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Do you make a good first impression? Google it (7/26/2016)
Do you excite potential buyers or sellers? In high-tech times, a “first impression” now means “what people read first when they Google your name.”

A better way to self-promote? Don’t be selfish (7/21/2016)
You want to promote your professional skills to potential clients and convince them to work with you, but it takes some finesse to avoid sounding arrogant.

Don’t just analyze the house – research the sellers (7/20/2016)
What are these sellers/buyers like? More importantly, how can I get them to like and hire me? Before that first meeting, a little research can give you an edge.

DOT and FAA finalize drone rules (7/19/2016)
The rule, which takes effect in late August, says a drone operator must be at least 16 and keep an unmanned aircraft within visual line of sight. It also specifies height and speed restrictions and other operational limits.

Pokémon GO for real estate – must or bust? (7/18/2016)
The new gaming app could be a way for real estate pros to connect with millennial buyers nostalgic for the original Pokémon game from the 1990s.

Marketing: Wring new value from old content (7/13/2016)
Original writing is either expensive or time consuming, but a lot of old content can be dusted off and repurposed into seemingly fresh posts.

You’re judged by the photos you take (7/11/2016)
Good photos don’t just show off homes, they also land clients. Buyers will judge a Realtor by the pictures and the quality of the photography.

Facebook to focus News Feed on friends, family (6/30/2016)
Realtors who market through Facebook may find the task more challenging. The new system will feature more baby or cat photos and less business page content.

If all else fails, wear a panda suit (6/20/2016)
Wanting to attract more viewers to her listing, one real estate pro decided to wear a panda costume and take photos in the home in it for the listing ads.

Why go anywhere? Fla. cities top ‘staycation’ list (6/16/2016)
If you live in Orlando, the nation’s top theme park destination, why leave? Fla. has four cities in the top 10 for owners who take vacations without leaving home.

With marketing, ‘old school’ is now ‘new school’ (6/9/2016)
Thanks to websites, emails and social networks, Americans overdose on information, making face-to-face meetings one of the most effective lead generation tools.

How to dazzle on the MLS with drone photography (6/8/2016)
Buyers don’t care about aerial photos unless they highlight a listing’s great features, which sometimes requires a bit of staging and time-of-day considerations.

Break into the luxury market? Here’s how (6/7/2016)
“Luxury home buyers aren’t like other buyers,” says author Jim Remley. “You don’t find them in the same markets or sell to them the same way you do other buyers.”’s new ads: You can ‘Bank’ on it (6/1/2016), which achieved marketing success with its “Own Home” TV commercials starring Elizabeth Banks, introduced two new TV spots this week.

3 ways to grow an online audience (5/23/2016)
If a single Facebook user sees up to 1,500 pieces of content per day, how can a Realtor post stand out? Build an audience by using methods that attract more eyes.

Real estate panel identifies growing niche markets (5/16/2016)
Who are tomorrow’s clients? A panel at NAR’s recent meetings identified three up-and-coming market niches and said that all buyers and sellers want an agent “they feel comfortable with.”

4 staging mistakes real estate agents make (5/16/2016)
Experience, skills and resources are more important than the cost of a home stager’s services. If spending money on staging, don’t make one of these mistakes.

Create advocates to sell your real estate services (5/12/2016)
Your advocates say things like “Oh, I know a great Realtor” when someone says they’re in the market – but it takes time, commitment and great service to create them.

Younger brokers look at ‘branding’ differently (5/4/2016)
For millennials, “branding” almost exclusively refers to the online persona they create, while older brokers usually consider logos, websites and ads first.

Digital marketing: Turning leads funnel upside down (4/27/2016)
The ability to target a specific audience with a personalized message equips marketers with an effective and proven approach to pinpoint marketing, says expert.

Survey: Real estate is the best investment (4/25/2016)
When asked the best place to put money in hopes of future returns, 35% of Americans surveyed said real estate. Only 22% said stocks or mutual funds while 17% said gold.

The dos and don’ts of retouching real estate photos (4/21/2016)
Buyers expect captivating photography in listings, but the use of Photoshop and other editing apps has some Realtors wondering: “How much is too much?”

Marketing insights: Why do Americans buy homes? (4/20/2016)
For many buyers, a home is an emotional draw before it’s a financial decision, and the top trigger for 52% of them isn’t new: They want a place to call their own.

Convert more buyer leads with your smartphone (4/18/2016)
The first recommendation is a big one: Answer calls right away. Many buyers have a Realtor A and B in mind, and if A doesn’t answer immediately, they move on.

Is Facebook losing its mojo? (4/12/2016)
The social media site started out as a place for friends to boast, kvetch and converse. But a study finds “original sharing” down as businesses take over content.

Make real estate listings pop (4/7/2016)
Agents often hire photographers and videographers – why wouldn’t they also hire a professional writer to stress “brands,” such as architects or appliances.

