-to agents earn success by building a good reputation. If local buyers and sellers think of you as “convenient and reliable,” they’ll make referrals.

3 seller questions that help convert leads (7/6/2015)
Creating leads is easier than converting them to listings, says a real estate trainer. He suggests three questions that can help sellers make a commitment.

Study: Speedy Internet boosts home values (7/3/2015)
University of Colo. and Carnegie Mellon find fiber-optic connections – the fastest high-speed Internet available – adds $5,437 to the price of a $175,000 home.

Smart negotiating: 4 tips to smooth the process (7/3/2015)
If negotiation is an art, mastery includes confidence, authority and professionalism, according to one expert – and listening to the other person’s needs.

When should you wear a suit to an appointment? (7/1/2015)
In sales, it’s not one-size-fits-all. The clothing a Realtor should wear to an appointment depends, at least in part, on the clients he or she plans to meet. empowers buyers to test out neighborhoods (6/30/2015)
A new agreement with Airbnb will help buyers book an overnight stay in any neighborhood they’re considering for a home purchase.

What content should Realtors share on Facebook? (6/26/2015)
PR pro: Share real estate-related content, relevant real estate trends and expert insight, but also offer some personal photos or info about personal interests.

Tips to win more listings and convert more buyers (6/22/2015)
Use the 40/40/20 rule to evaluate the success of your marketing, advertising and branding efforts. For example, knowing your audience equals 40% of your success.

Leverage ‘people data’ to enhance leads (6/18/2015)
Data on leads – job title, employer, age, location, education, etc. – can help you direct marketing to high-probability clients and personalize correspondence.

A little marketing music, maestro (6/16/2015)
Music sparks emotions, and it can make listings more attractive during a showing or open house. However, the music should be appropriate for the home.

4 ways to make networking work (6/11/2015)
You’re in a room full of strangers hoping to get a few leads. What can you do to maximize your chances for success?

MLS listings with ‘green’ features get higher offers (5/27/2015)
However, a recent study finds that agents often overlook a home’s green features when listing it in the MLS.

Tips for nailing an elevator speech (5/26/2015)
You have 60 seconds to explain what you do for a living and include something so enticing that the listener wants to contact you later. What do you say?

Sales calls should build loyalty, not sell homes (5/20/2015)
“I called just to say ‘hello’” is often viewed as a veiled attempt to sell something. When calling clients, offer them something of value with no strings attached. announces website improvements (5/18/2015)
To position itself for the future and further align with members, NAR-owned introduced features that do more to connect Realtors with consumers.

Buyers can search home listings on their TV (5/18/2015)
MoveTube is an interactive property search channel that streams homes and information about listings nationwide.

Open houses are old-school marketing – but they work (5/11/2015)
The founder of Weichert Realtors insists that open houses lead to thousands of yearly home sales for his company because buyers like to touch the merchandise.

Online marketing techniques of successful agencies (5/8/2015)
Successful real estate firms take steps to offer value to clients: they solve problems, offer free guides to the local market and create a stellar brand.

5 tips for better real estate photos (5/7/2015)
Good listing photos can move a homebuyer from online shopping to in-person viewing, so pay attention to details and plan the shots for every room.

News Corp launches luxury real estate website (5/5/2015)
The owner of Move Inc., which oversees NAR’s, unveiled a new real estate ad site focused exclusively on high-end listings worldwide.

Online content: What you say and how you say it (4/29/2015)
Self-written content has the biggest impact. However, it’s fine to use data from an outside article and expand it with some local info and your personal opinion.

Tech shy? Get over it if you work with millennials (4/28/2015)
Technology may offer innovative solutions to old problems, but it’s just business as usual for millennials. Realtors must constantly upgrade to remain relevant.

Agent headshots: 8 do's and don’ts (4/27/2015)
If a photo is worth a thousand words and first impressions count, you need a good picture for business cards and online. It’s part of your personal branding.

