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Articles relating to "Marketing":

Will you make more money if you upgrade your car? (10/29/2014)
Rookie agents may think a luxury car conveys success and lead to more business. But seasoned professionals say the industry is shifting away from that mindset.

An open house is like speed dating clients (10/28/2014)
Your income relies on an ability to quickly form accurate impressions. Is that open house visitor just a nosy neighbor or a potential long-term client?

Not much boom yet in ‘boomerang’ buyers (10/27/2014)
Experian says only a few post-foreclosure or short sale buyers have returned to the market so far – but they represent a huge pool of potential clients.

Convert Internet leads without marketing dollars (10/24/2014)
Internet leads can help dramatically boost transaction volume when handled properly. An important success detail: Online inquiries must receive a quick response.

Staging a home? Give every room a purpose (10/22/2014)
Buyers imagine themselves living in rooms that look inhabited and useful, but staging also subtly suggests other uses, such as a bedroom shown as a home office.

Should you invest in a rental truck for clients? (10/21/2014)
A rental truck does two things: It attracts fence-sitting buyers with the “free moving truck” offer, and it’s a billboard-on-wheels that advertises your business.

Low-luxury buyers interested in a guesthouse (10/20/2014)
At one time, a guesthouse appealed to buyers in $10M-and-up range homes; but today, they’re viewed as a desired upgrade in homes worth half as much.

Nuts, bolts of doing business with Chinese clients (10/20/2014)
While these buyers don’t mind working with non-Chinese Realtors, agents entering the market should study traditional Chinese needs, such as colors and feng shui.

Homeownership rate varies by career choice (10/17/2014)
Marketing real estate to firefighters? It’s a good choice – a greater percentage are homeowners (84%) than some higher-paying jobs, such as lawyers (78%).

Home-staging firm uses people as props (10/13/2014)
Companies now stage higher-end homes with fake owners. In exchange for bargain rents and upscale living, residents keep the property available and clean 24/7.

SEO often overlooked as lead generation tool (10/10/2014)
A website is old-school technology, but if 90% of buyers begin a search online, Realtors should invest time finding a way to make their website a top Google pick.

NAR wins rights to ‘.realestate’ domain name (10/6/2014)
While NAR has boasted of the “.realtor” domain name for some time, it will also assign “.realestate” soon, giving out website names such as “”

Can homebuyers and sellers find you? (10/2/2014)
Online marketing is competitive, especially if Google lists you on page six; but if someone actually keys in your name, contact info should appear on page one.

Study identifies new trend in buyer behavior (10/1/2014)
ERA study: Buyers tend to go-it-alone in initial shopping phase, but the complexity of a home sale deal leads them to seek a trusted advisor for the buying phase.

Increase press coverage for good, low-cost marketing (9/26/2014)
If a news story includes a Realtor’s quote or byline, it tells readers that a third party, the media, respects his opinion. And that can lead to more referrals.

Nurture future buyers by offering downpayment advice (9/25/2014)
Many potential buyers dream of homeownership but live paycheck-to-paycheck. Recommend a nonprofit counselor and offer advice to create a future client.

Marketing through social networks? Mix it up (9/24/2014)
Content that’s appropriate for Facebook might not work well for Twitter or Instagram. To market effectively, agents must understand the intricacies of each one.

Robocalls banned to almost all U.S. phone numbers (9/17/2014)
It’s illegal for telemarketers, which includes Realtors, to place robocalls to private homes or mobile numbers – even phone numbers not on the do-not-call list.

Realtors get a seat at the drone regulation table (9/16/2014)
The FAA asked NAR to join a group that’s studying drone regulations. NAR will offer insight on the ways Realtors use drones to market listings.

3 ways to turn homeowners into home sellers (9/16/2014)
Some of today’s homeowners have an incredibly low interest rate that would go up if they bought a new home, so Realtors should give them a reason to relocate.

Marketing idea: Sell the joy of ownership (9/11/2014)
If post-recession buyers question the investment value of real estate, sell the psychological draw: A home is an extension of the owner’s personality.

Open houses more effective thanks to Internet (9/4/2014)
Potential buyers once saw an “Open House” sign and walked into the listing blind. Today, they’re sometimes pre-sold and almost ready to make an offer.

Move acquires Point2’s listing syndication service (9/4/2014)
Move Inc., oversight company to, will combine Point2 with ListHub to create a single data platform. Point2 does syndication with 112 MLSs in the U.S.

How-to ideas for gathering testimonials (8/28/2014)
As more and more potential clients research agents online, real estate professionals would be wise to gather testimonials from satisfied buyers and sellers.

An iPad can be a Realtor’s best friend (8/26/2014)
An iPad makes many real estate tasks easier. A few minutes spent mastering apps now helps you look professional, impress clients and save time down the road.

Realtors spend more money than ever on marketing (8/25/2014)
At one time, marketing meant a yard sign, an MLS listing and a lockbox. But the Internet has added a new cost layer to total marketing expenses.

Buyers and sellers want to trust you (8/19/2014)
It’s scary to buy or sell a home, and clients seek a Realtor they can trust, often through a referral. However, certain marketing efforts can also build trust.