Tech can help agents – but start with basics (4/6/2016)
Technology can help real estate pros become more organized and productive, but it won’t automatically make struggling real estate businesses successful.

Are Facebook ads a good idea? (4/4/2016)
The short answer: Yes. Facebook ads generally cost less than other types, and the platform can help agents build personal relationships with potential clients.

A big market niche: City dwellers moving to suburbs (3/29/2016)
Many city residents want room for a growing family but find a transition to suburban life challenging. Where to go? Will I be happy? Some Realtors offer classes.

Realtors say 2 out of 3 clients are referrals (3/28/2016)
For sellers, it’s 3 out of 4 – but totals are only part of the equation. Family could make a referral, for example, because they’ve met the Realtor via Facebook.

Twitter decides to keep 140-character limit (3/28/2016)
Realtors who market on Twitter won’t have to start writing 1,000-word essays. Twitter toyed with the idea of longer Tweets but backed off after users complained.

Boost business with Facebook ads (3/23/2016)
Real estate pros can use Facebook ads as an affordable way to connect with new clients, but figuring out the purpose of their campaign is a crucial first step.

4 ways to sell outdoor space (3/19/2016)
The area outside a Fla. home is often as appealing to buyers as the interior, and a few upgrades, changes and presentation methods can make it more appealing.

Successful open houses require more than a yard sign (3/15/2016)
Open house success largely depends upon savvy marketing that builds excitement before the big day. Planning, execution and creativity are key.

Creative ways to use video (3/14/2016)
Video can do a lot more for agents than simply show off a listing. It can create a bond with viewers, maintain relationships and provide third-party references.

Do dogs in listing photos attract more views? (3/9/2016)
An Australia agent says she gets more buyer views if her dog appears in photos. It tells buyers that a home is pet-friendly – plus people like looking at dogs.

All successful marketing plans have this (3/8/2016)
Marketing plans come in all shapes and sizes, but successful campaigns also have similar traits, such as a budget, schedule and system for measuring results.

The future of online listing ads? Videos (3/4/2016)
Buyers cannot receive too much information online, and one expert claims that agents who offer videos get 73% more listings and 403% more buyer inquiries.

Should you outsource social media? (3/3/2016)
Some people love social media. Some people do not. If the latter, is it okay to pay someone to keep you active online? It can be, but there are pros and cons.

A top reason renters decide to buy? The rent (3/1/2016)
Only a “major life event” sparks more renters to consider homeownership. And as rents continue to rise, demand from potential buyers should follow.

Facebook emoji may help when ‘like’ won’t do (2/25/2016)
The simple “like” clicks have expanded to include “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad” and “angry” – and each post will now include a running tally for each reaction.

Clients all ask the same questions (2/24/2016)
A survey created a list of most-asked buyer and seller questions. How much home can I afford? How much is my house worth? What if I change my mind?

Re-evaluate (or create) a linking strategy (2/23/2016)
Good content gets a website noticed, but search engines also look at clickable links to decide rankings – and some types of links can boost your online presence.

4 ways to reuse online content (2/22/2016)
Thanks to social media and the Internet, Realtors spend more effort creating content – but many ideas can be re-packaged to maximize impact and minimize time.

Twitter change could impact social media strategies (2/16/2016)
Tweets currently appear in chronological order, but Twitter says that will change: The new default view will be based on user engagement with “best tweets first.”

Your logo’s color sends a message (2/16/2016)
People associate colors with feelings, and some logo colors used by Realtors reinforce positive emotions – but negative colors may subtly push clients away.

Marketing leads: How to turn coffee into gold (2/15/2016)
Become a Starbucks regular, do routine tasks at a table and make sure everyone knows what you do. One tip: Use “Realtor” when ordering so a barista calls it out.

Confused by social media? There’s an app for that (2/11/2016)
Sombrero, a free smart phone app, trains inexperienced marketers to use social media. Each training plan covers 15-20 tasks that take less than 15 minutes to do. unveils agent-client discussion forum (2/9/2016)
Potential buyers/sellers visiting can now ask home-related questions at “House Talk,” with answers provided by participating Realtors.

Round, square, sharp? Your logo’s shape matters (2/8/2016)
Not all logos are created equal. New research suggests that even a logo’s overall shape can impact the way consumers perceive a brand.

Trending marketing tactic: Admit the listing is ugly (2/4/2016)
A small but increasing number of listings say things like “worst home in the neighborhood” to entice buyers seeking a bargain-priced home.

Help buyers commit by giving them what they want (2/2/2016)
According to a recent survey, Fla. has a home sale edge: The top reason (52%) people would consider moving is for a better climate or better weather.

Use Florida Realtors Residential Price Index to help home sellers (10/16/2012)
Florida Realtors Residential Price Index helps sellers understand local price trends and its impact on current value.