Realtors’ rap racks up thousands of views (4/23/2015)
How do you get a listing viewed by thousands of people? Do something different. A Pa. Realtor put home info into a rap song and created a viral video.

Listings that include energy costs sell for more (4/22/2015)
A Chicago study compared homes with similar green energy savings. It found that buyers responded better to ones that included specific cost details.

Agents tinker with the timing of an open house (4/21/2015)
Rather than hosting an open house on Saturday or Sunday, some agents are trying the twilight open house during evening hours – sometimes on a weekday.

Tips to launch an inbound marketing plan (4/20/2015)
Inbound marketing is low-key and non-interruptive. The goal is to attract clients who may want to buy or sell, but still in the “thinking about it” stage.

Apple’s FaceTime a hot tool for international sales (4/16/2015)
Overseas buyers can “see” a property via FaceTime, which also allows Realtors to point out features and answer questions as they walk through the house.

Marketing idea: A suburban real estate ‘safari’ (4/9/2015)
Many adults, notably those getting married or having kids, want to move outside the city. A suburban “safari” can help buyers discover their more rural options.

Marketing tip: Don’t ignore the boomerang buyers (4/8/2015)
RealtyTrac: Ex-owners who lost out due to a short sale or foreclosure could soon re-enter the market, and there are a lot of them in the U.S. – about 7.3 million.

Don’t stereotype the single female buyer (4/8/2015)
To attract unmarried clients, don’t assume that women prefer condos or townhomes, or that they can’t afford higher-priced property. Listen to them first.

Seven homeownership tax-time tips (4/6/2015)
Ownership has its rewards, and some of those come at tax time. Mortgage interest and PMI are deductible, along with other less-known items that may cut taxes.

Add video to your marketing strategies (4/2/2015)
More consumers are looking for videos of listings. A Mashable study found 73% of homeowners were more likely to list with a real estate pro offering video.

Turn your listings into a video game (3/30/2015)
You know those video games where you can move forward, turn corners and open doors? Imagine an online listing video in which buyers can do the same thing.

6 great marketing moves you’ve forgotten (3/26/2015)
The glitter of new technology has expanded marketing efforts – not replaced them. Business cards, brochures, calendars, magnets and mugs still work.

A pivotal age for real estate marketing: 61 years (3/25/2015)
Study: At age 61, on average, adults shake off the burdens of child raising and jobs, and, for the first time, are free to decide where they want to live.

The secrets to selling a second home (3/24/2015)
A vacation home client has different wants and needs than someone who needs shelter. Realtors need to be patient and sell the community as well as the house.

Boost business through Facebook and Google (3/24/2015)
It’s not just getting noticed – it’s also about sealing the deal. One study found that a strong online presence helps “prove” worth when clients compare agents.

Do your emails hang low, do they wobble to and fro? (3/23/2015)
What’s a perfect marketing campaign email? Analysis: It’s best not to put in too much info, and, for top impact, make it 35 lines with no more than three images.

Get leads from your website’s home page (3/19/2015)
Go slow: If the free offer on your home page got a response, respond conversationally – don’t ask to represent them until you form a relationship.

The social media network that businesses hate (3/18/2015)
Business owners have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. It’s great for connecting to clients and prospects but challenging to maintain.

Study: Are bidding wars here to stay? (3/12/2015)
Bidding wars were once an exception: 3-4% of all sales. But a spike to 30% during the recession may have changed some Realtors’ sales tactics over the long term.

The hard-to-find niche: relocating first-time buyers (3/11/2015)
The number of buyers springing from corporate relocations is expected to rise, and real estate agents should be ready to identify and serve this buyer niche.

Be Prince (or Princess) Charming to get leads (3/5/2015)
Every new contact could be a future sale, and charming Realtors stand a better chance of success. Charm isn’t your strong suit? It can be learned.

Use Florida Realtors Residential Price Index to help home sellers (10/16/2012)
Florida Realtors Residential Price Index helps sellers understand local price trends and its impact on current value.