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Articles relating to "Marketing":

Tips for using real estate video marketing (3/24/2017)
Video is an effective marketing tool but real estate pros must integrate it into their plans, choosing the right platform and tailoring content to their audience.

5 niche real estate website tips for snagging buyers (3/21/2017)
Real estate agents trying to establish themselves in a niche market – or with a certain type of niche buyers and sellers – can’t rely on a cookie-cutter website.

Mobile first marketing: What is it – and why? (3/13/2017)
Marketers once designed websites first, and smartphones and tablets were secondary. But most consumers now get data on-the-go, and that tactic is being reversed.

Best social network marketing? People who talk behind your back (3/8/2017)
50% of social network users discuss housing and real estate issues, and the general chatter within their network can influence a buying or selling decision.

Why social media is killing your business (3/8/2017)
For many small businesses, social media is both a golden opportunity to attract new business and a time waster that keeps owners from focusing on their core job.

Prepare to answer these four listing presentation questions (3/3/2017)
A question-and-answer period follows every listing presentation, and an agent who nails the presentation but fails the Q&A could well lose the listing.

Study: Blogging top tool for driving website traffic (2/22/2017)
A HubSpot study found that blogging attracts more eyes to a website, but only at the 5-10 articles per month level. Four won’t do it, and 11+ gets top results.

On Facebook, it’s readers’ quality, not quantity (2/21/2017)
When marketing on Facebook, not all posts will be seen by your friends. Some agents try tactics to change that, but focus on who sees it rather than how many.

Avoid common listing photo mistakes (2/20/2017)
If bright light from a window makes a room look dark, should you shut the curtains? No. It implies that the whole house is dark. And don’t include odd close-ups.

Home selling strategies eerily like online dating (2/15/2017)
How do you present a home in the best possible way without lying? The same way you sell yourself when dating. Rule No. 1: Hide the crazy.

5 signs your website is out of date (1/31/2017)
Tech changes quickly and websites grow old. Savvy clients think a site is from the dark ages if it’s not mobile friendly, slow to load or too complex to navigate.

Study: Most buyers/sellers check online referrals (1/30/2017)
Online reputations matter, according to a recent study that asked buyers how they choose a real estate agent: 45% check at least two sources, and 19% check five.

Improve your online meeting skills (1/24/2017)
Face-to-face often now means screen-to-screen, but there are differences when talking to clients or colleagues online. It takes both practice and patience.

How to quickly find hyperlocal content for Facebook (1/23/2017)
By downloading a few apps and setting up Google Alerts, agents can easily compile enough local content to keep viewers visiting their social media pages.

Sharing on Facebook? You may be doing it wrong (1/20/2017)
Common mistakes: Posting information to your own page instead of commenting on another page, messaging another page or posting to the info source’s home page.

The best referrals come from previous clients (1/18/2017)
Study: Not all referrals are created equal. The most successful ones come from previous clients, but it depends on the new client’s connection to them and level of trust.

Follow-up info homeowners want (1/17/2017)
Survey: Nearly half of owners don’t have a “go-to” real estate agent. Plus, 36% find info from a real estate pro helpful even if they aren’t ready to buy or sell.

5 must-have keywords for website optimization (1/5/2017)
How do clients find your website? A combination of keywords used in online posts can help push websites higher when a potential client does a Google search.

Facebook says it got more ad metrics wrong (12/13/2016)
Agents who use Facebook advertising may not get accurate data on the number of people reached. Facebook says the errant counts, off by up to 10%, will be fixed.

What if someone asks to ‘pick your brain’? (12/7/2016)
The CEO of Renters Warehouse recommends ways to offer helpful tips without turning advice into a free consultation for people who are unlikely to become clients.

Kitchen features buyers will pay more for (12/6/2016)
Of the homes listed for sale on, 69% highlight the kitchen as a selling point. Features that add value include custom cabinetry or a large pantry.

How to write a reply for any online review (12/6/2016)
It’s important to respond to all online reviews, both good and bad. A good response to a bad review demonstrates your humanity, authenticity and professionalism.

Modern vs. contemporary: Which is it? (12/2/2016)
Should you call your new listing modern or contemporary? While used interchangeably, they’re not really the same thing because “contemporary” keeps changing. to debut new listing display, dashboard (11/16/2016)
In a bid to build its momentum in the online ad listing space, announced a revamped listing display and new business-management tools.

Photographers see real estate as a new niche (11/15/2016)
For some professional photographers, a wedding niche pays the bills – but some think real estate may soon do the same as demand grows for high-quality images.

How to make others trust you (11/9/2016)
Clients need to trust their Realtor, but it’s hard to convey trust online. However, a few tips can help, such as posting online testimonials or “trust badges.” expands ad listings globally (11/4/2016) announced the addition of U.S. listings to, giving users access to more than 4.5 million listings from 70 countries.

Which websites have the fairest agent-rating system? (11/1/2016)
The Pa. Association of Realtors looked at nine websites that rate real estate agents, and found nine different rating systems with varying degrees of accuracy.

Broker doubles down on video marketing (10/31/2016)
A Calif. broker not only created artistic videos to introduce agents online, he also turned the videos’ unveiling into a movie-debut marketing event.

Survey: Realtors spent 6% less on ads this year (10/27/2016)
When it comes to advertising, real estate pros spend lots of money – an estimated $25.9B this year alone, according to the 2016 Real Estate Advertising Update.

Get more referrals through customer feedback surveys (10/24/2016)
There’s no downside to asking clients about their sales experience. It helps Realtors improve, but it’s also a great way to get referrals from satisfied clients.

Don’t create an annoying newsletter (10/17/2016)
Newsletters can be annoying, and only a few are actually relevant. As a result, Realtor’s newsletters must rise about the din. Consider the following tips.

‘Celebritize’ your brand to make it stand out (10/14/2016)
You’re a celebrity if you look like one. A PR expert advises clients to market themselves as if they’re famous: Display passion and act like the local authority.

Clients: ‘Getting to yes’ often means ‘avoiding no’ (9/30/2016)
People instinctively turn you down when you offer them your service. Work in these phrases when communicating with prospects to get them to “yes” faster.

New law might assure the right to post bad reviews (9/21/2016)
It could become difficult to sue clients who write negative reviews. Congress is considering a bill that limits non-disparagement clauses and the right to sue.

Use Florida Realtors Residential Price Index to help home sellers (10/16/2012)
Florida Realtors Residential Price Index helps sellers understand local price trends and its impact on current value.