Real estate listing video do’s and don’ts (8/18/2014)
An effective listing video excites the viewer. It’s not enough to show the curb view and all the rooms. A viewer should walk away with an emotional attachment.

Use video to introduce your community (8/13/2014)
Before bidding on a home, buyers choose a community. To help them take the first step, create a professional-quality video that creates an emotional attachment.

Emerging technologies offer a marketing edge (8/6/2014)
A new tech tool, such as virtual staging for a listing, can make a Realtor’s job easier, but it can also be a marketing advantage if not offered by competitors.

Zillow agrees to acquire Trulia (7/28/2014)
The $3.5 billion stock deal announced this morning would combine the two largest online real estate ad listing companies. It’s expected to close in 2015.

Secret to social network success? Take it seriously (7/14/2014)
Like any marketing task, getting leads through social network sites takes experience, time and money.

7 things home buyers love but sellers don’t list (7/9/2014)
Many move-up sellers think their current home is too small, so they downplay size in the listing. But to a renter moving up, that “too small” home could be huge.

Questions you should never ask (6/30/2014)
Realtor selection is a big deal to buyers and sellers. Even simple questions like “How did you hear about me?” suggest a hint of professional insecurity.

Keep a brand cohesive across all social media (6/23/2014)
When marketing through more than one social media platform, a single, easily recognized brand builds familiarity and trust among clients.

The best defense against bad reviews? More reviews (6/23/2014)
Maybe a client is unpleasant or an uncontrollable detail goes wrong, and a negative review appears online. But satisfied client reviews can offset negative ones.

Do children’s backyard play areas turn off buyers? (6/19/2014)
If a swing set makes a back yard look cluttered, it could bother buyers, notably those without children. But upscale playgrounds might also be a selling point.

International buyers bolster Fla.’s housing market (6/19/2014)
Fla. TaxWatch: The state will see 60K homes sold to foreigners by 2016, with 90% of buyers coming from Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe.

One day you’ll get a negative online review (6/17/2014)
If potential clients only see one bad review when shopping for a Realtor, it hurts your business. But there are ways to manage online reviews and minimize damage.

6 easy video techniques using a smartphone (6/11/2014)
Video, a powerful and effective marketing tool, needn’t be complicated. Photo slideshows and virtual home walk-throughs can all be created using a smartphone.

Create profitable ads in 6 shockingly simple steps (6/10/2014)
Grab attention quickly and give people a reason to read your ad. The headline, for example, should immediately offer a solution to their problem.

A bid deadline in listings? It might help – or not (6/4/2014)
A private study found that 58% of listings that included a bid deadline sold for more than asking price, and many sold quicker. But the strategy involves some risk.

7 social media mistakes agents often make (6/3/2014)
Potential clients should enjoy you on social media. If one or two irritating behaviors rub them the wrong way, a social media campaign does more harm than good.

How to take the perfect Realtor headshot (5/22/2014)
First, “smile with your eyes.” A professional headshot done right tells clients that you’re a pro, but avoid poses and props that send the wrong message.

How do you make paid real estate ads pay off (5/21/2014)
Agents have a split second to capture a prospect’s attention through online ads, making successful ones unconventional and provocative, yet ethical and honest.

Agents spend marketing dollars in the wrong places (5/20/2014)
Where does $1 spent on marketing yield the highest return? NAR says many agents don’t know. What is a top marketing tool? The simple low-tech yard sign. ad campaign focuses on listing accuracy (5/16/2014)
The NAR-owned site’s ads, “Accuracy Matters,” explain to buyers the importance of up-to-date information – and then note that only offers it.

Agents: Are you fishing where the fish are? (5/12/2014)
Facebook has lots of potential clients and agents hoping to attract them. Thanks to new rules that make marketing more difficult, paid ads may be the way to go.

This one simple trick will double your listings (5/12/2014)
It sounds like a cheap online ad, but one real estate expert says it’s not: Simply return all phone calls within five minutes to double your business.

Correct grammar may help sell homes faster (5/9/2014)
Just as a clean home suggests that the owner maintained the house, good grammar in a listing suggests that a Realtor cares about details and can be trusted.

5 tips and tools to manage real estate content (5/8/2014)
The short advice: Outline content topics upfront and distribute articles efficiently. A little organization eases the stress of a weekly or monthly column. says new strategy lands it No. 2 spot (5/8/2014)
According Move Inc., the website operator of NAR-owned, a shift of focus to mobile applications increased its number of users in March 2014.

New agent tips for landing listings (5/6/2014)
Even new agents have a contact database to use as a jumping off point, and marketing involves many of the basics: cold calling, conversation and building trust.

Do-not-call list could soon include text messages (5/5/2014)
The same Fla. rules that apply to calling residents at home will be extended to text messages if Gov. Scott signs a bill passed by the Fla. Legislature.

Use Florida Realtors Residential Price Index to help home sellers (10/16/2012)
Florida Realtors Residential Price Index helps sellers understand local price trends and its impact on current value.